Miss C’s new knit tops


I couldn’t very well leave Charlotte out of the Great Top-Sewing Marathon of 2013, now could I? So don’t worry, you’ll see more of her cheekies soon. And that belly stuffed in that shirt! I die. So cute! I guess I should make more room in her future shirts for that toddler tummy, but I kind of love how it looks. Why is that only cute when you’re two? Not fair.

Anyways, this was just an easy tee pattern that I drafted using the Figgy’s tunic pattern for the neckline, since I liked how it fit. I used some knit I’ve had for forever (from fabric.com I think), and some coral knit for the bindings. Also I covered some buttons in the same knit and sewed them to the front for a fun touch. I ironed some interfacing before I sewed them on so hopefully that does the trick and they don’t tear through.

Also, a note on covering buttons with knit. It stretches (duh), so I used two layers to avoid as much see through-ness as possible. It was a little tough getting the button to close, but nothing my huge muscles couldn’t handle.

Cheeser! She was so excited to get some tees of her own!

Here’s another using some more of my Spoonflower fabric! I love the big chevrons, and added a little gold pocket to bling bling it up a bit.

This picture cracks me up-she looks so dejected but actually she was just looking at her shoes since I just told her they were on the wrong feet. Toddlers! So funny.

I used a wide double needle on the hem and I LOVE how it looks. I finally was able to fine tune it using these tips.

This one is basically a copy of big sister’s tee.

Still freaking cute though.

  If I do say so myself.

Oh and I know you’re thinking to yourself, “oh my heck Jess needs to stop bugging me about this sale.” But……it’s the last day to buy the Sew Fab e-pattern pack so I get to bug you one last time…. They’ve extended the sale to go to midnight tonight, so if you’ve been putting it off, you’ve still got time!


  1. Adorable! Have you got any tips for me Jess? I can sew tops no problem but I have a major issue with neck and sleeve bindings. Do you use a rib knit? How do you sew it on? Any advice much appreciated!

  2. Cute! You are such a wiz! I have been sewing heaps lately for my girls too. That’s funny about the toddler belly comment being only cute when you’re little – I was pondering the same thing the other night when bathing Juliette and admiring her little tum!! I am in the process of drafting my first dress design which will be a downloadable pdf on my blog. I will let you know when it is done – would love to hear your opinion!! Suz

  3. Oh my gosh, she is adorable! Such a great range of facial expressions too.
    Love all the Tees. Very lucky girl.

    Maybe you could put a scrap of interfacing onto the back of the knit fabric for the buttons. Then you can save your big muscles for kid-wrangling!

  4. Seriously cute. I love them all for different reasons. The chevron is might be my favorite though. I am excited to see your designs in next season of PR&P

  5. Your adorable daughter put a smile on my face this morning. Much needed after an almost break down mama weekend. Such a cutie–and yes, the cheeks and tummy are killin’ me. Great work on the tees mom!

  6. She is adorable. I love her fashion shows.

  7. Oh my heck, those tops are soooo adorable! I need to look into those Spoonflower knits!

  8. She is absolutely adorable! How do you find time to make all your girls shirts…way to go!

  9. Oh, my goodness, how ADORABLE! I really love the first one.
    And I love those adorable toddler bellies too! There is only one other time of life when a large belly is not only acceptable but cute… pregnancy. =)

  10. You seriously have the cutest little girls! Love the metallic pocket and the colors on the second one :)


  11. you did a lovely job. your girls are just the cutest. I see them becoming beauties inside and out.

  12. Omigosh she is growing up so fast! What a little cutie pie. Adorable shirts, too.

  13. That gold pocket one is killing me! Love it so much. Can I ask…is that a vinyl material? I would love love to know where you got it.

  14. I just found out I’m having a girl and I’m so excited to be able to have someone to make all your adorable stuff for! You are my favorite little girl clothing designer, I love following your blog and can’t wait to get started on many of your tutorials!

  15. Your little ones are so cute! These are such great projects.

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