My brother’s back!

Jarom’s back from his mission to England! Yay! He flew in late last night, (like, late. 10 at night!) We were waiting for all the people to come down the corridor, and he was almost last! It took forever for him to show up. People were saying, oh he’s right behind us…but he wasn’t! Oh well. So here we are standing with some balloons and a huge sign. People were giving us some looks! It was pretty funny. So finally he comes down the way! We started cheering and waving, like he COULDN”T see us. In a nutshell, he seemed a little shell shocked from the flight, the time change, the different accents, and the fact that he was “STARVING” in his own words. He looked taller, and skinnier, and he was talking really quietly because his ears were plugged. hehe. We all got our hugs, gathered his luggage and headed to the place he had been dreaming about for 2 years. In n’ Out! So anyways, we’re headed down today to spend some quality time with the fam and Jarom of course. So I will post more details later! Here are some pics of last night for now!

Everyone standing around staring at him.


The parents. Everyone was in tears. Well, ok the women. And my dad.


  1. When did he get glasses? He does look different. Does he have an accent?

  2. What an awesome night for your family! It is a big change for a return missionary when they come home. He will be back to(normal)in a few weeks. Enjoy your time together listening to him share wonderful experiences he had!

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