Vintage May Round up

Well, our second round of Vintage May has come to an end. It was amazing, wouldn’t you agree? A huge thanks to my co host, Kristin! A blog series is a lot of work, but it’s always fun working with her! Hop over to her blog to see her flickr round up! (and hear about our cute girls-they’re pen pals and are already fast friends)
Also a huge THANK YOU to our guests! They were all  phenomenal, with inspiration aplenty. We were so honored by the fantastic projects and tutorials our guests did this year. I loved seeing each bloggers perspective on vintage and what it meant to them. It might be a color, technique, or style…but mainly the past influencing the present. What’s more powerful than that? So here’s a side by side round up of the posts from this year’s Vintage May!
Week 1
delia from delia creates // miriam from mad mim
 dana from made // jessica from a little gray
 heidi from elegance and elephants // melissa from melly sews
alida from alida makes // an from straight grain
Week 2
jen and autie from icandy handmade // miranda from one little minute
kirstin from kojo designs // shannon from luvinthemommyhood
jessica from happy together // erin and caroline from hungie gungie
disney from ruffles and stuff // vanessa from lbg studio
So incredible.
Not only were our guests busily sewing, but so were YOU! I gathered only a small sampling of the Vintage May flickr group here…but you gotta check them all out. So fabulous.
 Thanks to all who made Vintage May a success! Happy sewing!


  1. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for featuring my little vintage dress!! You seriously just made my day 🙂

  2. I love every single one of these. My hubby got me a sewing machine for my birthday. I suppose that I should learn how to maybe sew a pillow case or something because I already can’t wait to make some adorable things like you do!

  3. Lots of lovely vintagey goodness! Thanks for including my peasant blouse in your roundup! Have a great day!

  4. What a great series this was, Jess!

  5. Thanks for showing my Brady inspired dress some love! This month flew by – so sad it’s over.

  6. Thanks for all the time and hard work you put into this series; it is one of my favorite things that you do. I hope it continues to be an annual event!!

  7. Hi! Thank you so much for featuring my overalls. I was so pleasantly surprised!
    And congratulations on this series. It as been a delight to see all the great vintage creations you showed us!

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