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I’ve shown my craft room here and here, but I recently deep-cleaned it and I’d changed a few things so I took a few pictures the other day. I also love to see “behind the scenes” if you will, of other bloggers. Hope you do too!

I love my little “inspiration” board, made with twine and nails. Nothing unique or fancy, just a fun place to fill with pictures, magazine pictures, drawings by my daughters, and supplies I want to use. The DIY white board was gifted to me by my sis. You can also read about the wooden sign in that same post. πŸ˜‰

Β These drawers are full of my items to refashion…looks like I need to hop to on some refashioning! πŸ˜‰ That’s my Silhouette in her pretty dust cover on top!

Here’s my sewing table with ironing board, cutting mat, sewing machine, fabric weights, wrist pincushion, table pincushion, bowl for different machine foots, garbage/string collector, and an Amy Butler organizing thing I found at Michaels. This houses my needles, bobbins, hot glue gun, fabric glue, pins, size tags, etc.

I have my scissors, turning tools, rotary cutter, fabric pencils, etc, gathered in this cool little vase my brother made in his pottery class. He was going to just throw this away! I love it. Thanks Justin!

My yardage. Ahh…fabric is just so pretty. See how I organize it here, and about those little jars underneath here!

These shelves are where I store my fat quarters/large scraps (top shelf), ribbons and trims, embroidery stuff, sewing books, elastic and velcro, buttons, hair clip stuff, some jewelry supplies, and on the bottom, all my scraps. Yowsas!

Thread. Not much to say about that, is there?

On this little shelf I have some notions (bias tape, piping, zippers) and then those other piles are projects to finish. Underneath them is where I store my vintage fabrics, interfacing, freezer paper, heat n’ bond, ironing stuff, onesies, and some paint.

I cleaned up for you all!

Yes, this is it clean. lol. Here is my bulletin board for even more inspiration pics! (and I’ll be honest, fabric store business cards, lol) I have a couple of nails in the wall where I hang up a few of my latest projects for something fun to look at.

See that yellow bag in the bucket? Chocolate chips. Yes I am a chocolate fiend and must have my fix at the tip of my fingers. lol!

Here’s where I keep my serger-I serge standing up so as not to be moving the chair back and forth. I keep serger thread (all one spool I have right now), some fat quarters, and random notions in those tin pails. You can see more about my serger quilt here.

I made those large decorative buttons from some wooden trays I found thrifting! You can see more about that here!

My (awesome) hubby got me those metal ribbon spools ages ago from his work, they used to hold spools of wire, but are perfect for ribbon.

I also got said awesome hubby to hang this little shelf for some random items-buttons, twill tape, headbands, a cute French doll I won in a giveaway, flowers-and a fun sewing machine print. I found that wooden spool for $1 thrifting and wound some yarn around it to look like string. Cute

This is how I organize my patterns-purchased, and homemade. All labeled and bagged and everything! They did look like this once. If you check the pic below they are not this organized anymore, lol!

This is the view from the door. I don’t have a decorating “scheme” for this room, it’s kind of a modge podge but I like to let the fabric and notions do the decorating for me! they’re so colorful, why compete?

So thanks for joining me in a little updated tour of my craft room. I realize I am very lucky to have a whole room dedicated to my hobbies-my hubby is awesome. I hope the kids like sharing rooms…cause I don’t want to give this one up! πŸ˜‰


  1. I love the two clothing items hanging on the wall, they look beautiful. I never would have thought to do that.

  2. Oh I only wish I had so much room!! You did a wonderful job in there and everything is gorgeous. You don’t have to throw those scraps away, send them this way. I haven’t been sewing long enough to have any scraps or selveges lol.

  3. I love how you have arranged it! I have a craft room too, but it seems to be a storage unit for extended family at the moment. Can’t wait to get it cleared out and functional!

  4. Thanks for letting me peak inside your craft room. It looks great. I too have a huge bag full of scraps that need to be sorted through. I love the projects hanging on the wall. I really need to organize my patterns though.

  5. Thanks for sharing your craft room. Your scrap bin looks a lot like mine! My roommate is moving out soon and I am going to have my very own craft room! I’m also obsessed with looking at other crafters’ spaces to give me ideas for my own πŸ™‚

  6. Thanks for the tour! CUTE little HAVEN you got there!

  7. pretty awesome. I need a craft area. Right now everything sits in bags in my closet and laundry room and gets dragged out to take over my kitchen table anytime I have a project.

    I am sure you can imagine how horribly unorganized and chaotic it is.

    One day it will all have a lovely little spot.

  8. thanks for sharing! i do love seeing “behind the scenes” too! get some great ideas by peeking at how others organize and decorate. just love that new dress hanging up…the fabric is great!

  9. LOVE it!! I am almost done with my bedroom and I’m moving onto my craft/office room. Unfortunately it’s going to be my “front room”, but it’s a wasted room at this time, so I’m going to just utilize it as my craft room. I don’t care what my company thinks, lol!! Also I love that grayish/brown dress hanging above your computer. That is adorable!!

  10. You give me a lot of inspiration. All things in your room are awesome, the way you hung the clothes & pictures on the wall, the french doll, the ribbon spools, everything !!!
    I share my craft corner with my bed room. Maybe I can make it more organized

    Love & hug
    Citra @ innocentia

  11. I love your fun creative space! Happy creating with all those fantastic scraps! You have two cute girls to make flowers and buttons for so I am sure they will be put to good use!

  12. You could always send those scraps to me!! (hehe!) I’m working on my first scrap quilt and have almost run out and have been buying fat quarters here and there to fill in the gaps!1 Is that cheating!? Thanks for the peek in your sewing room, I’m always looking for new ideas for my little area!

  13. I am slowly working on my craft room. I share a room with my husband, well he gets one wall of the room for his desk and I get the rest. I need to post pics of my progress on my blog. Just never seem to have the time. LOL

    I love your craft room by the way. πŸ™‚

  14. yay thanks for sharing! I like to peek inside other crafters spaces, I usually craft alone so it’s nice to have a feeling of crafters all over the world in their little spaces, crafting away at the same time! An Oh, that ribbon holder *sigh*, that’s next on my list. No more tangled box of ribbons! I DO love a good sort-n-tidy, so nice afterwards. Love your blog too, lots of lovely projects and pictures (and your children are simply gorgeous) plus your sense of humour makes me giggle πŸ™‚
    Pepper x

  15. Oh my gosh! This room is amazing! I love all the wall decorations. You’re right about no theme, fabric is colorful enough. What do you use to display your fabric so nicely? It lays so flat and beautiful.

  16. I love it! All of your different ideas really come together beautifully! The new “buttons” are a perfect addition too! I really would love a room..I have a basement with no walls to use and hardly any light. So jealous of the bright and beautiful room you have to sew and craft in daily! πŸ™‚ No wonder you create such beautiful items!

  17. Your room is amazing.. I am a mixed media artist/paper crafter that’s just getting into sewing.. god help me right? Already i hv no room and now with fabrics and notions and a sewing table. omg…
    i need help.. your space is so inspiring..

    My prob is that I am into more than one hobby.. help!!! hugs xo
    love your space!

  18. Thanks for sharing this! It’s so fun to see behind the scenes, and it gives me lots of organizing/set up ideas for my soon-to-be craft room.

  19. I want a place like this !!! πŸ˜€

  20. Ooooh – I love the clothes line (can I please please please copy that idea for my room?) and the buttons!

  21. Anonymous says

    Firstly love the room *awesome*. I like your work tables the ones that you put your sewing machine & serger. I’ve been looking all over for a folding table like yours (you see, i don’t have much space in my room that’s the reason why i still on a search for good folding work tables)but i could’nt find any sturdy stable ones. Most are just too wobbly to work on, starts to shake with my maschines :). Where did you get yours and is it stable?

  22. I love your blog. I have never commented on a blog before. But your blog just touched my crafters heart. Your children are gorgeous.
    I have very little experience sewing, but have made a few things. I have a sewing machine. Do I need a serger? What is the need for one. I really don’t know much about them. Again thanks for such an enjoyable site.

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