I am Wrap Happy!

I don’t know about all you guys, but I ADORE wrapping presents. I love turning on the christmas music, and just wrapping my goodies in beautiful paper and ribbons! It must be the scrapbooker in me. In fact, yesterday we picked out all our paper. When I say we, I mean I did whilst Rory looked bored out of his skull and kept trying to escape out of the aisle. Mostly because I spent a lot of time making sure it all coordinated. Rory said that the wrapping paper aisle was as bad as the scrapbooking aisle! i think he was right! lol. Scrooge! haha not really. He loves the Holidays, he just doesn’t like wrapping presents. Luckily he only has to wrap what he buys me. hehe! We’ve felt like Christmas snuck up on us totally this year! Partially because we spent the first week of it in Hawaii, removed from the “normal” Christmas celebrations. Hearing Christmas music with a Hawaiian twist, and seeing Santa in Hawaiian garb is surreal, if not awesome.

I got our Christmas cards sent out yesterday! They’re so cute! I found this great website that makes really high quality photo cards with great color schemes to choose from. I’ll post a pic after everyone has a chance to get their cards. This is the first year we’ve EVER sent out cards. In four+ years of marriage! oh , how sad. I am going to try keeping up with that tradition. I was going to write a letter about the year, but then this year had some low points, high points too, but then I just got tired of thinking about what to write and didn’t want to write ANYTHING. That’s ok though, cause you guys can read my blog, that’s the same thing right? well, happy wrapping to those of you who like it. Happy Holiday season!


  1. We got our card today! So cute! We’ll be sending out ours on Thursday so you’ll get it soon. I love your cute wrapping paper!

  2. I can so relate to this. AND my paper has to match my tree and tree skirt, too. It’s like a 3-D scrap page and I coordinate it accordingly. We’re such adorable dorks! :)

  3. I love your paper! My hubby was pritty good about waiting on me whilst I shopped at the only scrapbook store here in the Chaarleston area when we first moved here and I did’nt know my way around. Of course you know that made up for all the years I went to Home depot and all the other hardware, plumbing and Lumber stores.

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