KCWC-lime green trees

I’m up to my eyeballs in party prep for Miss C’s cowgirl party this weekend-cannot wait for this party to come together!

Oh boy-this is such a tardy post! I made this for Kids Clothes Week back in April! Somehow forgot to post it, so here it is!

Made this just like the other top, and the skirt is just a half yard of fabric with a simple elastic casing on top. Literally takes about 20-30 minutes tops to make this kind of skirt…they’re great for when you need to have feelings of productiveness.

The skirt fabric is from the Birch Circa 60 fabric line-I love the tiny trees!

This is one of her favorite skirts-but she won’t touch the green top. (what’s wrong with lime green?) Any takers? lol.



  2. lovely colors! I love that kind of comfortable skirts! kisses

  3. I love the top! I’d wear it, but it might be a tad too small 😉

  4. My Charlotte is in lime green a lot. E could give that a great home:)….love that tree print too!

  5. My Charlotte is in lime green a lot. E could give that a great home:)….love that tree print too!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Love the outfit!! So funny she doesn’t want to wear the green shirt. My daughter is almost 2 and a half and getting dressed is the morning can be quite interesting. She is on this kick that she tells me what color she wants. Seems like a simple request but when she says green 5 days in a row and there are no more clean green shirts it becomes difficult, hehehe. Just bought a few new green shirts from old navy. She would love your lime green shirt!

  7. Cute–I love the shape of the shirt!

  8. I’ll take the green top….do you think it’ll fit me? :)

  9. I love both of these! Especially the lime green top! Amazing! M x

  10. I love that color on my three year old! She’s not picky about color as long as it matches something else she’s wearing. I’m introducing the concepts of “neutral” and “coordinates” to her!

  11. Aww, this is super cute!! Love that tree fabric and the top is so fun too!

  12. So cute! I just love the fabrics together. Don’t you love when they refuse to wear something you made for them?

  13. That lime green shirt is adorable! My little one would love it :) She’s a big green fan!

  14. Love the tree skirt. I’d totally take the green top ;).

  15. oooo that little green top is so cute! i love that design, very “french girl.” and the skirt is fantastic too!!

  16. Love the lime green! If only my girls were just a little bit smaller.

  17. I love this outfit!

  18. That is just the most perfect little outfit – I can’t believe she will not wear the top!!! Isn’t that always the way!

  19. Adorable! I wish I was small…I’d wear that top!!

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