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Weird smirky face says hello.
Tank: Downeast-$5
Top: thrifted-$4
Jeans: Ross-$12
Scarf: made by me-$3
Ring: vintage, Etsy-$ 9
Shoes: Payless-$12                                Total: $45
Tank: Downeast-$10
Top: Boden, thrifted-$2
Cardi: Walmart? ages ago…$6 I think?
Jeans: Ross-$12
Shoes: Old Navy-$10
Belt: Forever 21-$7
Paperclip earrings: made by me                                Total: $47

I made this circle skirt way back around Christmas time, but had the darndest time finding a top to match. The colors are really specific in the print.  But I finally found a top to match! Hooray!
Wondertee (underneath sheer top) Downeast-$10
Top: Forever 21-$17
Skirt: made by me-$10 in materials
Shoes: Target, gifted
Earrings: Target-$3                               Total: $40

You may notice the chicken top that started this all! I love that top.

Tank: Downeast-$10
Top: thrifted-$2
Cardi: thrifted-$5
Jeans: Ross-$10
Shoes: Payless-$10
Cameo necklace: vintage, Etsy-$6                               Total: $43

I’ve got myself a tripod! Well,  borrowing it…but taking these pics using the self timer was soo easy-and bonus: the pics are in focus. almost.
Tank: Downeast-$5
Top: Forever 21-$13
Jeans: Ross: $13
Boots: Old Navy-$25
Earrings: Forever 21-$4
Rings: gifted                                Total: $60
Except for the earrings…this whole outfit is thrifted! 
Top: thrifted-$3
Skirt: thrifted-$2
Belt: thrifted-$2
Shoes: thrifted-$9
Earrings: Kohls-$3                               Total: $19

Tank: Downeast-$10
Top: Ross-$4
Cardi: thrifted-$4
Jeans: Ross-$12
Belt: vintage, Etsy-$14
Shoes: Payless-$10
Necklaces: c/o Saressa Designs                               Total: $54

I just got these necklaces from my new sponsor, Saressa Designs, and I love them! I picked out this one and this one, and decided to try layering them together. Love them! She has a ton of cute wire wrapped jewelry and other adorable pretties in her shop. (click on pictures to get a closer look!)

Check back tomorrow for a giveaway from her shop!


  1. These are awesome! I love the pink cardi with the brown bow belt the most!

    Have a great day. xx

  2. I really love number 1. You look so comfy! I can’t wait to be back in jeans again.

  3. those necklaces are gorgeous! I love how they look handmade, yet high quality

  4. Thanks for the shout out Jess! You look lovely in each outfit :) Love them all. You have a great sense style

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, I defenetly need help coming up with new ways to dress, I really don’t know how to combine clothes, even less, come up with an outfit, thanks so much for all this :) can’t wait to see your future posts :)

  6. You are a cutie. There is so much to complement in all these pictures! I also like the use of that awesome gate. Glad to see you’ve embraced it. :-)

  7. Aren’t you just the cutest thing evah! So pretty! :)

  8. So fun !! Thanks for the fashion show and breakdown !

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