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I know, I know! It’s been forever since I did an outfit post…being pregnant sure put a halt to that. 😉 Never fear-I’m ba-ack! (and with a bump) It’s been exhausting so far (the pregnancy, not getting dressed, although some days….), so you may get more of the iphone variety pics in the mirror like you see farther down. Please forgive me. 😉 I’ll do my best to document the really cute ones with my better camera. For posterity and everything. ya know.

Starting to pop! Don’t remember how many weeks…

Top: Target-$8
Cardi: shop in Provo…don’t remember the name-$20
Jeans: Ross-$11
Sandals: Walmart-$10
Necklace: Forever 21-$10

Total: $59

Top: Ross-$5
Undershirt: Downeast-$10
Shorts (maternity): Ross-$10
Shoes: Target-$20
Necklace: Charlotte Russe-$5

Total: $50

Weird face. Bump alert! I think I was 16 weeks here. I showed so fast this time!

Skirt: thrift-$2
Top: Downeast-$10
Cardi: thrift-$4
Shoes: Payless-$20
Belt: Kohls-$3
Earrings: made by me-$2

Total: $41

Again…Rory just brings the weirdness out in me, I guess. We’re so meant to be.

Cue the iphone pics!

Tank: Old Navy maternity-$10
Cardi: Target-$15
Necklace: made by me (still haven’t blogged)-$?
I’m assuming I was wearing pants: $10

Total: $35

Top: shop in Provo-$15
Cardi: same shop…oh I remember! Cozy-$20
Ditto about the pants: $10
Ring: Vintage, Etsy-$9
Earrings: no clue-super old!

Total: $54

watch out I may belly slam you.

Top: thrift-$3
Cardi: thrift-$3
Maternity shorts: Ross-$10
Belt: Cozy-$15
Necklace: vintage, Etsy-$6

Total: $37

And now for the girls! Cause they’re cutie pies. Indulge me.

On Sadie:
top: walmart
Skirt: made by me (not blogged yet)
Shoes: Target

On Charlotte:
Top: made by me
Jeggings: walmart
Shoes: thrift
Bow: made by me

On Sadie:
top and shorts: hand me downs
flips: Old Navy
Clippie: made by me
Bracelet: who knows…

On Charlotte:
Top: made by me
Capris: thrift
Shoes: thrift

Miss Sassy C

Top: walmart
Leggings: Target
Clippie: made by me

On Surprised Sadie

Top: made by me
Leggings: Walmart
Skirt: thrift
Raincoat: thrift (by my BFF-isn’t she great?)
Gloves: walmart
Sandals: Payless


  1. You are adorable and so are your girls! Love the surprised Sadie picture! Also, I totally forgot about Cozy in Provo. I never made it there but I’m pretty sure some of the cool gifts from my sister came from there (way back when)!

  2. I just stumbled across your blog and I just have to tell you that I LOVE it! It’s fantastic, you create the most wonderful things! What’s more, thank you sooo much for your tutorials. I’ve been looking everywhere to find good tutorials for sewing skirts and dresses etc for my little girl and I finally found exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’m going to have a field day trying them all out now :)

  3. oh goodness – I love that you put the girls in there – so cute!!!

    And you are looking FABULOUS Jess! Seriously, you look great! So excited for you!

  4. You girls look so great, we all were waiting for pictures of you with your belly, and i have to tell you, you look so adorable and sweet, take care and now we only have to wait to know what kind of pea is in the pod!!!

  5. jess you are so cute!!! and i love that you and your hubby are best friends. you guys are so happy. :)

  6. Anonymous says:

    Lovely! Many blessings!

  7. Oh my goodness…you have a little belly! It is too cute and I would totally inappropriately rub it if I were near you (fortunately for you, I’m no where near you:)
    Oh and I love that last pic of Sadie. What a cutie!

  8. I want your coral cardi, it is so cute! And you found it by thrifting? AWESOME!

  9. Cute! I love the red dress with black sweater especially.

    Congratulations! Babies are such special blessings. I pray you have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

  10. Hahaha, you totally crack me up. And you’re adorable. And that last photo of Sadie is one of my favorite all-time photos I think. :)

  11. congratulations on your pregnancy, for this beautiful family you have and especially that you have tremendous talent for sewing. It’s beautiful.

    my English is not good, my ability to sew either, but I try.
    Greetings from Spain

  12. Love the surprised Sadie face and outfit! Gloves and sandals! LOL

    BTW I recall you saying something once about astray you have for thriftier shoes…….more info?

  13. You look so cute pregnant! I’m so happy and excited for you.

  14. I am such a fan of your blog! And of these outfit a day posts. I know it’s been a little while since you’ve posted about these, but you have some Ross $12 jeans that I love and am wanting to try to track down. Could you tell me the brand? My closet would be forever grateful. Thanks for your inspiration to {try} to change out of my lounge pants every day! :)

    lily79 {at} gmail {dot} com

  15. Oh, and congratulations on your pregnancy! We have daughters the exact same ages. I guess I’d better get on the ball. 😉

  16. CUTE BELLY!! You look fantastic!!

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