Boo! softie tutorial

BOO! decorative pillow tutorial
Boo! Did I scare ya?
I’ve been making a slightly half-hearted real effort this year to decorate more for Halloween and fall, and I’d seen this idea awhile ago (don’t remember where though, so if you do, leave a link in the comments, please!), and had to make some BOO softies/pillows Would you like to as well?
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You’ll need:
(please realize that I am no pattern maker and these are VERY homemade templates. ๐Ÿ˜‰
fabric (about half a yard should do the trick)
4 buttons
sewing stuff (machine, thread, scissors, etc)
First, cut out your pattern pieces (2 of each letter obviously), then right sides together, pin…
and sew around the edge with 1/4 seam, leaving about 2 1/2 inches open for stuffing.
clip curves, and turn right side out.
Press with your iron, and press the edges of your opening in as well. This will help you stitch it closed later.
this is what you should have. Well, your B will look better than mine…more on that later…
Stuff with poly fil until you have the fullness you like.
and then slip stitch the opening closed. Sew your buttons on, pulling the thread tightly to make an indentation.
notice your “B” looks stupid, and start over.
(turn on season 4 of 30 Rock to help cushion the blow to your craft ego)
MUCH better!

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  1. Those are super cute! I love that you used the striped fabric. Thanks so much, I’ll be linking.

  2. Soo cute! You have inspired me to start being crafty with the last 2 post.. thanks:)

  3. Ahhh!! So cute. I love that you included your ‘mistake’ too. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I LOVE this idea! I have been making fabric letters for my daughter to play with and your idea of using the buttons for the holes is GENIUS and so much easier than what I’ve been doing! Not to mention ten times cuter! Thank you so much! A love your blog!

  5. They are so cool! I really wish halloween was as big here in Australia as it is in America. It would be so much fun!

  6. Very cute!! Love the colors! Stop by and link up to my Commercial Break Linky List!


  7. Very cute!! I linked to your tutorial over at Craft Gossip Sewing:


  8. Hi there! I’m your newest follower. I found you on the Friday link up. Lovely blog:) You can find me at

    THIS is adorable

  9. Wow, this is a great idea! This is my first year decorating for Halloween and we happen to not have a lot of money. This is just what I was looking for!
    BTW, you’re in Gilroy? I’m 30 minutes south of you!

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