Super Sadie!

 So after we went to the Superhero party last week Sadie has been having me tie blankets around her neck for capes-and since I’m always willing to sew something up for my girls, I whipped this cape up during nap time the other day!

 It’s nothing ground-breaking, I’m sure you guys have seen these all over the place or have made a few yourself, but I thought I was years away from making one, lol! I used this post as a reference for my shape-but it’s really basically a really big bib.

I added a little S applique on the back-for Superhero, and Sadie!


  1. That’s awesome…. I think my daughter would love a pink cape too xxx

  2. Very sweet, I can see how much she loves it.

  3. SuperSweet!

  4. How cute!

  5. Awesome, what a Superhero Mom Sadie has :)
    Katie x

  6. Adorable! Did you free hand that “S”? The colors and pattern are perfect, what a great cape.

  7. We LOVE capes over here. My son has 2, and my daughter has recently scaled back to 1 again. My mom used to make them for my friends and I, they are a prefect birthday gift too, since most people can’t sew and the ones you can buy are cheap and fall apart fast.

  8. Go Super Sadie! Go!

  9. what a darling idea. My little one has been watching “super grover” on Sesame street and I think would enjoy a cape of her own- I never would have thought of making one for her without your inspiration!

  10. I love the fabrics you used. So fun! My little girls name is Sophie and she loves to be Super Sophie!!! I really need to make her a cape just like this. 😉

  11. She’s so cute! I love how you describe it like a giant bib. :)

  12. Great job! And it looks like she loves it!

  13. Thanks for the inspiration – came at just the right time to make a present for a little boy turning 5. Loving your blog.

    Blogged here

    Janet x

  14. ps. Ended up making three – my older two girls wanted their own when they saw the one I was making to give away! :)

  15. very cute! I’ve actually used the back of old shirts from my husband (he wears suits every day and comes home with ripped elbows about once a quarter) – the size fits my little ones (5 and under) perfectly and is a great way to use old shirt material:)

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