KCWC: grey leggings and yellow peasant top

grey leggings and yellow peasant top

I finished up a springy outfit for the littlest the other day-a pair of Go To Leggings (affliate linkaroo) (fabric from Hobby Lobby), and a Sweet Dress top made with some soft yellow polka dot fabric. I love grey and yellow together, don’t you? So fresh yet classic. Oh and I made another pair of these moccs for Ava-love love love them!

grey leggings and yellow peasant top

Ava was wary of taking pics but she soon got over it after I busted out some dance moves and flailing of my limbs.

grey leggings and yellow peasant top

dang when did this baby become a toddler?

grey leggings and yellow peasant top

bwahaha! Mom, you are totes cray cray!

(she’s young enough to get away with saying that)

grey leggings and yellow peasant top

But these are some gems we got before the smiles. Score. These ones are going on the wall.

grey leggings and yellow peasant top


  1. LOOK at that face! And I was thinkin’ the same thing–she is really growing up! The face, cheeks, blue eyes–adorbs–totes adorbs!! ๐Ÿ™‚ PS. We love your babble. It makes us smile.

  2. Wow. She is so gorgeous!

  3. What a cutie!!! And yes…those color choices are great together:)

  4. Jessamyn Hawkins says

    I agree with Kristin! I love the babble…it makes you seem like a friend. Love your posts.

  5. Oh she is so cute – and definitely a toddler now! Too fast.

  6. Oh, my! She is getting so big! Love the color combo! Cute, cute, cute!

  7. Hah! She is so adorable, all of your girls are. I love the yellow and gray together. LOVE.

    Also kind of surprised you got the gray fabric from Hobby Lobby, guess it’s time to check them out.

  8. Oh, love those baby teeth! She is adorable, and I love the cheery yellow. The spunky photo is, of course, my fave!

  9. She is totally adorable especially that second last pic.

  10. So sweet!

  11. Eek! So cute, all of it!

  12. I love yellow and grey… and those fabrics are beautiful.

  13. Oh my goodness waaaaay too cute.
    I love those faces!

  14. I look forward to reading and seeing your super adorable girls in your fabulous handmade clothes!!! It just makes my day!!! She’s so precious!

  15. Love her sweet little self! When I see your littles, I always think what fun our girls would have together! Got the Go To Leggins pattern and am hoping to get up the courage to try soon!!

  16. I know every Mom thinks their baby is the cutest, but you can be assured that you are totally and utterly right! she is simply adorable!

    What a smile! The clothes are lovely ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Love the outfit. Is that scalloped fringe on the leggings? Where did you get your fabrics?

  18. Ow, she’s so cute!! And the outfit looks good on her! Think she’s only a little older than our little girl, just turned 1…

  19. Sarah Schulz says

    TOO cute. I die. She is so adorable!

    And I must ask, where did you get the material for the moccs? So cute!

  20. I have a 19 month old little girl who is the sun in my sky, but I have to admit: that is ONE ADORABLE KID!

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