Oilcloth Addict giveaway! (and coupon code)

***This giveaway is now closed. See the winner below!***

I have an AWEsome giveaway for you guys today! Have you ever sewn with oilcloth before? If you haven’t, you’ve gotta check out the shop Oilcloth Addict! They have SO many oilcloth varieties, patterns and cute designs. (plus tons of laminated cottons!)

I love using oilcloth! You probably saw my tablecloth I made last week…..yeah, I decided it looked weird without the bench done too, so I whipped one up this week. I love how easy it is to clean-a quick wipe with a cloth and it’s done.

We still use the lunchbag I made a loong time ago, and I’m thinking Charlotte might need her own soon. Maybe with a handle…?

They also have…chalkboard fabric! How neat, huh? I used these to make labels for Charlotte’s vintage cowgirl party last month.

So, back to the oilcloth! They have a ton of options like I said…hey this green floral is what I made my lunchbag out of-no wonder I bookmarked it…haha.

polka dots…
cool mod prints…
More adorable florals…

Hooray for oilcloth!  So to celebrate it’s awesomeness, and the awesomeness of the Oilcloth Addict shop, Kelly (the owner, so sweet!), is giving away your choice of 2 yards of oilcloth! Plus her fabulous book, Sewing with Oilcloth! So you can start sewing asap with it and enjoy her oilcloth sewing know how!

How to enter: (three chances!)

1. Visit their shop, take a look around, then come back and leave a comment telling me the prints you might choose if you win!

2. Follow their blog to find great oilcloth tips and tutorials! Leave a comment telling me you did so on this post.

3. “Like” them on Facebook, then come back and leave a comment telling me you did so.

Please leave your email address with at least one of your comments!

Giveaway will be open until Friday, July 27th! (yes this is new I’m going to start leaving them open for a week!)

Good luck!

******She’s also got a fab coupon code for you lovely readers! Use the code CINO25  to save 25% now through the end of August! Did you read that through? TIL THE END OF AUGUST. sah-weet! Make sure you take advantage of that!

The winner is…SSparks!


  1. I’ve only sewn on oil cloth once. I had a little difficulty with my needle. Any suggestions? Okay, I’m going to go check out the shop.

  2. I would choose any of the gingham – love love love them! Thank you for the giveaway!

  3. I liked their page on facebook!

  4. I now follow her blog – thank you!

  5. love the Pink Strawberry Oilcloth

  6. How busy but wonderful is Laminated Cotton — Calico by Riley Blake. Very to both!

  7. I now follow their blog via gfc

  8. Love the Polka Dots.
    Thanks for the chance!

  9. Never sewn with oilcloth, but I’ve been wanting to make art aprons for my kids for a while! I love the Fox Trails and the black and white polka-dots, as well as the kiwi gingham and the green apples. Really really cool stuff there!!!!

  10. The tutorials on Oilcloth Addict are great too.

  11. I’m following the OA blog now – Thanks for the heads up, such cool fabrics and inspirations galore!

  12. I am following her blog now. Thanks! kristen.munson[at]gmail[dot]com

  13. The cherries-on-aqua speaks to my soul, but I’d probably go with blue gingham for a kitchen table cover. Waaaaay cute prints in that shop!!

  14. I love the red polka dots and the cherries on aqua – so cute! thanks for the giveaway!

  15. I liked her page on Facebook. I have been wanting her book “sewing with oilcloth” for awhile! Would love to win it! :)

  16. I sew with oilcloth a lot — I make coin purses. I’d love anything RED!

  17. I looked at the tips

  18. I liked her on fb.

  19. I’m following her blog.

  20. Oh, tough choice. I love the ginghams and stripes, but I also really like the Ty Pennington prints. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  21. Wow! So many cute oilcloth patterns so little time:) I love the polka dots the best, particularly the bright green and blue. I’m envisioning some pocket bibs for my baby boy.

  22. I liked her on FB – what’s not to like?

  23. Also signed up to get her newsletter/blog… my email is megroke@gmail.com

  24. Following the blog!

  25. I love the Kimono print!

  26. I also follow the oil clot addict blog!

  27. I also like them on facebook! (cmgeorge09 at gmail)

  28. Oooo, I really love all of their lacey ones!!!

  29. I follow their blog on google reader…

  30. I follow their blog on google reader…

  31. I LOVE the Cherries on aqua oilcloth. I have visions for redecorating my Florida Room and that oilcloth would make a perfect cover for our picnic table. I’d love to try sewing with oilcloth. btw, what size/type of needle would you use?

  32. I would choose either the Charisma Laminated Cotton by Amy Butler or the Treasure Box Laminated Cotton by Amy Butler. I also really like the Heather Bailey prints!

  33. sorry about the double last comment, I meant to say I follow them on FB…so please disregard my extra comment…

  34. I followed the Oilcloth Addicts blog :)

  35. I love the lime dots and the cherries. So much to choose from!!!

  36. Yes, I now follow their blog!

  37. Love the cherries on aqua and the black polka dots!! Cute stuff!

  38. I liked their Facebook page. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  39. I liked her on FB! :)

  40. treasure box and kimono are cute!

  41. Love the polka dots and ginghams, but I think I need the book first to decide which I like best .. so I have a project in mind first. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  42. I like the silver lace, or any of the strawberries or cherries or gingham.

  43. I’d choose these:

    KImono, Laminated Cotton by Ty Pennington Impression – http://www.etsy.com/listing/98848557/kimono-laminated-cotton-by-ty-pennington

    Green Lattice Honey Child by Sis Boom – http://www.etsy.com/listing/71647546/laminated-cotton-green-lattice-honey

    Thanks for the chance!

  44. I like the Forever Blue with the Strawberries.

  45. Allison says:

    So many to pick from! Red lace and lime green pok a dot and of course chalkboard are all up there!

  46. Allison says:

    Following their blog and liked them on FB

  47. i’m following their blog and facebook page, I love the yellow gingham and yellow and white stripe, I’d like to get some to make tablecloths for my new deck furniture

  48. Didn’t read ALL comments so someone may have said this, but to anyone having trouble sewing with this stuff, a Teflon non-stick foot for your machine is KEY!! Makes all the difference in the world and only costs about $5 (on Amazon).

    ANYWAY, I think I’d like some Anna Maria Horner laminated cotton and maybe some gingham for a table cloth like yours! But really, it would be nearly impossible to choose!

  49. Liked them on Facebook (ooh, chevrons!! didn’t see that in the shop when I looked quickly, will have to add that to my favorites) They’ve been a favorite shop of mine at Etsy for years.

  50. I’ve never used oilcloth before and I’m not sure what I could make with it so I would love the book. I like the chalkcloth or the Riley Blake Forest Friends.

    reggity at sbcglobal dot net

  51. I love all the ginghams!

  52. If I win I’d pick the white with blue polka dots 😀

  53. I would get the black with white polka dots. I already have a project in mind!

  54. Like them on Facebook.

  55. wow – great!

    Chalk oilcloth! I want to make a quit book.
    And the blue forest print by Riley Blake.


  56. I love the Royal Blue Bloom, and the Yellow Hibiscus — both gorgeous, and sort of retro!

  57. I follow the blog

  58. And liked them on FB

  59. I am a new follower of the Oilcloth Addict’s blog!

  60. I like Oilcloth Addict on Facebook.

  61. I’m in love with Cherries on Aqua! It would look beautiful in my kitchen. Thanks for the chance to win.

  62. I followed Oilcloth Addict’s blog!

  63. wow! so many pretty ones! i’m kinda in love with the stripes – yellow and white or red and white, that’s the real question? =)

  64. I would get the Forest Hills Oilcloth. Even if I don’t win I’ll use that coupon code. thanks

  65. I do follow her blog.

  66. I like them on facebook.

  67. I Love the silver lace and the Black Lace patterns!

  68. I’m following their blog! :)

  69. I liked their FB page! :)

  70. I love the red lace, forever blue with the strawberries, and falling roses. Such great prints.

  71. I’ve been wanting to try sewing with oilcloth! My favorite is the Forever Blue print.

  72. I have never sewn with oilcloth but have been wanting to. I had a oilcloth tote I used for my knitting project bag and I used that bag into the ground. I love Roses on Aqua and the turquoise gingham. My daughter has also been begging me for chalkboard fabric too. Thanks for the code!

  73. I started following Oilcloth Addict’s blog. What fun!

    marybeezo (AT) aol (DOT) com

  74. I liked Oilcloth Addict on fb too!

    marybeezo (AT) aol (DOT) com

  75. I love the Forest Hills pattern!

  76. I love the Forest Hills pattern!

  77. I followed Oilcloth Addict’s Blog!

  78. I liked Oilcloth Addict on FB!
    My email is margaret_michel (at) yahoo (dot) come

  79. Barbara Sundberg says:

    Love them all; especially the mod florals…Thanks for sharing these.

  80. Love the chalk cloth, I can´`t find it in my country!

  81. I’d love the laminated cotton-Gypsy Cobalt and Charisma. Thanks for the chance to win!

  82. I signed up to follow their blog

  83. I love Kimono by Ty Pennington.

  84. Like the Green lattice and apples!

  85. Anonymous says:

    I liked her Facebook page! this is my first giveaway and oilcloth is a very nice discovery for me! Thanks

  86. I love the Amy Butler Charisma Midnight Laminated Cloth. I could also find many uses for the gingham prints as well as the Chalk Cloth. Thanks for the giveaway!

  87. I follow their blog.

  88. I “like” them on Facebook.

  89. I do not only liked it on facebook, I love it!! sophie.bik@home.nl

  90. I think I would love some of the Fresh Cut Graphic Mums in Turquoise by Heather Bailey from the shop. It would make lovely wash bags.

  91. I also signed up to follow their blog. Great giveaway!!

  92. I subscribed to her blog.

    rebekahricker (at) yahoo (dot) com

  93. I liked her on fb.

    rebekahricker (at) yahoo (dot) com

  94. I’m torn between Charisma and Treasure Box laminated cottons.

    rebekahricker (at) yahoo (dot) com

  95. So many cute ones! I really like all the polka dot ones and the Fox Trails on Cream. The black gingham would be really cute for a little girl’s rain hat or coat. ld_schlender(at) hotmail d0t com

  96. ahh I love everything, but I’m leaning towards the aqua with the red floral:) nila1920@live.com

  97. I’m a follower on her blog:)

  98. I “liked” her FB page :)

  99. I really like the brown gingham and the cotton navy tile.

  100. Liked them on facebook

  101. I have never sewn with oilcloth, but what better time to start! i love the Orange Lace.

  102. I follow Oilcoth Addicts blog!

  103. I Like Oilcoth Addicts on FB.

  104. I Like Oilcoth Addicts on FB.

  105. Love the Riley Blake forest friends (of course I do, I love Riley Blake!). Though if I got any I’d probably really get a gingham so my son doesn’t complain it’s too girly!

  106. follow the blog!
    downsspam (at) gmail (dot) com

  107. I love the apples!

  108. I have borrowed this book from the library twice now, and I would love to have it all for myself!!! 😉
    I would love to try out the laminated cotton, the Treasure box & Navy Tile strike my fancy. Thanks for the giveaway

  109. I “liked” Oilcloth Addicts on FB

  110. I now follow the blog on google reader.

  111. I love the Moorish Tile by Ty Pennington – super cute!!

  112. Never sewn with oilcloth, but my brain is already overflowing with ideas. I like the brown gingham and the red polka dots.

  113. I love the orange and silver lace! So cute!

  114. I now follow their blog.

  115. My baby boy is due in November so I love the laminated cotton prints – helicopters on blue, and trains on yellow. They would be so perfect for making things for him!

  116. I’m in LOVE with:
    Black Hibiscus
    Orange Lace
    Chalk Cloth
    Red Apple
    These would go so well with the timy picnic table I made and with the little red kitchenette!

  117. I liked the FB page!

  118. I love the blue and red stripe – “twist”

  119. Donna Baker says:

    too many cool ones to decide…I love them all!!!

  120. I love the chevron prints on her fb page. Drool!

  121. I liked them on fb. username Nora Mac. Thanks!

  122. I added the blog to my google reader. Cute apron in the magazine article, by the way.

  123. I’d want to try the chalkboard!

  124. One of the lace ones!

  125. Love the apple print! I also love anything cherry. So many great tips. I get so many positive comments when I take my oilcloth bags shopping. Would be waaaay cool to win. Thank you for the give-away and for posting such a neat blog.

  126. I love the Amber and Aqua Paisley!



  127. Hi!
    I’m now following OilCloth Addict’s blog. It’s a great one!


  128. Hi!
    …and now I’ve “liked” them on Facebook too.


  129. the cotton gray daisy is cute, as well as the cherries and apples.

  130. liked on facebook.

  131. I follow Oulcloth Addict on Facebook

  132. I just realized that she is the person I follow on Pinterest who always posts cool oilcloth projects. Now I know why! I love the shop. I’d get one of the lace prints, maybe the green.

  133. I like a pattern named Kimono!

  134. Love the forest hills laminates!

  135. I liked them on FB

  136. I followed their blog

  137. I’d have to get some of that chalk cloth! After that it’s hard to choose…maybe the red stripes, or thE white dots on green.

  138. I’d like a combo pack so that I could get a little variety. Would also want some chalkboard fabric (even though that isn’t a print). Thanks so much!

  139. Love Cherries on Aqua and Forever Blue. :)
    maryjowyse at yahoo dot com

  140. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing her site – it’s a treasure trove of oilcloth! I’ve hunted and hunted for oilcloth, obviously in the wrong places. I’d choose scattered roses, fallen roses or some of the ginghams. I hope I get the opportunity! :-)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    thrivingthrifter at gmail dot com

  141. Anonymous says:

    I’m now following her blog, though this may turn out to be a dangerous thing! 😉

    thrivingthrifter at gmail dot com

  142. Love the polka dots and heather bailey print.

  143. Polls dots for me! Melamom at Juno dot com

  144. Thew pretty pink strawberry caught my eye as did the ginghams, so hard to choose!

  145. I folllow their blog!

  146. Never sewn with oil cloth before so would love to win so I can try it out!! Have liked them on Facebook :) amycav at hotmail [dot] com

  147. I like them on facebook too!

  148. I have signed u for their newsletter – this is a great shop!! Fingers crossed for me!!! x

  149. Been over to their shop and I see loads of things I love – especially anything with dots. I like the fact that they sell FQ’s of it so if you have a project in mind that ‘patchworks’ these fabrics then you can buy smaller bits like FQ’s and have a more varied porject – great idea!!

  150. I would love to get some of the red lace oil cloth and some of the laminated cotton (to make aprons for my kids)! beetlepose@hotmail.com

  151. I am following on fb

  152. I am now following the blog

  153. Cool! I was just thinking that I’d love to get my hands on some oil cloth to recover my kitchen chairs – which is kind of a must with a sweet, messy 1 year old. Anyway, I loved the Fresh Cut Graphic Mums in Brown and the Green Lattice Honey Child print.

    Thanks for the chance!!

  154. And I liked them on FB.


  155. I’ve always been really fond of the fruit oilcloth, really classic vintage! I love the cherries on aqua, the strawberries, and also the lace prints. Oooo and the AMH Laminated Cottons! So cool!

  156. Hi Jess
    I “liked” oilclothaddict on facebook. Elaine

  157. I popped over to her to her etsy shop and fell in love with the cherries on white, the chalkboard fabric and the strawberries. Elaine

  158. I love the Silver Lace and Polka dot patterns!

    fabfamfive at gmail dot com

  159. And, I follow her blog, wahoo! She has wonderful stuff, love it! Elaine

  160. Lexlemke says:

    I love the lace in black, green or blue, and the forest hills pattern, and the cherries too. All so pretty!

  161. Lexlemke says:

    And I’m following her on facebook now too,

  162. I love the red lace, silver lace, and polka dot oilcloths, and too many of the laminated cottons!

  163. I liked them on FB!

  164. Liked Oilcloth Addict on Facebook!

  165. Followed Oilcloth Addict’s blog..I love her stuff!


  166. Iam now following the Oilcloth Addict Blog.

  167. I’ve been wanting some oil cloth to make a beach bag for our vacation this summer. I like some of the laminated cottons — particularly the striped ones!

  168. Absolutely love the Orange Lace oilcloth. Her fabrics are so bright & fun!


  169. I have “liked” Oilcloth Addict on face book. kmathe1@charter.net

  170. I started following their blog!


  171. That Cherries on Aqua is just too cute!

  172. I am now following her blog-thanks-looks like a great blog!

  173. I liked them on FB

  174. I like the Pretty Pink Paradise oilcloth. Great store and giveaway – thanks for the chance to win!

  175. Just joined their blog – thanks for the chance to win!!

  176. Joined their blog as well!

  177. I love the Daisy oilcloth as well as many other patterns. Oilcloth is so fabby!! Hard to find locally so I am grateful for a resource. Great!

  178. Love their David Butler Trade Blanket fabric in blue…..

  179. Like ’em on FB, too!

  180. I have subscribed io Oilcloth Addicts blog.

  181. I love the mums fabric…hello beautiful! Never ever did I know that oil cloth came in this many different patterns. Love it!!

  182. I “liked” Oilcloth Addict on Facebook.

  183. Fresh Cut Graphic Mums in Turquoise by Heather Bailey is great!

  184. I like them on FB.

  185. I liked her on Facebook

  186. Looked around the blog and then signed up to follow her…did you see those red high back stools with the seats….love love love them….never thought about using that on the seats, great idea!!!!

  187. Check out the store I would love to do a few things with the chalk cloth..that has to be fun..can see it on lunch bags with notes each day to the kids!! Loved the Black Hibiscus and the white on red dots ….love anything with red in it! What a fun way to add color to a room, a bag, the car a lunch and the ideas just go on and on :)

  188. I’m a sucker for vintage florals! There are so many vintage inspired floral oilcloth designs on their site! Oh my I am having such a hard time choosing only one!!!
    Thanks for the chance.

  189. I like the Forever Blue. I really like the strawberry.


  190. I’m thinking the chalkboard cloth and sigh…there’s too many to pick from!!! I like the black or brown lace oilcloth…very nice!

  191. I like the gingham prints- all the colors! Maybe the navy, or the kiwi, or the turquoise! Really fun.

  192. I subscribed to the Oilcloth Addict! Thanks for the giveaway!


  194. Anonymous says:

    I like their lace prints. Follow them on FB


  195. There are so many choices, but my favorite is forever blue.


  196. I liked them on fb.


  197. I love anything gingham or polka dots, so I would definitely choose either one of those.

  198. blue polkadot or delighted red floral. so fun!

  199. Oh! I love the aqua paisley and the forever blue!


  200. Ooo the red with white dots!
    jessicamoujouros @ gmail

  201. i follow their blog! thanks.

  202. call me crazy=i’m digging’ the faux bois! i really like that daisy too! great giveaway!

  203. I really like the lace oilcloth. Thanks for the giveaway! Sunshine-in-mylife@hotmail.com

  204. Gingham is my favourite thing…I would definitely choose gingham…red or pink!

  205. Yep, I’m following their blog … gosh they have some great stuff!!

  206. Liked on facebook too. Email: appliedrehab@gmail.com. I made a lunch bag with handles recently that I got from another blog … if you’re interested have a look at whatsmummyupto.blogspot.com.au.

  207. I love the red apples. Thanks for the giveaway.

  208. Sah-weet is right! I’d love to try the chalk oilcloth—-I’ve been so intimidated by all of it!

  209. I just finished my first oilcloth project (a toddler smock) and am hooked! Thank you for this post, and I am now following their blog too:)

  210. I just finished my first oilcloth project (a toddler smock) and am hooked! Thank you for this post, and I am now following their blog too:)

  211. I’ve wanted to try oilcloth but have always been too afraid!

    I’d love to try the kiwi green gingham!

    rosemc2 at juno dotcom

  212. I love the Treasure Box and the Greenhouse Apple Chevron…I’d love to make a raincoat for my little girl.

  213. liked them on FB pahl dot leela at gmail dot com

  214. I like Treasure Box by Amy Butler

  215. I follow their blog via google reader

  216. I love the red apples & the turquoise polka dots!
    Suzannelmatthews {at} yahoo {dot} com

  217. I love the red apples & the turquoise polka dots!
    Suzannelmatthews {at} yahoo {dot} com

  218. I love the red apples & the turquoise polka dots!
    Suzannelmatthews {at} yahoo {dot} com

  219. I love the red apples & the turquoise polka dots!
    Suzannelmatthews {at} yahoo {dot} com

  220. Fb liked!!

  221. Fb liked!!

  222. Fb liked!!

  223. Fb liked!!

  224. I like them on Facebook :) mariahquin@sbcglobal.net

  225. I like all the lace patterns but especially the orange one! mariahquin@sbcglobal.net

  226. I love the laminated cottons – I really want to make new placemats and I love these choices – wonderful!!!!!

    Thank you!

    sandyb720 at gmail dot com

  227. I am following them through GFC and email. Love their blog!!!

    Thank you

    sandyb720 at gmail dot com

  228. I liked them on facebook.

    Thank you

    sandyb720 at gmail dot com

  229. Oh, I love this giveaway! Can’t decide between the red lace, apples, cherries and red check. Anything thing red and white I love!

  230. I would choose the Forest Hills and green and red apples.

    I am now a follower of their blog and subscribing to their newsletter and have liked them on Face Book


  231. I was JUST thinking how much I’d love to have an oilcloth table cloth so my toddler won’t smear his yogurt on my wooden table and it get stuck in the cracks! haha! I’d love to use the silver lace for my tablecloth! So cute

  232. I added Oilcloth to my reader! Vanessa@DesignsBySessa.com

  233. Oilcloth has been liked on FB! yay!

  234. I want to cover our table like you did. I think I would use the chalk cloth so we could play on it and keep it clean.


  235. Love Treasure Box or Charisma – and the BOOK!!

  236. I love the forever blue. And the lace options. I would go for one or both of those. :)

  237. I am now following oilcloth addict’s blog. Yay! :)

  238. I like oilcloth addicts on facebook. :)

  239. I love their black and white polka dot oil cloth the best!

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  240. I Follow their blog via GFC

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  241. I “Like” them on Facebook

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  242. I love the Lou Lou thi fabric from Anna Marie Horner! Gorgeous!

  243. I love the Lou Lou thi fabric from Anna Marie Horner! Gorgeous!

  244. I love the strawberries with blue background. And the yellow hibiscus is also fantastic!

  245. I like Oilcloth Addict on Facebook

  246. I liked the page on facebook!

  247. I would use the white on aqua oil cloth for our campsite table cloth!

  248. This comment has been removed by the author.

  249. So many great choices! I love the Fresh Cut Mums in Brown and the Chalk Cloth:)

  250. So many fun designs but I am loving the polka dots.


  251. I now follow the blog:)

  252. I am now following on my google reader. Loved the photo of the oilcloth and chalk cloth banner Such a great idea!


  253. I am now following on facebook.


  254. And I Liked them on Facebook:)

  255. i love the Red Polka Dot print. thanks for the chance.

  256. I now follow her blog – thank you!


  257. I liked them on fb.

  258. I liked them on fb.

  259. I love the Pretty Pink Paradise Lace and the Lime Green Polka Dot.. heck, I love all the polka dots!

  260. Liked them on Facebook.

  261. Following their blog!

  262. The polka dots are my favs!

  263. The red gingham would rock in my kitchen… I love your tablecloth, may need one of these, to keep the yogurt out of the routered edges of our table! Thanks for the giveaway!

  264. I loved Calico by Riley Blake

  265. Liked them on FB

  266. Follow their blog

  267. I’m following their blog, can not wait to scroll through all of this fabric!

    wishinonastar831@ gamail.com

  268. Loved them on Facebook! hehe

    wishinonastar831@ gamail.com

  269. I love the chalk fabric, I think I am buying that no matter what, lol. The lime green polka dots as well, perfect for my granddaughters room and the apple print for my own kitchen! Too many to only pick one!

    wishinonastar831@ gamail.com

  270. Hmmm, maybe some of her polkadots, or the lace styles! I also like the chalkboard. :)

  271. I liked them on facebook! and trying to figure out what I would do first with some oilcloth….

  272. The kiwi gingham is just darling! So many cute things I could do with this.

    ebrothers @ inbox(.)com

  273. Following along with their blog via Google Reader

    ebrothers @ inbox(.)com

  274. I’ve liked them on FB. Looking forward to seeing new fun stuff in my newsfeed.

    ebrothers @ inbox(.)com

  275. I’m a sucker for polka dots, but I am loving those apples (especially the green ones). Of course, with #4 on the way and woodland creatures being our “theme” the Fox trails would make for some really cute bibs and possible high chair makeover.

    rozeq at yahoo dot com

  276. I LOVE oilcloth! Following their blog and facebook. tlbunker@hotmail.com

  277. I love anything with a vintage look! tlbunker@hotmail.com

  278. I really love the red apple oilcloth — I’m thinking it would be a perfect tablecloth. . . :)

  279. I love the cherries on aqua. ADORABLE.

  280. i follow on facebook

  281. i follow the blog via google reader

  282. So many awesome patterns… but I really love the lime green polka dot!

  283. LOVE the chalkboard fabric!

  284. Following their blg now

  285. Like them on fb :)

  286. I adore oilcloth! And your table cover! I really like the silver lace and the kiwi green gingham :)

  287. I like Oilcloth Addict on facebook!

  288. I like the Green Apple, and the Lime Green Polka Dot…I”m in a green phase! I also think the chalkboard fabric would be really fun!!

    bradenandbritt (at)gmail(dot)com

  289. I love the orange lace and the orange gingham! ashleycrouch(at)gmail(dot)com

  290. I liked them on FB.

  291. I liked them on facebook.


  292. I’m kinda torn between being good and getting something that vaguely matches my kitchen…Grey Daisy Cottage Floral …or something that I just love…Greenhouse Apple Chevron Citron.


  293. I have never worked with oilcloth before. Sounds interesting.
    I would choose Paris Peach
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  294. I love the apples and the cherry prints. eatkin85@yahoo.com

  295. I follow their blog privately. eatkin85@yahoo.com

  296. I like them on facebook eatkin85@yahoo.com

  297. I already follow both her blogs — lovely inspiration. My favorites are the blue gingham, but close behind are the blue doily and blue lattice. Hard to choose.

  298. Black Polka Dot Oilcloth & Solid Black Oilcloth

  299. I love the black and silver lace oilcloth.

  300. I follow their blog.

  301. I like them on FB.

  302. I just love any of the prints with cherries on them.


  303. I am following Oilcloth Addict.
    Thanks for the chance to win.


  304. I like Oilcloth Addict on FB.


  305. Laminated Cotton Navy Tile is very pretty. Would love to win 2 yds!

  306. I have always wanted to try oil cloth. I love the Green Lattice Honey Child print.

  307. I adore oilcloth! If this giveaway is open to international entrants, I would choose the ‘calico’ laminated cotton – haven’t tried sewing with that yet. Thank you :)

  308. Loving The David butler parson gray print…dreaming!

  309. Following their blog, loves!

  310. I love the Calico by Riley Blake laminated cotton, and am dying to make a tablecloth for my kiddos.


  311. I signed up for the blog. :)


  312. Facebook liker, too.


  313. Oooooooh!!! I have always wanted to try some oilcloth!!! I would pick one yard of cherries on aqua and one yard of red gingham! There is a lunch bag pattern I have been thinking about lately…

  314. Forest Hills has been a long-time favorite!

    I would love to make an oilcloth tablecloth for my deck table. The problem is that we have an umbrella over it and I haven’t been able to figure out how to accommodate the hole that would be needed in the middle of the tablecloth without having to pull the umbrella off every time we take the cloth off or put it on. Do you have any ideas? Thanks!

  315. Added their blog to my RSS reader.

  316. “Like” them on FB

  317. I love Cherries on Aqua! Great Giveaway!
    Evin5 at aol dot com

  318. I follow their blog!
    Evin5 at aol dot com

  319. Love the Yellow Hibisicus! So pretty. Thanks

  320. I “Liked” them

  321. Also following their blog. Thanks!

  322. I’ve always wanted to try sewing with oilcloth. I love the yellow hibiscus print.

  323. There are so many fun choices! I like the orange lace, the Amy Butler, and the Riley Blake.

  324. I followed her blog:)

  325. I “liked” them on FB.

  326. I now follow their blog.

  327. I follow them on fb:)

  328. I’ve been wanting to make reusable snack bags for a while – what a perfect chance! I have a 10 year old boy so I’d probably get some of the gingham and we are about to adopt a 4 year old…maybe I could get away with some of the cuter apples and cherries;) I’ve liked on FB, followed their blog and can’t wait to try sewing something new! Thanks for the chance to win!

  329. I checked out her shop and would love to get the orange lace or daisy oilcloth to make a bicycle seat cover and basket lining:-). Following her blog now as well, cool!

  330. I love the Roses on Aqua… I’ll have to try making the lunch bag they like fun…

  331. I am now following their blog…

  332. Liked them on facebook 😉

  333. I would pick the orange lace. Although I would love to try any of the laminated cottons as well.

  334. I now subscribe to their blog.

  335. Wow! Who knew there were so many awesome colors. I really like Laminated Cotton Greenhouse Apple Chevron Citron Yardage.

  336. I follow their blog

  337. I like them on facebook too.

  338. I liked them on facebook.
    Thanks again,

  339. Anonymous says:

    What a unique idea! I love the dots coordinated with the florals. As well I loved the ideas: aprons, table covers to protect tables from artistic children, book covers. I remember those book covers we made for textbooks in high school (back in the dark ages) which wore out in no time.

    I love creative different ideas like these.

  340. I have wanted some oil cloth for awhile now but haven’t made the leap yet. This giveaway would be perfect! I LOVE the green lattice honey child by Sis Boom. Thank you for the opportunity!

  341. I like Oilcloth Addict on Facebook.


  342. I never used oilcloth in my sewing before, want to try :)

    I like all flower prints and gingham!

  343. Now I’m follower of Oilcloth Addict blog:) thanks for link, tons of useful info!

  344. I liked Oilcloth Addict on Facebook

  345. I love the Laminated Cotton Yardage — Moorish Tile by Ty Pennington. So pretty!

  346. Hi! I had no idea this website existed for oilcloth!!! :) I would choose Red Gingham and Roses on Aqua.

  347. I am no following their blog under the name Mamma Wall. :)

  348. I liked their page on FB. :)

    jwallace9 at gmail dot com

  349. I love the turquoise and orange gingham prints!

  350. I follow their blog via GFC.

  351. I follow them on Facebook.

  352. I would choose the Orange Lace Oilcloth or any of the Gingham colors….


  353. I love the laminated Cotton in Blue Paisley Nelly Honey Child by Sis Boomwould. Thanks for the chance.

  354. I am a new follower of the Oilcloth Addict.

  355. Elise T says:

    I liked Oilcloth Addict on Facebook. My email is toyer.elise(at)gmail.com

  356. Elise T says:

    Following Oilcloth Addict blog. toyer.elise(at)gmail.com

  357. Elise T says:

    I like the silver or orange lace, and the apples. My email is toyer.elise(at)gmail.com

  358. Anonymous says:

    i like on fb!

  359. Anonymous says:

    i follow their blog.

  360. I would love some of amy butler laminated cotton

  361. Anonymous says:

    i love chalkcloth!

  362. alyssa p says:

    There are so many choices! I like the navy tile and the yellow and white stripes.
    alyssabpittman at gmail dot com

  363. I love the chalk cloth. I could do so many things with it! jennahabs(at)hotmail(dot)com

  364. I liked them on facebook.

  365. I follow their blog. Thanks for the giveaway!

  366. i think i would go polka dots…or chevron? did i see that? i’m gonna go look again.

  367. Oh yeah! Gingham is what I’m obsessed with right now! I would probably like red or “pool” colors as that is my color scheme in my newly remodeled sewing room.

  368. I follow Oilcloth Addict’s blog!

  369. I Love the oilclothaddict blog and am a subscriber!

  370. I like Oilcloth Addict on Facebook too!

  371. Can’t believe I hadn’t “liked” them on facebook yet! Done!

  372. I love the fruity and hibiscus oilcloth!

  373. Sorry (this one doesn’t count as entry…) email address for me is

  374. I like the lace series, probably in orange

  375. I follow their blog!

  376. I like on FB!

  377. Oh, goodness…I love oilcloth. I have a few yards of AMH laminated cotton somewhere in one of my packed boxes, waiting to be made into booster seats for my kids. I should probably dig that out…

    Anyway – if I won I think I might like the Fresh Cut Graphic Mums laminated cotton. Thanks for the chance! xo

  378. And I am following the blog…

  379. …and I like them on Facebook. Wonderful, wonderful stuff… xo meg(at)bflomama(dot)com

  380. I love the lace patterns just can’t decide which color I like the best. nlczerw(at)gmail(dot)com

  381. I’ve started following the blog, thanks for the chance to win.

  382. Loving the yellow and white stripes

    courtney at lifetab dot com

  383. Following their blog!

    courtney at lifetab dot com

  384. I LOVE the Fresh Cut Graphic Mums in Brown! The Fox Trails on Cream is also adorable.

  385. Anonymous says:

    I liked them on FB!

    Heather L.

    breezy178 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  386. Anonymous says:

    Following their blog.


    breezy178 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  387. Anonymous says:

    I looked around their site and I LOVE the apples print! It would make an adorable rain poncho for my future Kindergartener:)

    Heather L.

    breezy178 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  388. So pretty! I liked them of FB!

  389. And I am officially a follower of their blog! (and yours too now!)

  390. Forever blue and Roses on Aqua would make great table cloths, they are on my wish list now!I really love the green one you used but I don’t see it in stock at the moment. Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  391. It’s soooo hard to choose! I do really like the Laminated Cotton Fresh Cut Graphic Mums in Brown by Heather Bailey

  392. I like them on FB

  393. I follow their blog via Google reader.

  394. i love oilcloth!! ive always wanted to make a nice project using a funky print :)
    i love Yellow Hibisicus and also green lace…..

  395. I like Blue Forrest Friends Riley Blake print.


  396. i now follow their blog!

  397. I follow the blog!

  398. I liked on facebook

  399. Okay, so I’m pretty much in love with the Fresh Cut Graphic Mums in Turquoise…so pretty! Thanks for a great giveaway!!!

  400. I’m a follower!! :)

  401. I liked them on facebook, too! :)

  402. Like them on facebook.

  403. Following Oil Cloth Addict blog.

  404. I would love to have the roses oilcloth and red polka dots! thanks:)

  405. I “‘iked” oilcloth addict!

  406. I am following Oilcloth Addict! owlbfeeding@gmail dot com

  407. I LOVE the Dasy oilcloth and the aqua and white polka dots. Please pick me! owlbfeeding@gmail dot com

  408. I now follow their blog.

  409. I like the pink strawberry oilcloth. yummy!

  410. I liked them on fb.

  411. how oh how do you choose? Paris Peach? Cherries on aqua? Any of the multitude of polka dots?


  412. followed their blog. :)

  413. and liked them on FB


  414. Liked them on fb, about to go check out their site! tjones.howard@gmail.com

  415. Liked them on fb!

  416. I like the Silver Lace!

  417. I now follow their blog! Fun!

  418. I like them on FB!

  419. My goodness, there are too many cute prints to choose from. I’m especially enamored with their chalk cloth and designer prints. The Amy Butler, Heather Bailey and Riley Blake fabrics are amazing.

  420. Just “liked” them on Facebook!

  421. I followed them by adding their blog to my Google Reader. Thanks!

  422. liked them on facebook! jc_climber7@yahoo.com

  423. I would love the yellow and white stripes or anything gingam!

  424. I’d love to get the green and red apple prints! Very cute! Thanks for a chance to win! :)

  425. I now follow their blog via gfc! :)
    bcgeates at netbistro dot com

  426. I already follow/like them on fb! :)
    bcgeates at netbistro dot com

  427. I follow her blog!

  428. I like them on FB! 😉

  429. I’d most likely pick a lace one! (not sure why this comment didn’t work the first time)

  430. Hi Jess, I have been folowing your blog for a couple months now but this is my first comment I have left. I also have two little girls, almost 4 and 18months. :) Congrats on your newest addition too! I love this Oilcloth, I am already planning so many things I can make with it! I am going to use that coupon code too!I would love the black with white polka dots and the graphic mums in turquoise. Thanks!

  431. I now follow her blog and I added to my favorites on Etsy. Left my etsy shop to contact me instead of my email if you choose me. Thanks! :) http://www.etsy.com/shop/MommysCraftCorner

  432. Awesome shop! I’d love to have some of the gingham, or striped oilcloth to make some kids art smocks!!

  433. I liked Oilcloth Addict on FB!

  434. Following their blog!!

  435. That chalkboard cloth, no contest! My kiddo would love drawing on it! snowanglp @ hotmail.com

  436. i like oilcloth fabrics on FB. Thanks for the chance to win.

  437. I think that chalkboard cloth is fantastic!

  438. I LOVE oilcloth! I have recently purchased some to play with, and I now have a list of projects for it. I love the chevron patterns, and anything girly for my 3 princesses!

  439. Anonymous says:

    I would pick either the orange or red lace oilcloth fabric. I have a stool that I have been waning to recover and Ithink this would do it:)
    Ruth erleman89@yahoo.com

  440. Anonymous says:

    I am now a follwer of oilcloth addict. Ruth- erleman89@yahoo.com

  441. Cherries on aqua for sure! Thanks for the chance. 😉

  442. I love the Laminated Cotton Fabric Amber and Aqua Paisley so pretty! I think I’d also do the table cover, looks great!


  443. Followed their blog!

  444. And I liked their FB page.

  445. I followed her blog! Thanks!

  446. I “liked” the Facebook page!

  447. I visited the shop! Crazy for the chalk cloth! Already have a couple ideas for neat projects! Thanks for sharing this!

  448. i have never used oilcloth! I love the lime green polka dot!

  449. I am following the Oilcloth Addict blog!

  450. Love the laminated Fresh Cut prints, I’d make a bagand some baby bibs
    ljridge4511 (at) gmail (dot) com

  451. Anonymous says:

    Cherries on white please!

  452. Anonymous says:

    I follow them on fb now:)

  453. I follow their blog too!

  454. So many to choose from! I really like the amber & aqua paisley, blue forest friends, royal blue bloom, and the chalk cloth.

  455. I liked on facebook!

  456. …and I followed the blog.


  457. I like in Facebook: Gloria Washington

  458. i love roses oilcloth


  459. i follow blog


    thank you.

  460. Hi, my Pc is so slow… Yeahh, I did it before 12 pm. My favourite is cherries on water. karin.heimbach@gmx.de

  461. Meredith says:

    I would love the Oilcloth Yardage in Royal Blue Bloom! It’s beautiful. meredith414@gmail.com

  462. Polka dots! Either the black or the red with white polka dots. <3


    We are interpreting Historic Houses for our mueum and see an oilcloth patern on your website that might be “just the one” for our historic table coverings..

    Thank you

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