russian piping tips

russian tips

I just made this sweet cake for a church activity (kinda went overboard on the flowers, I know), with my brand new Russian piping tips Rory got me for Christmas!

(that I added to my Amazon wishlist, and then sent him the link to, let’s be real)

The set I got has SOO many options-you can see all the different varieties in the pictures, I believe. I stuck with two tips, and the leaf tip. It took a little bit of practice to get the pressure right, I found that light pressure and then pulling it up fairly quickly yielded the best results.

I would definitely play around if you get these before trying them on the cake or cupcake-I like to practice on the back of my spatula! That way I can easily fold it back into the rest of the frosting in the bowl!

I would also recommend filling your piping bag with only a cup or two of frosting at a time! it made it much easier to handle and your arm doesn’t get as tired!

Anyways, I know this is kinda a random post but I wanted to document this cute cake (in the one quick iphone shot I got) and let you know where to find the tips!

The links to the tips are affiliate links, which means if you click over and buy anything from Amazon I get a little kickback…which helps me fuel my PARTAYS! woo woo!

Happy decorating!

Also, here’s my favorite frosting recipe!


  1. I was just searching last night for these bad boys. I’m excited to add to my cart knowing you’ve used this exact set. Can’t wait to have a kitchen again!

  2. Beautiful. I think I’ll add them to my amazon cart for my husband too. What is your favorite frosting recipe?

  3. That is so pretty! I bought a set of these in Craftsy’s black Friday sale last year and just got around to testing them out a few days ago too (although the set I bought doesn’t include as many options as yours). It definitely takes some trial and error to use them!

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