what’s a nightgown?

So I made this dress (using my Katy dress tutorial), and all the while in my head kept thinking…”this fabric is a bit see through….well we will see what it looks like on her I guess…it can’t be that bad!” haha…yep it was. I informed Sadie that it would be a nightgown instead of a play dress.

Clueless look from Sadie.

Me: Errrr, I mean a dress you sleep in, honey!

Sadie: wha?

Guess she’s never heard of nightgowns-and we need to watch the Disney Peter Pan movie sometime soon. I kept calling her Wendy and she gave me more clueless looks. Should I just get used to this? I remember giving my parents a ton of those. 😉

I added some quick bows to the bottom of the ruching-love how it turned out! Simple details like this make me happy.

Something else that makes me happy: Sadie explaining the whole plot of a My Little Pony episode to me in great detail. Hey, she may be watching TV but at least she’s working on her observation skills, eh?

These last two pics scream: Summertime! to me. 😀


  1. Aww she does remind me of Wendy as well! Love the “nightgown” :)

  2. Why not make her a white slip to wear underneath? Plain white cotton lawn with narrow straps so it makes it less see-through without being hot to wear. You could add some lace or frills to the hem for fun too.

    Love the sleeve detail- very cute!

  3. Dress, nightgown, either way, very cute!

  4. Aw, the sleeve details make me smile too! It’s the little things, right? :) My dress-lovin’-4 year old will only wear nightgowns… she says its because she is so fancy. Haha.
    Happy Day!

  5. Cute, I love the bows! Did you get my email about the buttons? I still have them!

    diligentsister at gmail dot com

  6. Love the sleeve detail! Ansley probably doesn’t know what a nightgown is either- she can barely keep her belly covered when sleeping. 😉

  7. My daughters have no idea what ‘nightgowns’ are either.
    I love the sleeve detail you added… and those pictures with the hair flying out are just wonderful. Love it! =)

  8. Well that is a wonderful nightgown! At least now she knows what a nightgown is :)

  9. oh man, Em loves nightgowns – last night she wore a fleece one with snowmen on it…maybe i need to make her a couple that are a bit more summer-appropriate?? yours looks like a VERY comfy nightgown, and i adore those last two photos of sadie! what a cutie.

  10. Oh, how sweet! She looks like a little “Wendy” in her blue nightgown/dress. I always loved Peter Pan and wished there was a “Neverland.” (Doesn’t every child wish they could fly?) :) Thanks for sharing…I love your blog! Many blessings…

  11. HI! New follower on board. I just bought my first sewing machi9ne and am loving your beautiful pieces.

  12. ummm, love the frolicking happiness! And the nightgown, or as my niece lily calls them , “Nighting-gowns” :)

  13. I think you’re an amazing blogger.


    No need to give any blog love back, but feel free to pass it along. :)

  14. I love this cute little dress! My first thought when you said that you could see thru the material is that it needed a cute little pinafore in crisp white!! ….oooh and a pocket on it! That would do just the trick! ….and you could tell her about Alice, and her blue dress with the white pinafore. I feel a disney marathon coming on :)

  15. Oi!
    Estou encantada com o blog! Já estou seguindo! Legal fazer as roupas das crianças, quanto carinho!
    Te convido a conhecer o meu blog
    Um grande abraço

  16. Anonymous says:

    Love this. No girls to sew for, only grandsons. Hey, about the My Little Pone, she’s not just observing. She is “retelling,” “sequencing,” and most likely infering. Good job helping her w/readin skills Mom.

  17. Christine Danneels says:

    Dear Madam,
    I love your blog the most of all. You are so friendly and so kind; lots of beautiful and comprehensive tutorials ! Thanks so much fot all that !

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