Arizona Trip

Happy New Year everyone! I hope it was safe and fun for ya! We had some fondue and game fun with our pals Chris and Cassy Watson, our fourth year in a row doing New Years Eve together. It’s a tradition now! (if you guys break from that…there will be pain!) haha. I will post some extra pics of that later. Also, I got back from my trip to Arizona with my family to see my cousins, whom I haven’t seen for a few years. It was a lot of fun, even the 12 hour car rides. Mostly because we were in an RV, with a TV. Go Friends! We watched about an entire season. It was great! I think I’ve entirely converted my sis Joanna now. We got to visit the Grand Canyon, have some delicious family dinners together, do a little girly shopping, play some games, visit with our cousins, and go to a AZ Sundogs hockey game. (we all got on the giant screen at one point or another! hehe) It was pretty nice there weather wise, actually, except for the Grand Canyon. Of course, I am Utah weathered so the cold didn’t bother me that much. (it was only 22 degrees! Wusses. haha.) Here’s a few pics from AZ….I am tired and haven’t even unpacked yet, so that’s about all I have energy for tonight!

All the fam together…except Jarom and Justin of course.
L-R back to front are: my Aunt Lynn, cousin Nick, Jordan, Joanna, Me, Janae, cousin Jason, Cousin Katie, Joshie, Dad, Mom, Julia, and cousin Heidi. My uncle Bruce was taking the photo.

Those Lance kiddos

FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! Arizona Sundogs hockey game. It was soo much fun!

The Grand Canyon

Brrrrrr. It was cold!


  1. So…not so much new year’s as Arizona…

  2. How fun, I love your Grand Canyon Pic. I hope you took a few more and will post them after you rest a little.

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