fourth of july circle skirts

fourth of july circle skirts

Happy Fourth of July to all the Americans out there!

Hope you have a safe and awesome holiday!

fourth of july circle skirts

This year I actually remembered to get something together for the girls to wear…(and lately I’m into them matching…what?!)

so they got easy peasy circle skirts-out of knit, so no hemming!

They literally took about 15 minutes to make, each.

fourth of july circle skirts

fabric is from Girl Charlee, elastic from Joanns.

I used the circle skirt part of the Georgia twirl dress, and the way I attach my elastic I learned from Dana.

fourth of july circle skirts

It’s kinda got a Wonder Woman vibe going…dontcha think?

fourth of july circle skirts

Obvs I grabbed the tees from Old navy-I didn’t have matching shirts for them hanging around the house, and I couldn’t pass up $4 each.

fourth of july circle skirts

they love them!


  1. HokieKate says

    I only have two girls, but I love making matching outfits! I’ll keep at it as long as the girls will let me.

  2. Very cute, I love matching outfits too…

  3. How cute are they!!! I loved them in matching PJs, and I love this matching outfits too!

  4. Adorable! Plus not having to hem a circle skirt = win. Ava sure is Charlotte’s mini-me, too! So cute!

  5. I love matching little girls… I always wanted to match my sisters but my mom didn’t sew much and our sizes were too different to easily find matching things in stores..
    Definitely a Wonder Woman vibe going on there! I love the twirly skirts. =)

  6. These are so cute. Your girls are naturals for sure.

  7. Aww, they are adorable. Cute little skirts!

  8. precious!!

  9. Circle skirts rock…even for grandmas…you could make one for yourself AND grandma…3 generations in the same skirt design!

    Those girls are soo cute!

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