simple gathered skirt DIY

easy Easter skirts

Just wanted to share these easy peasy skirts I made for the girls for Easter-I wasn’t feeling like sewing any dresses this year…so I stuck with SIMPLE! and I love how they turned out! I got the polka dot and floral from Joanns, and the stripe is…I have no clue. I’ve had it forever. I grabbed the cute lace tops from Target to finish it off…and gladiator sandals which I forgot to have them put on, of course.

We had a great Easter finding eggs, stuffing our faces, and of course, having a huge sugar rush!

simple skirt DIY

simple gathered skirt DIY


  1. Ha! I made skirts this year too. I did a white lace over each girls’ favorite color. I was scrambling Friday night to get the fabric and shirts. The store didn’t have shirts that worked and I didn’t have time to shop around so I grabbed two tank tops and used some extra lace to add capped sleeves. Super cute and simple and sometimes super cute and simple is what we need!

  2. Wow, these look simple enough that I might be able to have a go myself! I’m very much a beginner. You always choose such beautiful fabrics – these skirts look so pretty!

  3. Hmmm…. starting to get suspicious because you didn’t feel like making dresses! lol
    The skirts are very cute and I love a simple project like this!

  4. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get over how cute your three girls are!

  5. Love the simple skirts…my girl live in them during the summer. Your girls are adorable and look so cute in their outfits together. I got lazy this year too and we went, dare I say it, store bought *gasp* but it was totally worth it to free up my time. Happy spring!!

  6. ADORABLE little ladies! They are so beautiful. Wonderful models for this project.

  7. I’ve done this with tshirts I found at the thrift store for $3. Then you don’t have to hem or sew the sides. Perfect for everyday skirts for a preschooler!

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