24 weeks!

It’s official. I’ve got a belly. At least it’s a baby belly and not a beer belly. Cause that would also mean I drink beer. Which I don’t. lol. So here’s the update on the belly. I think I’ve grown a lot the past few weeks! Please excuse my white arms. They’ve been covered up the past six months or so. 😀 So, whenever I mention that I feel big or my belly sticks out…Rory lovingly says,”That’s cause you’re fat!…..(pause while I get mad)….with a baby!” hehaha. Obviously he’s just teasing me. It’s kind of cute. He likes to talk to my belly. “Hi baby” he says. He hasn’t really thought of a funny nickname for her yet. Soon enough I’m sure!


  1. Oh my goodness you are getting so big! I just saw you last weekend and you still looked small, but I guess you were wearing a sweater most of the time. Can’t wait for this weekend so I can see your tummy!!

  2. I just looked at your etsy shop and I love that you use scrapbook paper as the background.

  3. Yep, she is growing like a weed :)
    You look fantastic!!! It won’t be terribly long now!

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