San Francisco Trip

Before Justin took off for Ireland on his mission for the LDS church, he wanted to visit San Francisco for one last hurrah. So Joanna, Justin, and I took off one morning and visited the aquarium, wax museum, and wharf all in one day! We also managed to get extremely lost and embarassed to call ourselves Californians. Well, hey-we do know our way around San Jose! Here are some of the day’s highlights!

I’ve always wanted to eat at Bubba Gump! Finally I can die happy….er just kidding.

Petting the sting rays. They were seriously so cute, Joanna wanted to have one for a pet!

Photo Spot?! Well, ok!

We are huge Prison Break fans, so we wanted to visit Alcatraz again, no go…so how about a pic?

Follow the yellow brick road!

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