Some good news

We heard from our real estate agent (broker?) today that the bank in charge of approving or denying our short sale townhouse is sending an appraiser this week. She said hopefully we will get an answer later this week or early next week. Thank goodness! The moment I told Rory that, I said “this week is going to be unbearable”. He agreed. At least then we will be able to decided where to go from here. Please cross your fingers, pray, or just think good thoughts for us this week! hehe.


  1. Well, you’ll know in 7 days! That’s exciting. Everything will work out for the best, you’ll see. Good thoughts your way!!!

  2. I am with you on this being the longest week ever! I think of course that whatever happens will be the best thing for you. Happy thoughts coming your way! Noe you have good and happy thoughts:)

  3. I just heard your good news from Grandma Lance’s email. Congrats!!! I hope the wee one is born on the 5th of August…the best day of the year. Motherhood is definately an adventure.

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