Sorry about the bad photos and scowling Sadie…but oh well! Pictures can’t always be happy and pretty. We made this little shaker craft last Friday with Rayne and Cassy.

You just decorate a paper plate, tape streamers to the edge on one side, fold it in half, fill with beans or rice or something noisy, and staple shut.

BAM! Wha-la! Kazow!

moving on…anyways…you get a little shaker toy!

Sadie wasn’t so sure about it at first, but she warmed up later and really likes shaking it. and peeling off the stickers. Which is how I found a balloon sticker on her bum. hmmm.


  1. Love Sadie’s look of suspicion as Rayne hands her the shaker. haha!

  2. Sadie’s gotta look mad SOMEDAY in her life…why not get started??

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