5 and 10 designs free sleeve pattern (and an upcoming sale!)

5 and 10 designs polka dot dress with sleeves  craftiness is not optional

there are exciting things happening over on 5 and 10 Designs this week! There is a new FREE sleeve pattern that is designed to work with our e-book. YAY! The pattern comes in short, 3/4 length, and long sleeves.  So of course I had to whip up the basic dress from the e-book for Ava’s Christmas dress! I used the 3/4 length sleeve and 18 mo size…in hindsight I probably should have gone up a size….I am so not used to having chubby babies that wear a size larger than their age! lol. I love it, don’t get me wrong. 😉

5 and 10 designs with 34 sleeve  craftiness is not optional

I meant to add the peter pan collar option that we have, but totally spaced and it was all sewn together when I finally remembered. So I added the ribbon  sash and called it good. 😉 (ribbon and fabric from Joanns-buttons from my pal Katie when she used to make them)

polka dot 5 and 10 designs dress with sleeves!  craftiness is not optional

polka dot 5 and 10 designs with sleeves!  craftiness is not optional

sweet polka dotted 5 and 10 designs dress with sleeves  craftiness is not optional

So what are you waiting for? Go get your free sleeve pattern and  get a-sewing. (though if you haven’t purchased the e-book yet…you might want to wait until Friday. Just sayin’. *cough* big sale *cough*)




  1. oh it’s so cute! i love how you gals are all doing the black/white/silver/gray thing with these holiday 5&10 posts – very classy.

  2. wat een dotje! (she’s a doll in Dutch) 🙂

  3. Im excited! Ive been talking myself out of this book and now i dont have to!

  4. Jess, your girls are adorable 🙂 The dress looks wonderful. Yep, the ribbon tie is def good 😉

  5. Those polka dots with the ribbon and buttons… I love it! And look at that sweet round little face! =)

  6. Love her faces! This is exactly the dress I was planning to make my daughter for Christmas pictures this year (with the collar), so I was thrilled to see that you ladies had already done all the prep work for me. Just picked up my pattern and can’t wait to get started!

  7. She is soooo cute! Love her and this dress!


  1. […] hadn’t tested it out till now. I used the new sleeve add-on pattern and tried out the simple Look No.1. I made it up in a 3T for Missy. I lengthen it a bit thought because I like dresses to be a bit […]

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