It’s our first Anni-cali-versary!

haha. 10 points to whoever can tell me where I came up with the title. (Cassy that means YOU) A year ago today we were driving back from Utah…Rory had just graduated from UVSC, and all our stuff was packed up and being shipped. Boy oh boy were we glad to be moving home. I do miss some things about Utah though. In no particular order…

I miss the 4 or 5 craft stores within a few miles of our house. ahh. bliss.

Cafe Rio salads. I am seriously mopping up my desk right now from the drool…

The view of the lake…we could see it from our neighborhood when we took walks at night. I miss the mountains too.

Also, we of course miss our friends and our awesome ward! Candice and Mike, Steven and Allene, Delma, Julie and Jason, and all my kids in my sunday school classes. Shout out to Utah!


  1. Wow! We must have lived close to each other! I can see the lake from my neighborhood! And I’m not too far from Robert’s, Pebbles, Jo Ann, Michael’s, etc!

    -Jaime from (Baby’s Got Blue Eyes)

  2. Uh…it’s from Friends. Anna-vada-Vegasry! Yeah!

  3. Roberts is such a fun crafty place. I only went once while visiting Utah. I would be trilled to have something like it here!

  4. As I was reading this post and scrolling down, I was thinking “She better mention us!” :) We miss you too. Fun times. After the baby is born, you need to come visit. In the meantime, I’ll go eat some Rio for you.

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