Saressa Designs giveaway!

***This giveaway is now closed. See the winner below!***

Hey everyone! I’ve got a great giveaway for you today, from Saressa Designs-she makes some adorable wire wrapped jewelry, plus other classy designs. You saw a few of her necklaces in my post yesterday, and here’s your chance to get your hands on something of your own from her shop!

Here are a few of my favorites right now!

So, onto the giveaway details! She is giving away a $25 store credit to one lucky winner! 
To enter:

Visit the shop and do some perusing, then let me know a few of your favorite items in a comment on this post.

Additional entry:

Like the Saressa Designs Facebook page, and let me know in a comment on this post.

Please leave an email address with at least one of your comments!

I’ll choose a winner Sunday evening, the 26th. Good luck!

The winner is…..Nique!


  1. Oh wow… the Moss Aquamarine Necklace ( perfectly matches my wedding ring (

    I love it, and pinned it, thanks for the tip!

    Love from the Netherlands,

  2. Oh, and you needed my email adress didn’t you? That is marijkekoster[at]gmail[dot]com

  3. How do you choose they are all so beautiful! I love the aquamarine necklaces though.

  4. Love those Citrine Earrings, the peach moonstone earrings…so many beautiful ones!
    The Lapis Lazuli necklace is beautiful too!

  5. I liked Saressa on FB!
    lesleu [at]me[dot]com

  6. The Pink Topaz Necklace is pretty and the tiny heart earrings are really cute. Lots of cute stuff!

  7. Beauty!!!

  8. I’m a massive fan of anything green so the topaz, citrine and green onyx are all incredible! Also, the designs with keys and leaves are enchanting!

  9. Oh and email is g.rosser87[at]

  10. I love the aquamarine one, but would get a heart stamped with for Rosie, my sweet girl.

    By the way, I also adore the lovebird tunic you designed and I’m about to make three of them. Love your blog!

  11. i like the smoky quartz necklace and the long drop mint green sterling silver earrings. ah dream.

  12. i liked the saressa designs Facebook page too.

  13. Oh, this is so inspiring! I love all those wire wrapped earrings and pendants, but my true favorite is the apple locket :-). I love it! Thanks for the give away! (aureliewelcomme(at)hotmail(d0t)com)

  14. Love those teal stone earrings!

  15. The skeleton key necklace… or the key charm necklace…. I have a thing for keys =)

  16. I like the Kyanite necklace – charm style, but it’s all really pretty!

  17. {LOVE} them all!!! have to pick Moss Aquamarine Necklace – Green Gemstone Brass Teardrop Wire Wrapped Necklace In Rose Gold, March Birthstone as my fave! Thanks

  18. How do I even choose? I do like that looking glass necklace a lot, and her earrings make me wish my ears weren’t gauged. Also it’s awesome that she is from Portland!

  19. The Smoky Quartz Necklace is so awesome!

  20. I like Saressa Designs on FB!

  21. I LOVE the moss aquamarine necklace, teal quartz necklace, and Prasiolite necklace. All so pretty!

    KendraKat82 at hotmail dot com

  22. Earrings tend to attract me more than anything else- anything in bright silver. I especially like the peach topaz and the teal quartz.

  23. Liked Saressa Designs on Facebook!

    Thanks for this great giveaway!

    KendraKat82 at hotmail dot com

  24. It’s hard to choose – something with aquamarine though would be fun!

  25. Ooh! I love the gold and green necklace and the peridot earings :)

  26. I love anything in that olive green color scheme.

    anielachapelle (at) hotmail (dot) com

  27. I also liked on FB.

    anielachapelle (at) hotmail (dot) com

  28. Definitely the mini copper heart earrings!….or the antiqued brass bird charm necklace. They’re both pretty cute.

  29. Dang.


  30. I love the owl necklace and the moss aquamarine necklace! It is all so beautiful!

  31. I like the Amethyst earrings and the Lapis Lazuli earrings.
    reggity at sbcglobal dot net

  32. I liked Saressa Designs on Facebook too!

  33. Also liked the page on facebook :) Thanks!!

  34. I love the Mixed Metal Earrings In Sterling Silver and Rose Gold Two Tone Teardrop Earrings

  35. I like Saressa Designs on FB

  36. these are gorgeous!! I’m dying over that orange beaded necklace, it must be mine!

  37. The peridot necklaces are beautiful, love that green!!!

  38. I love the leaf earrings!

  39. I really like the rose gold hoops…i’ve really been pulled toward rose gold lately for some reason…but don’t have any…

  40. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tiny heart earrings in copper…they’re going in my favorites on etsy!

  41. I like the leaf earings best. Thanks for the giveaway.

  42. I like the aquamarine necklace!

  43. I like the Saressa Designs Facebook page!


  44. I love the Peridot Silver necklace! So pretty!

  45. Love the jewlery! My favorite was definitely the tiny heart earrings! I loved them!

  46. I love the quartz hoop earrings!


  47. Oooh, I really love the moonstone earrings. They make me wish I was born in June.

    My email address is connected to the post. Thanks for the giveaway!

  48. Wow, everything in the shop is gorgeous! Some of my favs are the Pyrite Necklace, and the silver leaf earrings!

  49. I love all of the earrings but especially the blue gemstone!

    frogribbit44 AT gmail DOT com
    Melissa K

  50. I don’t have to visit the shop, I want that red necklace in your post!
    sfdvt AT yahoo DOT com

  51. I would love a necklace with three handstamped charms – one for each of my kids – and maybe something sparkly too!

    hillary (at) redballoonpr (d0t) com

  52. Liked on FB!

    hillary (at) redballoonpr (d0t) com

  53. I Like Saressa Designs on Facebook. Thanks for the great giveaway!
    paskettc at gmail dot com

  54. I love the Peridot Silver Necklace! Thanks for the chance to win.
    paskettc at gmail dot com

  55. marla pearce says:

    fun stuff – and love the locket necklaces the best! add a monogram and I’d be a happy lady!
    marla pearce – calgary canada!

  56. I love the key charm necklace! So pretty!

  57. Love the kyanite hoop earrings and the gold leaf earrings!

  58. I love the Sterling silver necklace with the string of garnets. Gorgeous!

  59. I love the Topaz Sapphire Necklace In Sterling Silver. But honestly most of her things are completely beautiful!

    To get an additional entry do I have to leave a second comment? Because I’ve already like the facebook page.

  60. I absolutely love the Gray Botswana Agate earrings with sterling silver wire wrapping. They are gorgeous!!

  61. I like the green gemstone necklace

  62. I love the heart locket with lavender! They are all so cute!

  63. I liked them on facebook..

    elizabethrene at gmail

  64. I love that Lava Turquoise Bib Necklace! So stunning!

  65. I liked Saressa on Facebook.

  66. I like Saressa Designs on FB.

  67. I love the Fluorite Earrings In Gold!
    LauraL444 at yahoo dot com

  68. LOVE the topaz necklace – fuzzy navel, blue quartz necklace – lakeside necklace, citrine necklace – Sangria necklace… so much to LOVE.

  69. Love the Silver Leaf Earrings…so simple and pretty! My favorite combo

  70. I’m loving the apple locket and the owl charm necklace. I also liked the page.

  71. So pretty! LOVE the sapphire and topaz necklace, and the oak leaf necklace and brass leaf earrings.

  72. I like them on Facebook.

  73. I love the long crystal necklace. I actually went over there yesterday and “liked” it because I’m in love with it!

  74. I love all the things that have Garnet in them and the London Blue topaz! I also love that she’s in my hometown!

  75. I liked her FB page!

  76. I like the Green Amethyst Earrings In Rose Gold.

    mmchampion (at) gmail (dot) com

  77. Love that coral piece! Beautiful stuff!

  78. I love the double locket necklace and the owl necklace…actually I love all of the antique brass section of her shop. The topaz jewelry is also beautiful.

  79. Wow. I love everything she’s done with aquamarine, and I also love the wire-wrapped necklace with the mustard colored stone. Lots of pretty stuff.

  80. I liked saressa designs on FB. And my email address is kiersten(dot)k(at)gmail(dot)com

  81. There are so many pretty things to choose from! But I love all the quartz earrings, and the green chalcedony ones, perhaps the best. So, so pretty.

  82. i love these: Lapis Lazuli Earrings in bezel style, and the horse shoe earrings and the green chalcedony. the green ones make me think of a pair i’ve been eyeing from stella and dot.

  83. Love, love, love the Citrine Ring and the Green Gemstones necklace. Thanks for introducing me to this designer!

  84. These are a couple of my favorites:

    Golden Rutilated Quartz Necklace In 14K Gold Filled, Wire Wrapped, Bridal Fashion – Angel Face

    Wire Wrapped Necklace – 14K Gold Filled Wire Wrap Necklace With Mustard Glass Briolette

  85. I like Saressa Designs on Facebook.

    My email address is virginia(dot)garrett(at)cuw(dot)com.

  86. I love Saressa Designs style. Some of my favorites are the aquamarie earrings, the teal quartz earrings, and the garnet ring. My email is jjcjdwelch@

  87. I liked Saressa Designs on FB.

  88. i like any of the aquamarine necklaces
    sueterbush at alpineparty dot com
    thanks !!

  89. The amethyst earrings and necklace in sterling are just stunning!

  90. Goodness…there are so many beautiful things! The Amethyst, green quartz, and peacock blue quartz hoops stand out right away to me, but I’m sure if I kept going, I could find more! thank you!

  91. I love the Green Chalcedony Earrings!

  92. This…Wire Wrapped Necklace – Prehnite, Apatite, Peridot, Quartz, Silver and Gold, Mermaid Fashion – Splash is absolutely beautiful! I love everything!
    she is a great designer!

  93. I am a fan of Saressa’s FB page!

  94. The aquamarine one is to die for! Love them all!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  95. The “Champagne Earrings – Swarovski Crystal Baroque Briolettes Wire Wrapped” earrings are so gorgeous! I can see myself wearing them with about half of my wardrobe!


  96. Lots of oohing and ahhing going on when I look through the shop! :) The amethyst and aquamarine ones are really pretty … especially the earrings.


  97. I “like” Saressa Designs on Facebook!


  98. I’m loving everything with the Smoky Quartz and the Opals. Thanks, Jess!

  99. I liked them on FB :)

  100. The apple locket necklace! Beautiful.

  101. the design of the Blue moon necklace is stunning but I also love the peacock blue halos… just gorgeous! Thanks for the giveaway!

    jennyliddle at live dot c0m

  102. love the london blue topaz necklace!

  103. I love earrings and color of the Kyanite silver earrings is just lovely.

  104. also liked the FB page!


  105. I love them all – beautiful. But tonight I seem to be in a smokey quartz mood . . . I would love any of her pieces!


  106. love the moss aquamarine necklace!
    lotusko at hotmail dot com

  107. liked on facebook!

  108. Love the Swarofsky crystal earrings! Thank you. mamalusco at ortelco dot net

  109. I like the coral earrings and the skeleton key necklace…but I really like a bunch more things@

  110. I like the Black Rutilated Quartz Necklace In Gold, Copper & Oxidized Sterling Silver Wire Wrap – Saturn. What a cool necklace! Thanks for a chance to win! :)

    bcgeates at netbistro dot com

  111. I liked the Saressa Designs facebook page! :)

    bcgeates at netbistro com

  112. I LOVE the Garnet drop earring in 14K. Thanks!

  113. She has so many beautiful necklaces!

  114. The necklaces…I love them all!

  115. Hi! I “liked” Saressa Designs on facebook, and here are a few of my favorites – Skeleton Key Necklace With Amber Toned Glass Briolette, Tiny Heart Earrings In Copper and Oxidized Sterling Silver, Kyanite Earrings, Leaf Earrings, Horseshoe Necklace and earrings, Gemstone Pendant Necklace, and Carnelian Oval Hoop Chandelier Earrings In Antiqued Brass. I’m pretty much a jewelry fReAk so i really liked pretty much everything on the site! my e-mail – :)

  116. I love the blue quartz necklace, and the citrine earrings, among many others. So many cute things in that shop!

  117. I like Saressa Designs on Facebook. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  118. I love coming across previously unbeknownst to me jewelry designers on Etsy!

    I love the long crystal looking glass necklace surrounded by antiqued brass. It has that vintage feel that I am obsessed with at the moment.

    I also love the silver-wrapped green onyx drop earrings. The green is dark and looks almost bluish, which I love.

    The final piece I’ll point out in my comment here is the navy drop earrings with an antiqued brass pendant. I love the etchings on the pendants. Very beautiful.

    I hope I win!

    My email is:

    jessicajeannemeyer (at) gmail (dot) com.

    I’m not sure I had to format it in this way, but I saw emails formatted like this in previous comments and decided to follow trend.



  119. I love the Peridot Earrings In 14K Gold Filled & Oxidized Sterling Silver, Wire Wrapped, Mixed Metal, August Birthstone.

    larissaesq at gmail dot com

  120. Cute shop! One of my favorites is the garnet necklace (my birthstone). The opal necklace is pretty too.

    ashb2005 at gmail dot com

  121. Love the garnets in rose gold

  122. i love anything amethyst and aquamarine! beautiful! loving the moonstone earrings, too. katyjo3385{@}gmail{dot}com

  123. liked saressa designs on fb. katyjo3385 at gmail dot com

  124. Love the garnet ring!!!

  125. I loved them all, especially the wire wrapped jewelry! My favorite was the lapis lazuli necklace though. :)

    rebeccacohen827 at yahoo dot com

  126. The Moss Aquamarine Necklace is beautiful!

  127. I love the Lapis Lazuli Necklace In Cobalt Blue, so pretty!


  128. I like Saressa on FB!


  129. My favorites are the tiny hearts earrings and the skeleton key necklace.

  130. I love the amethyst earrings and necklace! As well as the leaf drop earrings and hand stamped necklaces! Love love!

  131. I liked Saressa Designs on Facebook!

  132. I like the Green Chalcedony Earrings

  133. Hey Jess,

    You ever read someone’s blog and think, “We could be friends in “real life” “??? Well that’s how I’ve always felt about your blog and you only cemented that thought when you listed that bauble ring as one of your favorites! Absolutely GORGEOUS! I also love the Skeleton Key Necklace with Emerald Green Quartz – I’ve always wanted a “key” necklace and this one is so unique! Thanks for the chance to win!

    Christine aka The Stampin’ Ninja

  134. I like the silver leaf earrings miniamalist jewelry earrings

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  135. I like her on facebook

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  136. Everything is just beautiful! I am in love with the bracelets. I am on a bangle kick. Love you and your blog!!

  137. I love the teal Quartz earrings, emerald bracelet, and love the peach topaz December birthstone necklace (just to name a few)!!

    I liked her Facebook page and my email address is! Thanks for the chance! :)

  138. I like the Smoky Quartz Necklace In Oxidized Sterling Silver – Truffle.

    gina.m.shelton (at) gmail (dot) com

  139. The Smoky Quartz Necklace is beautiful! Hard to choose!
    Evin5 at aol dot com

  140. I love the Lava Turquoise Necklace.

  141. I Like Saressa Designs on FB!

  142. I liked the Wire Wrapped Necklace – 14K Gold Filled Wire Wrap Necklace With Mustard Glass Briolette best,

  143. Also I liked her facebook page.

  144. So many great things…I really like the Moss Aquamarine Necklace and the Gemstone Pendant Necklace.

  145. I also liked on facebook.

  146. I love anything with pink quartz. So feminine and pretty! :)

  147. The Clover Necklace with Green Quartz is so cute

    solely4blogs (at) gmail (dot) com

  148. Liked on fb

  149. I love so many I don’t know how to pick just one!

  150. Liked her on facebook!

  151. I love the citrine ring! :)

  152. Beautiful jewelry! I love all of it. The necklaces are gorgeous. Maybe the smoky quartz necklace is my favorite?

  153. They are beautiful. The pink gemstone necklace is my favorite.
    Kamberdawn at gmail dot com

  154. I love the gold leaf earrings!

  155. I like Saressa Designs on fb!

  156. I love anything aquamarine ot quartz green!

  157. I liked Saressa Designs on Facebook.

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