22 weeks!

Time flies when you’re making a baby! I thought I’d post my 22 week pic up…my belly is growin’! Oh, and Rory felt the baby kick last night! He said “I don’t think she’s going to be a soccer player.” I guess the kicks felt tiny to him. They felt pretty good-sized to me! hehe. So that was fun and exciting for him to finally feel her. I’m sure I will get sick of it later on, but right now it’s so fun to feel her move off and on throughout the day. 😀 P.S. My face looks weird in this picture. oh well.


  1. You look fabulous, and I am happy to hear she is moving around her universe:) Soccer kicks will come later!

  2. I love your belly bump! So next time we hang out I want her to give her biggest kick ever so I can feel it. You tell her I said so. :)

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