Surveys by Sadie

Hey people who read our mommy’s blog!
Charlotte and I are wondering if you wouldn’t mind doing a quick survey for my mom? She just wants to know your opinions on a few things related to the blog. Wow I didn’t know I knew some of those words! hahahehehe. …*momentarily distracted by my Little Pony*
Ok anyways…thanks for helping my mom out. She’s pretty cool even if she does put me in time out for the silliest reasons and sometimes doesn’t let me have fruit snacks.
 Now I’m off to tackle Charlotte and hug her way too tightly!
***Thanks for your feedback everyone! Unfortunately, Survey Monkey is ridiculous and only lets me see the first 100 responses since so many of you were nice enough to fill it out! So dumb, but oh well. Thanks again though!***


  1. Who could resist such cuties? :) Survey complete.

  2. Your blog is my favorite blog. I have twins about the same age as Charlotte. one girl and one boy. If we lived closer I think we would be friends. Continue doing what you love.

  3. Bwahaha! Love this post (almost as much as my girls love My Little Ponies). Off to survey!

  4. Done! My favorite Blog yet! Keep up the good work, I don’t know how you do it all!

  5. Oh, fruit snacks. Sadie and Olivia would get along so well. :)

  6. So so cute! How can you resist their request??

  7. I love your blog, every day I see it to check the news. I just wanted to do the same clothes for my daughters. Thanks

  8. Great job with your name, Sadie. :)

  9. Cute! did your survey :)

  10. Just did the survey…I love your little girl’s signature!

  11. Done! Hope the answers were helpful! And just to add — I’m 27 and live in So Cal!

  12. Sadie, I would be delighted to do your Mom’s survey. This is my all time favourite blog (who could resist two darling little girls with an uber talented Mommy). Keep tackling that little sister, that’s what they’re here for!

  13. Hi Jess:

    Completed the survey already.. You have a wonderful blog. Keep up the good work. Love to Sadie and Charlotte :)


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