Fabric Match-up Giveaway! it’s gonna be epic.

**this giveaway is now closed! The winner is Tegan Nilles!***

fabric match up giveaway- win 24 yards of fabric from your favorite bloggers!

Ever stumbled across a project online and wished for the same. exact. fabric they used? Or wished that your favorite sewing bloggers would magically send you an assortment of awesome fabric? (me too) You are in luck if you have ever (randomly) wished for that! 

Eighteen sewing bloggers have picked out a yard (or two!) of a fabric from their stash and we’re giving them ALL away today to one lucky winner!

The way we’re choosing a winner is reaally fun, too! All you have to do is match up the fabric to the blogger in the google docs form below! Eeeshk, kind of hard, right?! I know which one I chose…but I’m stumped on a lot of the others! This is going to be an epic battle, I can tell.

 (hint– most of us have used the fabric we chose in a recent project, so our recent posts are the perfect weapon for your epic battle-although…mine is NOT the fabric used in the most recent post on my blog. Just a friendly hint.). The first person to correctly match all of the swatches will receive ALL of the fabric shown! So what are you waiting for? Go Go GO! Good luck and may your fingers type faster than the wind!

Have I mentioned the epic-ness of all of this?

fabric matching giveaway- win 24 yards of fabric from your favorite sewing bloggers!A- 1.5 yards, Mini Dot in Sunspray by Lotta Jansdotter, B- 1 yard, Paradise Garden in Periwinkle by Amy Butler, C- Florescent Pink & Gray Striped Jersey Knit, D- 1/2 yard Heirloom Tile Flourish in Garnet and 1/2 yard Heirloom Opal in Fuchsia both by Joel Dewberry, E- 1 yard, Houndstooth in black by Michael Miller, F- Pink/Orange Stripe knit, G- 1 yard, Orange and Light Heather Gray Stripe Cotton Jersey Knit, H- 1 yard, Light pink linen, I- 1 yard, Mustard and Ivory Stripe by Girl Charlee, J- 1 yard, Rally Cream/Grass by Dan Stiles, K- 1 yard Riley Blake Ombre Dots in Aqua, 1 yard Target Polka Dot Sheet Fabric, 1 yard Lizzy House Pearl Bracelet in Persimmon and Michael Miller Happy Tones Charm Pack, L- 1 yard, Remix Triangles B/W by Ann Kelle, M- 1 Yard, Novella Rain Rayon in Aqua by Valori Wells, 1 yard, Lush Running Stitch in Purple by Patty Young, and 1 yard, Porcelain Tile Garden Wall in Olive, M- 1 yard, Mustard cotton sateen, O- 1 yard, Summer Totem in Grapefruit by Anna Maria Horner, P- 1 yard, Black and white chevron, Q- 1 yard, Parenthetical in Berry by Anna Maria Horner, R- 2 yards (1 yard each), ABC 123 by American Jane for Moda


And the answer key! 

Here is the list of bloggers

pattern bundle giveaway

And just to sweeten the pot a little, every reader who submits a guess will be entered in a fabulous pattern bundle giveaway.

 The prize- The Sugarplum Top + Dress pattern by See Kate Sew, The Surfer Slacks Lounge Pant pattern by See Kate Sew, The Casual Lady Top and Dress pattern by Go To Patterns, Two “Winner’s Choice” patterns by Blank Slate Patterns, Pattern 5 Pack (“Winner’s Choice”) by Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop, Riding Pants pattern by the Sewing Rabbit, the Roly Poly pattern by imagine gnats, and the Ruby Ruffle dress pattern by The Cottage MamaWOW!

Good luck!

*Giveaway ends at midnight MST on Friday, May 11, US residents only.


  1. What a great idea! I definitely know which ones are yours Jess, vut just don’t have time for the others. Hope you all have a lot of fun, good luck!


  2. Oh wow, I think I was way off, but just killed 2 hours at work searching the sites hahah x

  3. some blogger have a pretty strange definition of ‘recent’. I’d love to win, but I just don’t have that much time to waste searching. 😉

  4. by the way… this ended up being SUPER hard because multiple bloggers have several of the fabrics. Black and White chevron… at least 3 bloggers. The Black and white triangle, at least 2. The houndstooth… 2 or 3 more. I never did find 3 of the fabrics, but was able to make an educated guess (and submit multiple guesses!).

  5. Ahh, I didn’t know you could submit multiple guesses. I’m with you guys on the amount of time spent. I’m pretty sure I’ve now spent atleast 6 hours “researching” the fabric choices. Thanks Jess for the hint, by the way. I was so positive that the Girl Charlee knit was yours until I read your hint. I am POSITIVE about 14 of them, but 4 of them truly eluded me!

  6. I’m curious….has anyone won yet?? This was super hard–I had to guess on a bunch of them because I couldn’t find anything “recent” (aka within the last 2 months) on some of the blogs!!! If no one’s won yet, I’ll give it another go!

  7. Thanks for participating with this! I spent a ridiculous amount of time searching so I hope I did well. It’s a great idea and a fun challenge.

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