Petit Kids Boutique Pattern giveaway!

 Hey guys! How’s your summer going? Can you believe school is right around the corner? Weird to think we will have a child in school this year! She is so excited. Anyways, my summer is proving to be crazy busy! Lots of fun things in the works around here….some collaborations, a new pattern….fun stuff!

I’ve got a fantastic giveaway for you today, from my sponsor Petite Kids Boutique! They have some adorable patterns in their shop-they look like they would be perfect for customizing with your own touches. I love the ones below, but make sure to check them all out and enter to win below! They are giving away 6 patterns of your choice to one lucky winner! yahoo!

Good luck!

Sorry it wasn’t working earlier! My mind is jelly right now…I’ve been sick all week and boy am I exhausted. Anyways…enter below!
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  1. Hi Jess! Great! It doesn’t seem to be working jet…

  2. hmmm. when does the giveaway start? hehe… I would really like to win those cuffed shorts! LOL!

  3. I love the collette dress and the ceci shorts!! Super cute

  4. I love her Ceci shorts! they are super cute. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  5. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a great pattern from Petite Kids Boutique. I have my eye on the CeCe Shorts for girls, the Tiffany Dress & the Lucy Skirt for girls….;o)

    Woo Hoo…!!

    Thank you & God Bless you, Renee

  6. Hi! I didn’t know these patterns but I took a look at their site and absolutely love them all! Winning 6 of them would be fantastic!

  7. Hope you’re feeling better, Jess.I like the Anya, Ella dresses and the Johannah romper!

  8. The Megan Dress would be awesome. I’ve wanted it forever 😉 I also love the Anya Dress and the Little Missy Bolero.

  9. I like the London Pants and Ceci Shorts.

  10. Great giveaway! Love the cuffed shorts and the Ella Dress, and the Donna Dress and the Lucy Skirt and the… Well you get the idea. Thanks bunches for the chance to win such fantastic patterns. Phyllis

  11. Perfect would love to increase my collection of patterns

  12. I love the eden dress and cici shorts

  13. Oh my goodness, what divine designs.
    Were would I start? Lola skirt, Little Missy Bolero, Haven dress, Donna Dress, Anya dress, the list could go on and on….

    I hope you’re feeling better soon Jess, rest up. xx

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  15. No doubt I would go right for the Johannah romper and Ceci shorts; two items on my sewing list I have been waiting to make.

  16. I love the Sasha jumper an Ella dress a lot! Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. {LOVE} the Donna dress!

  18. Love those fun summer patterns!

  19. Love the shorts for girls. Such cute patterns! Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. I love the Sasha jumper and the ceci shorts.

  21. I love the Donna Dress and the London Pants!

  22. No doubt I would go right for the Johannah romper and Ceci shorts; two items on my sewing list I have been waiting to make.

  23. the ceci shorts are tooo cute! and i forgot the names of the others i was interested in…lovely!
    berly at uw dot edu

  24. I love the romper! Although they are all adorable!

  25. Great giveaway! Love the Sasha Jumper and the Little Missy Bolero.

  26. Love the Ceci shorts – so cute!

  27. Have Anya & Ella love them both

  28. Great giveaway! Thank you! I love the London pants, the Ceci shorts, and the Anya dress. So cute!

  29. I love those cuffed shorts! Thanks for the chance!

  30. Very cute patterns. Would love some to sew for my granddaughters.

  31. Great contest! I love the Ella dress and the Sasha jumper!

  32. The Ceci shorts are adorable, and I really like the London pants. thanks for the giveaway

  33. The Ceci shorts and the Ella dress are my faves!

  34. I love the London pants and the Sasha jumper!

  35. Anonymous says:

    I love the Bella Blouse! so comfy for summer in a voile or seersucker! And the London pants for boys adorable!! The Ceci shorts are so adorable as well. Thank you for giveaway!

    darlene macdonald

  36. What a fun shop! I love the Little Missy Bolero, the Haven Dress, and the Lucy skirt!

  37. Thank you for the chance to win! I love the Donna dress and the Izzy bubble dress patterns.

  38. Love, love, love the Donna dress!

  39. Love the Sasha jumper dress and the ceci shorts!!

  40. Oh I love all the patterns! I would definitely get the Haven dress and Lola skirt if I won!

  41. I love the jumper :)

  42. jen atkisson says:

    Yay! a giveaway! I would love to make the maia dress, ceci shorts and lola skirt for my wee 1 yr old. so much cuteness!

  43. I love those shorts!

  44. I love the Ceci Shorts, the Tiffany Dress, the Little Missy Bolero, the Lola Skirt, and the Hailey Dress!

  45. There are so many cute patterns. I really like the Lola skirt, the London pants and the Bailey dress

  46. The Megan dress and the Ceci shorts would be great!

  47. I love the Ceci shorts, Ella dress and Haven dress. All sooooo cute!

  48. I love the Haven Dress & the Cece Shorts!!

    Melissa M.
    melissamoyers6982 at

  49. i like the haven dress and bolero! cute stuff!

  50. SO hard to pick which ones I like best — but I really like the bolero skirt — I’d pick that one for sure! :)

  51. I love the Donna Dress! :)

  52. Missy bolero for girls and the Anya dress is really cute!

  53. I love them all but i’d say my little girl would love The Izzy Bubble Tunic :)

  54. Omgsh! Thanks for the giveaway! New fan of Petite Kids – super cute stuff! Donna, Haven, and Sasha are my favorites so far!

  55. Georgeous, I love:
    Donna Dress
    Johannah Romper
    Anya Dress
    They are so cute

  56. Oh i love the Ceci shorts and London pants

  57. What A Great Giveaway I’m So Exited To Start Seeing Clothes For My Little People X

  58. Those are some seriously cute shorts!

  59. I really love the Donna dress!

  60. I love all the patterns… The bella blouse, the ceci shorts, the heaven dress.. Thanks for the giveaway!

  61. The Ella and Sasha dress look lovely

  62. Love so many it is hard to choose…

  63. The Donna dress and London pants are super cute!

  64. Ooo, fun giveaway! Love the rompers (can anyone get enough rompers now that it’s summertime?) adn the Macy dress. I could easily choose a few more, lots of fun summery fabrics over here that I can’t decide what to do with. Thanks for the great giveaway and a fun shop!!

  65. This is a great idea, I love your patterns!!

  66. A new pattern?! Yay!!! :-)
    Thanks for the giveaway, and good luck with everything,

  67. Marie Björk says:


    I would love to win Johannah Romper, London Pants, Bella Blouse, Ceci shorts, izzy bubble tunic and Bundle Pack – Lola Skirt & Lucy Skirt.

  68. Lo-ve-ly :) Thank you for this wonderful opportunity ladies :)

  69. many to chose from. I think my fav would be the Ceci shorts, Donna dress and Colette dress.

  70. many to chose from. I think my fav would be the Ceci shorts, Donna dress and Colette dress.

  71. My favourite is the jumpsuit, our 2YO would look adorable in it :)

  72. I love the Lola skirt. Perfect for my year old granddaughter! The little ties on the sides of the Cici shorts are too cute!

  73. I love the Lola skirt. Perfect for my year old granddaughter! The little ties on the sides of the Cici shorts are too cute!

  74. I love the london pants and the johannah romper.

  75. emily mcintyre says:

    Cute patterns. Thanks!

  76. All are so lovely. I love the Mala, Anya, Edan dress pattern and the Cecil shorts.

  77. The Cece shorts and the Ella dress are too cute!!!

  78. The Eden dress is just gorgeous and the London pants look like a lot of fun and a good wardrobe staple! Thanks for the giveaway!

  79. Cute! :) I like the Ceci shorts, Maia dress, Eden dress, London pants, Bella blouse, and Macy dress. Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  80. Love the shorts!

  81. The Johanna romper is adorable!

  82. I’m loving the side-tie shorts. My 2 Gillies would look adorable in them…

  83. Great giveaway! There are so many great patterns to choose from, but I LOVE the Johannah Romper and the Ella Dress the best!!


  85. Love those shorts! I’m so happy I have a daughter I can sew for!

  86. I really like the Tiffany Dress. It would be hard to choose!
    Evin5 at aol dot com

  87. liking the bows – Donna and Ella dresses

  88. Definitely like the shorts. my girls like playable clothing!

  89. Those cuffed shorts! I’m on a bit of a shorts kick this summer…

  90. Anonymous says:

    I love the johanna romper and the ceci shorts.

  91. I LOVEEE petite kids. such great easy to follow patterns. my favorite i already own is the anya wrap dress and donna dress. but im dying to get the eden and megan dress and the ceci shorts. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  92. Such cute patterns! I love the Lucy Skirt and the Little Missy Bolero.

  93. I’d get the Donna and Ella Dresses pattern for sure! gorgeous patterns and I love this shop!

    Amanda Kaye Grant =)

  94. cici shorts, london pants, anya dress. bella blouse. So cute thanks!

  95. The London pants and the Donna dress!

  96. My little girl will turn 1 at the end of July and I have been itching to try some new little dresses for her like the haven or hailey dress. They are all so cute!!

  97. Love the Ceci shorts and the London pants!

  98. Very cute patterns! I would probably pick the Bella blouse, London pants, Donna dress.

  99. I love the Ella dress and the johannah romper, really cute.

  100. I would love the ceci shorts, adorable!

  101. I like the Lola Skirt for baby girl 0-24M- Diaper cover attached, Little Missy Bolero for Girls 12M-8Y, Sasha Jumper Dress for girls 12M-8T, and Izzy Bubble Tunic for Girls 12M – 8Y. Thanks for the chance to win :)

  102. I really like the Ella dress and London pants :)

  103. Love the cici shorts and the colette.

  104. I don’t have very many patterns, so I would love to win some. I like the Lucy skirt and the cute shorts with the ties.

  105. My list would include the Izzy, the Colette, the Johannah romper, the Ceci shorts, the Sasha and the Tiffany. Thanks You for the chance to win these great patterns
    Sandie Parsons

  106. Anonymous says:

    These are super cute! my favorites are the Hailey dress, Sasha Jumper, lola skirt, Izzy, Haven dress and the Colette dress!!

  107. Love Anya dress and Ceci shorts, and Donna dress, and… so many cute patterns! Thanks for introducing me to Petite Boutique!

  108. I love the Ceci shorts. They would be perfect for my girls. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  109. I would love to get the Maia dress and Johannah jumper patterns. I bought the Hailey dress pattern this spring and absolutely love it!

  110. I love the Cici shorts.

  111. Ella Dress
    Lucy skirt
    Ceci shorts
    Donna Dress…..

  112. Gorgeous patterns. Love the Tiffany and Macy Dress patterns. Lola skirt and shorts patterns are awesome too.

  113. Donna Dress
    Ceci shorts
    Lucy skirt
    Are my favorites, but I cold add more ^_^

  114. Anonymous says:

    Would like the London pants and bolero is very cute
    Lee rosenzweig

  115. I am in love with Maia Dress and have sewn it so many times. But now I fall in love again with Donna Dress!! So Lovely!!

  116. I love love love the Lucy skirt.

  117. Sasha Jumper Dress

  118. I love the Donna dress!

  119. Love these! I have a couple already! Thanks for the opportunity!

  120. Love Anya Dress, Little Missy Bolero, Sasha Jumper & Maia Dress.. Adorable!

  121. Thank you for this great opportunity. Their patterns are sooo cute. I love the Anya Dress, Sasha Jumper, Tiffany Dress…they are so adorable.

  122. I love de “Johannah Romper”!!!!

  123. Nikki B says:

    Ceci Shorts and Ella Dress

  124. LOVE that shorts pattern and there are so many cute dresses it would be hard to choose. Thanks for donig this contest!

  125. After 14 times of trying the letters and numbers, 3 days of not being able to click the comment button, I can finally say I like the Ella and Donna….phew!

  126. Who wouldn’t love a free pattern :)

  127. I loved the Tiffany dress

  128. I like the Anya dress

  129. Oh what a fantastic give away! Sometimes its just so hard to chose just 1 pattern when they are all so darned cute! Am thinking there are gonna be lots of people hoping to win this!!! Fingers crossed!!!

  130. The London Pants and the Colette Dress are so cute!

  131. Great giveaway! I’d love the Johannah romper pattern for my daughter :)

  132. Ooo that’s tough. The Donna dress and the Colette dress I think will look adorable on my little one.

  133. Love the sasha jumper

  134. Love the Haven dress,Little Missy Bolero and Ceci shorts!! :)

  135. I love the Little Missy Bolero and the Sasha Jumper dress!

  136. Loving the Lucy skirt with the built in shorts – and the Ella dress is adorable too!

  137. I love the London Pants, and Ceci Shorts. :)

  138. I love the Ella dress and the Johannah Romper. Just adorable!

  139. Love the Anya dress, the London pants and the Ceci shorts! Oh and the romper too!


  140. love the tiffany dress and the sasha jumper :)

  141. I’d include the London Pants, the Johannah Romper and the Ceci Shorts!

  142. Brittany says:

    I like the London pants, and the Tiffany and Ella dresses.

    mrs dot dunlap at live dot com

  143. Anonymous says:

    Oh my, I’m a sucker for any one of the dresses!

  144. Ooh some gorgeous patterns! Love that many to big enough for my 7yo :-) especially love the ceci shorts and the sasha jumper dress x

  145. I love the Anya dress

  146. Loving the romper!

  147. love the Ceci short

  148. I’ll need more than a few minutes to try and choose my favorite!

  149. I would love to add these to my collection of patterns!!

  150. I like Maia dress, Ceci shorts, Eden dress thanks

  151. The little missy bolero and the izzy bubble tunic are adorable!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  152. The Ceci shorts, London pants, bolero jacket & Ella dress are adorable.

  153. Love the London Pants–seems like I can never draft pants patterns to fit right! And I’d love to make an Anya dress for my daughter when she’s the flower girl in her auntie’s wedding this fall!

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