5 and 10 designs-my coral and grey dress

So I wanted to share some more pictures of the designs I created for the new 5 and 10 Designs e-book! 

 First off is the grey and coral dress I made for Sadie! I love the wrap front, clean lines and asymmetrical skirt, buttons all the way up the front, and a bonus-it’s trimmed in bias tape! I love me some bias tape.

This photo shoot was tough…I was sick with a nasty cold, and the girls would NOT listen to my direction…pretty much did the opposite of everything I asked, ran away from me, and were sassy to the umpteenth power. Ohmygersh. But we survived and even got a few decent pics from the stinkers. 😉 Just keepin’ it real everyone…haha! back to the dress…

This picture is my fave-it shows off the swingy-ness of the skirt! Love those little cap sleeves too.

Along with the basic bodice pattern, there is an included cap sleeve pattern in the e-book, too! Also a few pockets and a peter pan collar! What a great deal.

The fabric is from Studio E, courtesy of my sponsor, Fabricworm! The coral fabric is from another sponsor, the Ribbon Retreat.

Also, oooh and ahh over that hair, please…haha. just kidding. Sloppiest braiding ever. But what a cute little back view, eh?

Oh and a quick little braggy moment because I amazed myself when I Rory figured out how to do this. Check out these fun sketches I created for the e-book. I had so much fun making them in Illustrator!

And really guys-the other designs are AMAZING. I can’t wait to sew up some of them! Make sure to check out our website for more details and info, and if you would like to purchase it, click below! Thanks ya’ll!



  1. This is one of my favorite dresses from the new collection! And the braid is fantastic! I’ll have to try that!!

  2. Your making it so hard for me! I said no more patterns until i at least make one version of the ones i have! So hard to resist! Beautiful braid by the way! You say its sloppy but i was impressed.

  3. Super cute. Want to share your out takes? They are always my favorite…it’s easy to think that everyone’s photo shoot is perfectly easy since all you see are the good photos on the blog! Thanks for keeping it real!

  4. This dress is divine. I love the colours and shape and would happily wear it myself. In fact if I was getting married again i’d book you to do my hair too!

  5. I do love this dress!!!

  6. This is my first time on your site, and I love everything! And, YES!, that braid is completely perfectly adorable! Look forward to browsing through your older posts. :)

  7. Adorable girl and dress!

    And I’m so impressed with the illustrator illustrations – I was wondering how those were made!

  8. She’s very beautiful!!

  9. I love that grey fabric! (and the coral!!) Do you remember where you got that fabric?

  10. Anonymous says:

    I have been reading your blog for two years now. It was the one that made me much more comfortable sewing kids clothing. I have made several things from your tutorials and learned how to draft my own bodice (!!), but this one is by far my absolute favorite. I love everything about it! Thanks so much for sharing with us. I live far away , but secretly wish I could meet you someday. :0)
    I love how you combine vintage styles with modern colors.
    You are very inspiring.
    From a very loyal reader!

  11. This is adorable, my favorite of yours so far….and that is saying A LOT! But I have to ask, can I see a tutorial for that braid? LOVE IT! Not sure either of my girls would sit still for it, but I’m gonna go for it!

  12. Cute, I love that grey fabric! And Sadie’s hairdo is darling!

  13. Awww…isn’t she adorable??? I super love the outfit. I like the print, cut and color. Light and classy dress.

  14. very beautiful outfit. (i love the braid hair) beautiful topmodel too ! have a nice day.

  15. Lil miss Sadie looks divine in that dress, definitely my favourite.

  16. I love the braid! You called it sloppy, but I think loose is better than tight!

  17. I looove this dress…so simple and so adorable…

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