Phew! You’d think our “relaxing” trip to Disneyland would have been just that. It was nice but we are glad to be back!

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We drove down Wednesday night and got there around midnight, Sadie did great! The next morning, Rory headed to his convention, while Joanna and I battled lost socks, parking garages, and swarms of people. Once in the park, it was nice to stroll around and not worry about getting on all the rides. We found some characters too! Goofy and Pluto. Sadie liked Pluto a lot…she must have a thing for orange just like her Dad.

We had fun listening to a band and choir perform, find hidden passageways (did you know you can go into Sleeping Beauty’s castle? How out of the loop are we?), made some wishes at the wishing well, visited TOonToWn, ate some yummy bread bowls with gumbo for me, clam chowder for Joanna, took lots of pictures, went on Storybook Land ride, teacups, Joanna performed in a band…(she played the piano…hehe not really it was funny though).

The flowers were bea-yootiful. The sunshine was nice too!

Then Rory joined up with us in the afternoon. We got a picture with Minnie and then headed to California Adventure for a little while, where Joanna and I hit up the Maliboomer and Tower of Terror. Which is the best. ride. ever.

Friday we got up and headed into the park with clouds and potential (for sure) rain looming. We managed to avoid it all morning while riding the Mark Twain Riverboat, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Indiana Jones, until after lunch at the Rainforest Cafe, when it started pouring! We, not being prepared, all got soaked (except Sadie), until we bought some awesome and stylin’ ponchos.

After another hour or so wading around with the other people, and a ride on Space Mountain, we gave up and went back to the hotel room to nap (me and Sadie), read (Joanna), and something I know not (Rory). Later on we went to Outback for dinner and spent a nice evening watching Super Nanny. Today we headed up to Hollywood for a little sightseeing.

We (Joanna and I) hopped out of the car to take a look around Grauman’s Chinese Theater and the hand and foot prints of famous people in the concrete. It was so cool and fun and totally touristy. Rory took a trip into the hills with the Sadester while we did this, he having no interest whatsoever in stars or Hollywood. Lame.

We were accosted by a (fake, obviously) Jack Sparrow, but when he found out we didn’t have our wallets with us, he got out of there. Once Freddy Kreuger moved in though, I was out of there! I hate scary movies for a reason. ahhhh…gives me shivers. Then we went to Pink’s hot dog stand for lunch, supposedly all the stars go there…but we didn’t see anyone! Only a guy who kind of looked like Clay Aiken. Who I don’t care about, but anyways, it was good food, my turkey burger was yum yum! The line took over an hour though, and Rory was about to pull rank on us by the time we were halfway to the window. It was an experience, that’s for sure!

After that, we headed north for home…and made it with only a few crying bouts and restlessness from Sadie. We’re glad to be home…but we will probably go back within a few months. Season passes rock!

(now, to catch up on all our DVR’d shows….)


  1. I’m SO JEALOUS!!! I have been wanting to go to Disneyland so bad!!! I tell Jarom almost everyday! haha it’s pretty funny, i think he gets a little annoyed by it. oh well, its the BEST place ever!!! maybe we can go sometime soon…season passes DO rock!! I’m glad you had fun! We were thinking about you guys the whole time and wishing we were there with you!! 🙂 i’ll see you in like 22 days! WOOO HOO!!

  2. That sounds like a busy weekend! Phew! I’m tired after reading it…Glad you guys had fun!

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