KCWC: more pattern testing

Humor me.

I have a slightly enormous obsession with taking pics of my littlest lately.  Like a moth to a flame, I just can’t stop. And it’s totally normal to be obsessed with your own kids, right? It just happens to leak on over here to the blog sometimes…which ya’ll will forgive me for, right? *crosses fingers*

It’s all in the name of working on that new tee/dress pattern, anyways! I had just enough of this buttery-soft knit that Kristin had sent me recently to make up a little tee for Avie.

The peachy color and pattern are right up my alley and I quickly whipped up a matching bow headband, because well….WHY NOT.

This will most likely be my only contribution to the summer edition of Kids Clothes Week-for a good reason! (oh and make sure to check out the AMAZING new site! I am using LOTS OF CAPS in this post. It’s EXCITING!)

I’m VAIR VAIR busy this week on a BIG project! (sometimes I say VERY like that because I think it makes me sound more posh or something. really, just don’t ever listen to me… seriously.)

Something really exciting is coming! I can’t wait to tell ya. (and don’t try to guess haha…not pregnant or anything)

The cat will be out of the figurative bag soon!

Meanwhile, enjoy Ava enjoying her giraffe.

Oh and Miss C had to hop in on the photo shoot-she was nekked at first and threw on the closest clothing. Which happened to be the top I tested in her size. Kapow! Happy accident.


  1. Love the new top and I can’t wait to see what your SURPRISE is!

  2. Ooooh! I love Charlotte’s top! And they don’t look like sisters at all :) Your kids are the cutest!

  3. Oh, I’m dying to know…teasers are no fair!!! Your girls take such good pictures..they look like little cherubs. I’d take pics all day too;)

  4. i just love following your blog: awesome creations, lovely pictures and funny wording 😀 always a treat! keep up the good work :)

  5. You won’t get any complaints about posting pictures of that scrumptious little baby!
    (how on earth you keep hair bands / bows on a baby is beyond me)

  6. So cute, all of it! The girls and the tops :) Excited to find out what the surprise is!
    Heidi @ handmadefrenzy.blogspot.com

  7. Ooo another Jess pattern! I wanna test I wanna test! And by the way, You need to have another 5 or 10 more kids, only so there can be more sweetest little pinchable cheek bright eyed cuties in the world.

  8. I don’t have little ones anymore but I LOVE sewing children’s clothes. A friend of mine has a little girl and I make her lots of things. Anyway, I love your blog and it’s always one of my first stops when I start browsing!

  9. I wouldn’t be able to resist taking photos either… she is so adorable! Love the fabric on this one, and that photo of Ava and Charlotte together is absolutely darling. =)

  10. Oh my gosh is that baby to die for! you make adorable kids Jess!
    Can’t wait to hear your news!

  11. How could anyone NOT be obsessed with taking photos of such adorable children?

  12. Absolutely gorgeous photos!

  13. Love the shirts! If you are looking for testers I would love to help!

  14. I wouldn’t be able to resist taking photos of her either – she (and your other girls) are just over the top cute. Love this shirt, glad you put that knit to quick use! It was so *YOU* I had to send it your way. :)

  15. oh my gosh. she’s soooo cute Jess!

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