Sadie’s Easter dress

I had other plans for the girls Easter dresses, but once I stumbled across this gorgeous vintage sheet at the thrift store last week, I knew it would be perfect for their Easter dresses!

Plus I knew I wouldn’t run out of fabric…sheets are never ending sources of fabric, it seems.

I made it by using a scoop of my Rachel wrap shirt tutorial mixed with a dash of the Ric Rac dress tutorial, plus a teaspoon of the Shabby Apple knock off dress. I can put them together for you if you want, for a little tute. Any takers?

I also added a little tie around the middle. Now that I’m looking at these pics, the fabric is a bit busy-oh well…Sadie still loves it. At least, she’d better.

Next up: a dress for little C!

Oh did you notice? She got them on the right feet!


  1. I think this is gorgeous Jess! And not too busy at all. Completely sweet. And yes, I’m a taker for a how-to please! Love it!

  2. Ooh!! So lovely. I didn’t think it was busy before you said it.

  3. How adorable! I love the colors and the style! Very very very sweet! You did a beautiful job!

  4. i think this dress is so girly and sweet!! i wouldn’t change the fabric, it is really nice just the way it is…. it makes me wonder who wouldn’t want to see a tutorial for this? i certanly want!!

  5. You totally amaze me …. you find this vintage sheet and can visualize (and make) such a gorgeous dress from it! You’re one smart cookie. 😉

  6. LOVE these dresses…and the vintage sheet is so darling!!!

  7. LOVE these dresses…and the vintage sheet is so darling!!!

  8. LOVE these dresses…and the vintage sheet is so darling!!!

  9. LOVE these dresses…and the vintage sheet is so darling!!!

  10. That is so adorable!!! Love that you used a vintage sheet, they had the sweetest fabric back then!

  11. Super cute! Now tell me what I should do for Rayne! haha!

  12. Absolutely ADORABLE! I just love your site! I’ve been following for several months now after getting back into sewing. I’d love a tutorial for this dress :) Thank you for all the awesome patterns and tutorials you have available! You rock!

  13. Cute dress, Jess!! Sadie sure looks like she loves it. Sewing with vintage sheets is the best, because they don’t wrinkle! Always a plus. Love the colors too – very Eastery.

  14. Beautiful!! I love your description of how you created it – I would love to see a how-to post. She looks great in it and I don’t think the fabric is too busy either – perfect for Easter.

  15. You are too clever! You are so creative and have the cutest models at your fingertips! I’m so inspired by your blog and am even going to try out some quilting! I have always been put off in the past, but seeing your beautiful creations and finding a fab book -I’m gonna jump in feet first!
    Now the fun starts sourcing fabrics :)
    Enjoy your day…..Katie x

  16. Tute please! Its such a cute dress. I’d love to add it to my growing pile of things to sew for my kiddo.

  17. Yes on the Tute! What a cute dress! I have the perfect fabric just waiting to be made for my little one :)

  18. Super adorable an surely not too busy!! When I take my 3 year old daughter to the fabric store, she always picks out the brightest, busiest (ugliest) things she can find. I think, at that age, they just love colors!,!

  19. As soon as I saw it I thought ‘vintage sheet’! I love it!

  20. Hi Jess! I just discovered your blog today and I love it!! You have beautiful little girls, and are amazingly talented!! I’m teaching myself to sew, so it’s an inspiration to see all the beautiful things you’ve made. I look forward to reading more!

  21. SO CUTE! And yes, please add a tutorial!

  22. Easter dresses are supposed to be flowerly, aren’t they? IT is darling…I love a how to, your tutorials are so easy to follow!

  23. Yes pretty pretty please on the tutorial. It is simply divine!

  24. my little C just outgrew her very favorite dress—it had a cirle skirt. This tute would be the perfect place to fashion a new fav from!

  25. Not at all busy, just simply gorgeous. I would even wear it myself, love a twirly skirt!

  26. That is a beautiful Easter dress! I’ve always thought they should be ridiculously busy and floral-y. Sadie and Charlotte will love them!

  27. That dress is springy and so cute!! I love looking through the sheets at the thrift stores. In fact, I sort of hoard them….

  28. How cute! I remember having sheets just like this! Exact same pattern. Years ago you could get these by saving your S & H Green stamps from the grocery store and turning in books of them to get free items. Thanks for the memories! Wish I still had one of these to make a dress like this for my grand daughter.

  29. Beautiful! I’d love a tute. I have pillowcases in the same exact print–only blue. Calling them vintage makes me feel old since I grew up with them in my house. LOL :)

  30. Sadie looks adorable. You did a fantastic job.

  31. Love, love, love the dress!!!
    Would love, love, love a tutorial!
    Would love, love, love to make it!
    Love, love, love your blog!!!!

  32. HA! I saw Charlotte’s dress 1st & I said, “that looks like a sheet, but I bet it isn’t.” Then I come here & I was right! Trust your instincts, I guess. 😉 Too too cute! I love the “busy-ness” of it – lots to look at!

  33. Anonymous says:

    I look forward to seeing the tutorial. That is the cutest dress.

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