ruffley peasant top collar tutorial (and some winners)

Peasant tops are so fun to play around with-so versatile, and easy to sew up. They are great to try if you’re just starting out sewing. I came up with this fun ruffled collar and wanted to share.
Man, I sound like a robot. Anyone else have problems talking about the stuff they sew?ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰ blah blah blah.

Click below for the tutorial!

You’ll need:
a peasant top pattern (I used this pattern, and have also used this free tutorial, and this one as well in the past)
main fabric
coordinating fabric
1/4″ elastic
button if you want
thread, sewing stuff.
First cut out your peasant top pieces and sew the sleeves and bodice together. Then measure across the top of the shirt-at the neckline. Cut a strip of your coordinating fabric 4″x this measurement+1/2″. (for seam allowance) Mine was 4″x16.5″.
Then sew the two short ends right sides together with a 1/4″ seam, press seam, and then fold in half lengthwise, wrong sides together. Press with your iron.
Then, lining up the seam on the strip with one of the shoulder seams, pin the strip to the wrong side of the peasant top (inside)
Sew together with 3/8″ seam.
Then flip shirt right side out and iron the “collar” down.
Then sew about 1/2″ from the top edge, creating a casing. Leave about an inch open to insert your elastic.
Cut your elastic and using a safety pin, thread it through the casing, then sew the ends together and sew the opening closed.
I also added a little casing to the edge of the sleeves-cut a piece of fabric 1.75″ x how wide your sleeve is.
Sew the two pieces right sides together. Press. Repeat for other sleeve.
Then fold and iron in about 3/8″.
Then fold and iron in again, meeting your seam underneath.
Then fold it back out and pin the sides of your shirt together like so, then sew them up.
Using your press lines, fold up the casing again, and pin.
Then top stitch around the top, leaving an opening for the elastic. Thread it through and sew up the openings.
Then sew on a cute button off center if you like and you’re done! A pretty quick and easy twist on a peasant top!ย 

Now for some blog bidness…The winner of the Violette Field Threads giveaway is Chastity Sharp!

I also had to redraw a winner for the Shabby Apple dress (never heard from her), and the new winner is…Ashley! Congrats girls, you’ll be hearing from me soon!


  1. very cute variation Jess! I am definitely going to try that one!

  2. This is adorable and now that I am off for the summer I have more time to make one! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. You continue to amaze me ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I just love your stuff. I am sorta becoming a groupie, I always check your blog first and you never disappoint. This shirt is darling! I can’t wait to give it a try. Thank you.

  5. As always – CUTE CUTE CUTE! Thanks for sharing!

  6. That’s hilarious because I was just working on a post about how I have nothing to say about what I’ve made. Glad to know that I’m not the only one ๐Ÿ™‚
    Super-cute shirt (as always) and thanks for the tutorial!

  7. Cute! The button makes a lovely detail.


  8. The button just is the perfect finishing detail…
    Lifts it up in style…
    Adds the final interest…
    Now if it had been one of our handpainted buttons……!!
    ;-). That would have been the cherry on the top …
    Sorry Jess not usually this cheeky…just in from a very fun party and feeling like mischief…
    Say when you need a top up and we will send you some…
    Love the dress….by the way!
    Greetings from the buttonmad team in Johannesburg.

  9. Darling!

  10. Adorable Jess. I love the addition of the giant button. Great way to change up the usual peasant top.

  11. Jenny Park says

    I am a little confused about how to sew the “collar down” and still leave a casing for the elastic…I am sooo new at this sewing thing and machine and I are still getting to know one another. Could you break it down in sewing for dummies terms? Thanks!

  12. Jenny, it looks to me like the collar is pressed down and the casing is created by the line of top stitching that runs around the neck about a half-inch from the edge. Be sure to leave an opening to thread the elastic through there.

    I love this design. I have a peasant top I made for myself many years ago and it’s now in my costume box. I pull it out and with a gathered skirt, shawl, boots and lots of jewelry I can be a gypsy, a pirate’s uh, er… girlfriend, or a flamenco dancer depending on my mood that year.

  13. Thanks Jane for explaining it! That is exactly how I did it. Let me know if you have any other questions, Jenny!

  14. Lovely!! I scheduled a post on Craft Gossip to go live later tonight that links to your tutorial:


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  16. Thanks for another great tutorial! I’m making all of my little girl’s school clothes this year, and have used many of your tutorials in doing so. I just love your work. You rock chica!

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