Bag version 2.0!

Hey folks! I realize I’m posting a lot of crafty stuff lately. This post is no exception, but someday I will post another pic of my growing belly. It itches now sometimes. Yippee. haha. So….I made another bag last night, with the same pattern as before, just a little modified. I put in a magnetic clasp-which makes all the difference! Also I used a stiffer outer fabric so it hold it’s shape really well. The straps are more narrow, which is better looking-to me. 😀 I love making these bags! It took 1/2 hour less this time… yay. Although I probably should have gone to bed instead. But you know how it is…one more chapter of your book, or just finish this certain project….and the next thing you know, it’s 12:30 and you’re a zombie! When did I get to be so old!? haha. Also, I’m pregnant, I guess that’s also a reason. I’ve been working like crazy on my Etsy store, getting out some orders and doing some custom stuff for people! A lady who has a children’s accessories store in New York asked for some of my tie onesies to see how they do in her store! I’m pretty excited about the possibilities, and so is Rory. Although he keeps complaining that I’m filling the DVR on our TV up with shows I’m not watching because I’m sewing! hehe. I just tell him to shush. Anyways, here are some pics of bag version 2.0!


  1. Super cute:) You are so creative!!!

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