Dennis the Menace Park…and some tidepooling!

Yesterday my family, including my mom, dad, Rory and I, Jarom, Joanna, Jordan, Janae, Julia, Josh, and my two grandparents, got in the RV to drive down to Monterey and enjoy the nice weather. BAH! It was freezing cold and VERY windy, but we still had fun! We went to Dennis the Menace park, which we used to go to all the time when we were kids. It was fun reminiscing with Jarom about how it changed and what we used to love playing on the most. We ran wild around there for awhile, and then headed down to the tidepools to see if we could find anything cool! Josh, Julia, and I hung back for a little while and looked for shells with all the colors of the rainbow. We just couldn’t find green! Then we headed after the older kids. We found an orange starfish, some cool anenomes, and one otter that was injured. Poor little guy had his face scraped up pretty bad. Jarom got really close to him, and he couldn’t really move. We saw some other otters out in the ocean, and then headed in before we got cut off by the tide coming in. Then we headed down to the wharf and grabbed some clam chowder samples and candy! It was fun, but right as we were leaving, the wind died down! No fair! haha. On the way home we watched old Home Improvement episodes. Does anyone remember that show? It’s a good one, we used to watch it all the time! It was a fun, but tiring day for me. Somehow that sea air just takes it outta you! Here are some fun pics from the day.

The famous lion water fountain. (well, famous to us)

On top of the train.

yay for Rory!

Hiding from the wind in the RV.

Jarom and the otter.

Pretty huh? Jarom took it!

They’re pretty street, yo.


  1. That looks like a super fun park! I want to move! Ahhh!!!

  2. Haha! I forgot to tell you I love your shirt!

  3. Do you have a bump yet? When you do, even if it’s little…you must post it. sounds weird I know…but we’re curious. Ps, how you doing?

  4. Ah, Monterey such a cool place. We used to love to go to Monterey when we lived in Cali. We also used to watch Home Improvement all the time:)

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