some new raglan tees

Sadie has been needing some new tees, so I set out to make her some the other day. These are so quick to whip up, especially with a serger! (also, look out for a post about a cool tip regarding sergers in the next week!) I use my raglan tee tutorial, and used both ribbed knit for the collar/sleeves, and regular jersery knit fabric as well. Both methods worked pretty well! Make sure to cut the jersey knit so that it stretches the way you want it to (across) when cutting the collar pieces. Also make sure to practice before cutting into your pricey Spoonflower fabric! (I did, but it was still a little scary!)

 So I bought two fat quarters (when they were on sale, buy one get one free!) of this mint horse fabric. It was love at first sight, and Sadie loved it as well. Until I made the top for her, then she said she hated the green color. It’ll grow on her….or else. Isn’t the mint so pretty with her hair? Grrr. Kids!

 I got it in the organic knit, which is oh so dreamy. Seriously I might just keep the shirt in my sewing room to pet every now and then. Like I said, it’s pricey ($14/FQ for the knit), but if you catch a sale, it’s not TOO bad. I will still probably wince every time Sadie eats in this top. Or make her take it off. Which means it’s off limits for preschool days I guess since they probably frown on that sort of thing.

This next one was her second favorite, and my fav of the three! Of course the coral floral was a win for me.  I accidentally made the sleeves a tad long, but they look cute bunched up so I like it!

Both of the knits in the coral top and the striped one below were ordered from Girl Charlee. It’s a great online shop for knits, really affordable and they have a great selection! Lots of cute prints to choose from. They’re not my sponsor or anything (though I’d love to have them hint hint!), just a shop that I order from. A LOT.

And here’s Sadie’s favorite! Bright pink stripes with a big gold heart. What more could a 4.5 year old want?

I used some more of the gold fabric I got for my Mockingjay shirt for the hear….I have a lot more of it, so you may be seeing more goldification of the girls clothes in the near future! In any case…more shirts to be posted soon since I’m on kind of a roll. Love when that happens.


  1. I love all of them! Very Cute

  2. Super cute shirts. And thanks for the tip for where to buy good knits. :) That will come handy.

  3. My favorite is the heart one too. Adorable! I love your raglan pattern and have used it several times for my little one.

  4. love these!! It’s my goal to make some raglan tops for my girls – you’re inspired me!

  5. Lovely as always! I think the coral is my favorite too, although I know a certain little girl around here who would be absolutely in love with the horse one. Off to buy more fabric I guess!

  6. I LOVE the spoonflower knits – and I let my boys wear, eat and go to school in them. So far no major mishaps that oxiclean and a roll in the washing machine can’t take care of. That mint is ADORABLE!

  7. I don’t think I could pick a favorite, these all turned out really cute. Tshirts scare me for some reason, I think I’m mostly intimidated by the sleeves.

  8. That horse fabric is fantastic! I kind of want a shirt made in my size with that fabric!

  9. I want a shirt in the mint horse fabric too! Just adorable!! You are inspiring me to make my girly some new tees, and thank you for the tip, always looking for new places to shop for knits!

  10. All three shirts look great. And she is so cute wearing them! I haven’t been sewing in way too long and you sparked some forgotten brain lobe into action I think. I might set up my sewing machine tonight!

  11. I absolutely LOVE these shirts!

  12. The shirts are cute! My favorite is the middle one with the flowers. I also really like Girl Charlee fabrics, their prices are good and the have a great selection!

  13. Adorable! Are we placing special orders? Because I want that coral floral in my size and two stripey heart shirts in my girls’ sizes 😉

  14. I knew I would love that mint horses fabric. So pretty. I get why it’s expensive. :)

  15. Of course ehr favorite has the huge pink heart ;op I love that horse fabric, if it came in purple I have a niece who would adore it!

  16. I love them ! Especially the heart one!

  17. They’re all adorable, Jess! I especially love the pink with little flowers. :)

  18. they are all so adorable. Sadie looks so cute. Did you make her bows also. The are perfect with the shirts.

  19. so cute, and you are very right, the mint one is adorable with her hair. And that coral one is my fav!

  20. Ooo these are so cute! Love all three. The horses! The floral! the gold heart! I need to put a giant heart on something for Em before Valentine’s Day comes. :)

  21. Super cute I need to try your tutorial for my littles. I love them all but I think I would have been tempted to keep the coral fabric for myself, it is gorgeous.

  22. They are all so cute! The mint definitely looks great with her hair! My little girl has a similar hair color and I love minty or turquoise greens on her.

  23. these are awesome. My girls need shirts like this yesterday. Must get sewing! That coral one is inspiration to run to my sewing room immediately! (and seeing that horse one reminded me that I made my daughter a 3/4 sleeve horse shirt a month ago and never blogged it…yeesh. the fabric is no where near as cute as yours though!)

  24. I love those shirts! So cute! And the fabrics you used are awesome… that horse mint fabric is adorable. And I just received my first package from Girl Charlee last week… love it! =)

  25. I love these! I must make a few for my eldest as she starts kinder in a couple weeks.

  26. Love the shirts! Quick question, did you make those cute bows in Sadie’s hair and are they crocheted?

  27. LOVE raglan tees and these are fantastic, so comfy and flattering!

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