Nessie circus top

Nessie circus top

You are probably thinking to  yourself…she’s calling this a Nessie top?

hmm it’s missing a certain hemline….well you would be right!

I used my Nessie pattern for this top, I basically slimmed down the sides and evened up the hem for a basic tee!


Nessie circus top

I used this amazing circus fabric I had gotten from Amanda’s shop last year and had been hoarding for ages.

I have had this cut out for weeks…maybe months? and then finally sat down and sewed it up. I love that feeling-finally getting something out of your to-sew pile!

Too bad I have 2 tops and a dress for me to sew up, still.

Well, now I’m accountable since I said something on the blog.

Nessie circus top

I used some white rib knit for the neckband, sleeve hems, and hem of the shirt, and I think it is pretty darn adorable.

Nessie circus top

Charlotte agrees! She’s loving all these new t-shirts to wear! That are new! never been worn by Sadie!

She’s used to mostly hand me downs.

Now I feel bad.

oh well…

such is the life of a middle sister.

Nessie circus top


  1. So sweet, love the fabric!<3
    xoxo tina

  2. I totally get your situation, I am waiting untill my middle girl will fit in her older sisters dress (I only started sewing when the eldest was 5 and the middle is 3) but instead I should just sew her her own stuff!

  3. Oh my goodness this fabric is fantastic!! I love it so much! Very cute! 🙂

  4. Love the hashtag. So true. And this print is so cute, which is good because it needs to keep up with the girl!

  5. That fabric is adorable and she is just beaming! Lovely.

  6. Ahhh its an adorable version! Love that fabric too! Gosh your girls are the cutest!

  7. Super cute! And that fabric is amazing!

  8. Love that fabric. You make photographing children look so easy. Please tell me you had some awful ones too that you’re not showing us.

  9. So cute! I’ve been hoarding some of that knit too! Love it.

  10. Yep, the fabric is amazing and boy is she just getting cuter and cuter

  11. That fabric! How fun is that.

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