I love baby clothes!

Well, who doesn’t really? Ok, my husband doesn’t. Probably most husbands just don’t care! Ever since I found out it was a girl I have gone a little crazy! I just can’t resist the cute little girl clothes they have these days! I also have discovered how cute baby books are! Here are a few things I got, just to show you how cute they are!

I heart cupcakes!

These have a little cherry stitched on the bottom!



  1. Jeff is from OC, so yeah, we’ll move back. I’m from central Cali…Modesto/Turlock area. SoCal is WAY cooler. We want to be in Corona Del Mar. One day. One day. How’s all the baby prep going? I think it’s so neat that you are going crazy with baby clothes! Get a TON!!! who cares what Rory thinks;)
    I just started working 6 days a week again. Nuts, 4 of the days are on call contractor work…so I have flexability for part of the day, just not the whole day. Anyways…we need to plan a girls day out or something.

  2. That really is only a teeny, tiny sampling of what you’ve bought. But it’s hard not to get excited!

  3. Fun,Fun, Fun shopping for cute baby girl clothes! Sounds like everything is falling into place for the house!

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