last minute skirt

The other day I just needed a quick easy project that could be finished up asap. Have you guys been feeling the holiday crunch too? Time is running out! So instead of tackling my to do list, I did the immature thing and ignored it to make this little skirt. (I do that a lot…tell me I’m not alone!)

I used this adorable fabric from my sponsor Southern Fabric, and trimmed the bottom in some teal bias tape. I imagined it with pockets trimmed in the same bias tape, but alas, I only had a half yard, so they got scrapped. Maybe I will have to get myself a fat quarter and add them….I really had my heart set on those pockets.

It’s for the Sadester for Christmas…I figured I might as well wrap it up for a gift…though now I have to make one for Charlotte I guess, to even out the gift ratios. Oh well, it’s not like skirts are hard to make, right?

What are you working on last-minute? 


  1. I think the cute fabric makes the skirt.

  2. You’re not alone!! I love to procrastinate with a good ol’ sewing project.

    Love the skirt, and the teal trim was the perfect color choice. So cute!

  3. love that aneela hoey fabric, so cute! and NO you are definitely not alone. i do that sort of thing constantly, it seems (“well it’ll only take me a half hour to make this quick project, so i’ll let it jump ahead of this much more pressing project i should be working on…!”). hehe. yep. i know.

  4. Yup I do it all the time too. It’s called the December sewing tantrum. Now you’ve got me wanting to make a quick procrastination skirt! Cute cute.

  5. Okay, I just love that fabric and that pop of teal. I’ve been procrastinating pretty much my whole entire project list. Guess I better get on it!

  6. Cute skirt! I love the fabric! I have been putting off making the hair and face for my daughter’s rag doll that I made for her Christmas present. I’ve still got a couple of days, right? In the meantime, I can still whip up a couple of skirts!

  7. I do the same! I finished my first queen size quilt for my mum just 2 days ago, when I procrastinated with it I found myself needing a quick fix of a satisfying project and made 2 throw cushions to go with it, one is a sprocket style, the other a zippered cushion cover, all three projects were firsts and I’m so happy with how they turned out. I still have a bow purse clutch for my sister to make, but I can procrastinate on that, she isn’t coming home for Christmas Day, and arrives a few days after. So ill get onto the ragdolls and sharks for the s.h.e projects! Top priority!

  8. trés jolie le blog voici le miens

  9. LOL I totally do that ALLLLL the time! Cute skirt, and gorgeous fabric! I’ve just finished a dress for each of my munchkins for them to wear this sunday for my littlest’s 1st birthday … yep 2 days before Christmas. Needless to say, it’s a little hectic around here. Oh, and for their dresses I used 2 of your tutorials … the recent “Basic Bodice Design” little dress for the birthday girl, and a matching, but not totally matching “Lets go fly a kite” dress for her big sister. Love all your tutorials … thanks!!

  10. Do you use a binding foot to put on your bias tape? your stitching line is so straight! Super cute fabric fabric too :)

  11. What am I working on last minute?

  12. I’ve been procrastinating of the last few gifts I have to make by spending way too long wrapping the gifts I’ve already finished… I love wrapping things. =) I’m even drawing out and cutting, folding, and gluing little boxes for some of the oddly shaped ones… definitely procrastination!
    I love the skirt, that is some adorable fabric! And little bias-trimmed pockets would only add to the fun. =)

  13. such an adorable little skirt – love the teal binding! Last minute indeed . . .and running around like a chicken with my head cut off!

  14. Hahahhaha – I have been doing that so much lately! Let me see, I have this hugely long and grossly inappropriate to-do list…I know, I will just sew something up instead that will make me happy. Problem solved.

    HA! Love your skirt! That fabric is awesome!

  15. Absolutely adorable! Love the fabric. I am behind on a few Christmas presents, too, and instead of making them I’m reading craft blogs. :) Just have to finish some superhero masks for my boys and doll clothes for my girls. Wanted to do some pajama pants, too, but doubt I’ll have time (especially if I keep procrastinating!)

  16. you’re not alone!!! i do that ALL the time 😛 but who can help it, when the new project is so cute and quick??

  17. I do that all the time!! I have a list of things that need to get done but decide it doesn’t sound fun so I go make something else that sounds fun!! Awful I know

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