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Soo…not much to say today. I’ll spare you my intro blathering and get going to the clothes. :)

Tank: Downeast-$10
Top: Target-$18
Jeans: Old Navy-$25
Boots: from my sis-$0
Earrings: (which you can’t see anyways….)gift from my inlaws
Necklace: Made by me-$2

Total: $55

I guess I really like the white/black print, mustard yellow cardi, and red accent-outfit. (see last post for another version) Also the sloppy hair look.

Tank: Downeast-$10
Top: thrifted-$2
Cardi: Target-$15
Jeans: gift from bestie-$0
Shoes: Payless-$8
Rings: also a gift from my bestie!-$0
Necklace: Made by me-$5

Total:  $40

 I used my new Christmas straightener to do my hair today-and I feel like it made it a little greasy. Weird huh? You probably can’t tell…but seriously I can usually go a good 4 days without washing and hardly any grease. So it’s weird to have it the day after. Am I grossing you out yet? 😛

Also, I need to hem this dress up a bit, so I don’t have to hold it up like Cinderella for pictures.

Tank: Downeast-$10
Dress: thrifted-$3
Cardi: Target-$15
Shoes: Gift, Target
Belt: thrifted-$3
Ring: made by me-$1 in materials
Necklace: Forever 21-$4

Total: $36

hahahahehehehe chuckle…I am making an effort to look more cheerful in my pics, is it working? If not, does Charlotte help?

Tank: Downeast-$10
Top: Old Navy-$15
Jeans: Ross-$12
Cardi: thrifted-$3
Shoes: Old Navy-$10
Necklace: made by me-$2 in materials

Total: $52

I’m planning on a little tutorial for the necklace soon!

So I straightened my hair again this day, and no greasiness….I suppose I was having a bad hair day last time…imagine that. (uh, that’s usually every day)

Undershirt: Downeast-$5
Top: Kohl’s, gift-$0
Cardi: J. Crew-thrifted-$4
Jeans: Ross-$12
Shoes: Walmart (ages ago)-$10
Necklace: made by me-$3.50 in materials

Total: $34.50

I guess I might be going for a slight librarian look here. SHHHHHH!

Undershirt: Downeast-$10
Top: Forever 21-$12
Jeans: Ross-$12
Cardi: Target-$15
Shoes: Payless-$8
Earrings: Forever 21-$3

Total: $60

I loved pairing this casual chambray shirt with some fancy dancy pearls! I was headed to a baby shower, so I wanted to look comfortable but a little dressy. Hopefully it worked. I never know if my outfits do. :}

Tank: Downeast-$10
Top: Old Navy-$6
Jeans: Ross-$12
Shoes: Payless-$15
Necklace: Forever 21-$7

Total: $65

Here’s a close up of the necklace-I loove it. So don’t love the weird face I’m making, but eh. You win some, ya lose some.

Wow I’m as white as Edward Cullen in this picture. It’s not a good look for me…so, since I’m not a vampire, I should probably work on getting a tan this upcoming summer so I don’t frighten you all away when I wear shorts. eeeshk!

Dress: thrifted-$3
Cardi: Ross-$8
Belt: thrifted-$3
Shoes: Payless-$10
Earrings: Target-gift from Rory (but picked out by me)
Ring: made by me-$2 in materials

Total: $26


  1. You are so, so pretty and I love your style. :)

  2. What magic Straightener are you using?
    I always enjoy these fashion posts. Makes me wonder if I should make more of an effort to look less shlubby on a daily basis.

  3. Such great outfits! As someone else posted, makes me think I should put more effort into what I wear. :) Oh and I cute little side note – my name is Jess and my daughter’s name is Charlotte!

  4. Cute outfits! I really like your yellow cardi!

  5. Yay for happy pictures! I love the close-up of you with the pearls. : ) you dress much cuter than the average person! It would be fun to create a collage of all the pictures of you doing this for a month, a year, something like that.

  6. All of your outfits are super adorable, but my fave this week is the 4th one. :)

  7. You are so cute! I love all the outfits, but I think I am going to steal that polka dot kohl’s top and the librarian top as well. :)

    My birthday is in a few days … I think I’m going to go on a thrifting spree as a present to myself.

  8. Oh and a question … how do you make the little picture collage at the top of your post? I’ve tried a few online collage things and they stink.

  9. Love these what you wore posts. It gives me ideas! They have also made me look into my closet again to see what I actually have to wear. And to find the little things to make an outfit work.
    Thank you!

  10. You’re hilarious! I can’t believe you can go four days without major greasiness. I can barely go two without being whiny. Haha. Maybe I need a new shampoo/conditioner. Anyway, love your outfits- especially the dressy pearls and the floral tank.

  11. The Down East tanks you wear, are they the basic tank top? I’m always looking for layering tanks because for some reason it seems all shirts/tees are required to be super low cut these days.
    You look so cute in all your outfits, I really need to make more of an effort when I dress.

  12. CUTE! you are looking great! I love that mustard card.

  13. Please do a tutorial for the necklace. I love it! Its simple but offers a pop of color. I’d love to make a couple.

  14. Don’t worry!! My hair gets greasy when I straighten it too! I can only straighten it on the days I wash it.. otherwise, catastrophe.

  15. I love the vintage-y floral top–you inspire me to shop for something other than tees for everyday wear.

  16. You look fabulous and I love your dress in that last picture! Gorgeous!


  17. Hi Jess!! I love these posts!! You have inspired me to do this same thing on my blog!! Come check it out if you want!! mariahscreations.blogspot.com
    I love your blog! Thanks for the inspiration!

  18. Jess! I love your style! Also, I love how modest all your cloths are! My hubby likes it when I keep my chest and knees covered, and I often struggle with looking good, and modest! So thank you for showing how to be modest and stylish!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Love your pics and outfits, so cute. Thanks for sharing!


  1. […] she has also branched out and started an ‘Outfit a Day’ edition, which I am also loving! So much so, that I am considering using it as a motivator for […]

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outfit a day

Hey all! It’s another round of an “Outfit a Day” (keeps the frumpies away)
Let’s get started!

Swingy kick pose. Yep, I can rock that. Weird pouty face? Check.

Geez, I’m getting good at this posing stuff. (bwahahaha.)

Tank: Downeast-$10
Top: Target-$10
Jeans: Old Navy-free firty free-gift from my bestie
Shoes: Old Navy-$10
Ring: made by  me-$2
Earrings: Wal-Mart-$2
Belt: Target-$15

Total: $51

So I really liked the belted-scarf-look, but I gotta tell you, I had to psych myself up for it.

Let’s delve inside my head for a moment. (c’mon….don’t be scared….)

 So, I put on this outfit and thought…wow I really like this….but am I trying too hard? I don’t know if I can wear this, I feel kinda weird….So I tried on another two outfits…..put this one back on….maybe I should wear it around the house and get used to it….hey that worked! Beware shoppers of Target I am about to try out a new look on you! (Target shoppers: ignore me and go about their shopping) Oh yeah…no one really cares what I’m wearing. Somehow that’s even better.

Wow. Sorry for the weird thought process, but really that’s what happened. This look was kind of a step out of my comfort zone, but I ended up loving it. Plus it hid my birthday lunch with a friend-belly-you all know what I’m talkin’ about.

And thanks to my Daddy-o for taking these pics for me!

I got a lot of compliments on this dress at church-and was told it was a nice color on me. I also have had this dress since before I got preggers with Charlotte….but it’s only taken me this long to wear it! I blame it on the lack of a cute cardigan to style it with, seriously, nothing ever worked! Then I found this fab lace cardi at the thrift store, and boom. The perfect pieces together. This is one of my favorite outfits of late!

Tank: Downeast-$10
Dress: thrifted-$5
Cardi: thrifted-$5
Belt: thrifted-$2
Shoes: Payless-$12
Brooch: Vintage, Etsy-$12.50
Earrings: Forever 21-$3


Please ignore my spastic smile face and check out the brooch…sigh. Love it.

The girls ended up joining me in our little photo shoot, and our outfits totally coordinated! It was pretty funny, and non intentional…but after I realized that, I did make Rory wear a dark blue patterned tie, because, why not?

My feeties have been so chilly lately…so….lovin’ my boots. Also, purple and mustard together….I likey.

Top: Kohls-$7
Cardi: thrifted-$5
Jeans: gift from sis-$0
Boots: Old Navy-$25
Necklace: Etsy-$15
Total: $62

Tank: Downeast-$10
Top: Downeast-$20
Cardi: J. Crew, thrifted-$2
Jeans: Old Navy-gift-$0
Shoes: Payless-$9
Necklace: Made by me-$2

Total: $43

I wore this to my (belated-but-better-than-nothing) birthday lunch with my parents-mongolian BBQ….yum! I ate way too much but it was delicious. My dad is quickly becoming my photog for outfit pics, thanks Dad! You complain way less than Rory.

Tank: Downeast-$10
Top: thrifted-$2
Jeans: Ross-$12
Shoes: Walmart-$10
Belt: thrifted-$2
Earrings: Made by me-$3

Total: $54

My new Shabby Apple dress! I love it. A great fit and super comfortable. 
Dress: c/o Shabby Apple
Shoes: Payless-$20
Earrings: Forever 21 $3
Total: $23

My reasons for a chopped off noggin in this picture are Sadie based. She is getting pretty good at holding the camera still and pointing it in my direction at least. Pretty soon we’ll be graduating to my Canon Rebel and I’ll be teaching her aperture and shutter speeds. (and by pretty soon I mean like 16 years)

Tank: Downeast-$10
Top: thrifted-$3
Cardi: Forever 21-$8
Jeans: Old Navy-$25
Boots: Old Navy-$25
Earrings: gift from Rory
Belt: Target-$3

Total: $74



  1. I love your what I wore editions, considering starting one myself – but worried you will see me mostly in sweatpants! HA!

    But thinking it might motivate me out of said sweats…

    You always looks so cute!

  2. All totally gorgeous!! Really don’t know how you do it, I’m lucky if I can find clean clothes in my mess of a house!! I especially love the green dress and cute cardi combo and the Shabby Apple dress too. All so pretty :)

  3. The skinny belts look great on you. I’m jumping on that bandwagon.

  4. Just to encourage you to keep at it … these posts are really inspiring. I totally see you wearing things I think I could never pull off, and think perhaps I should give it a try!

  5. I like this feature you have, but every time I read a post I think “Why doesn’t she look at the camera and smile?” I know it’s about your outfits, but one day you could have some great pictures of yourself if you just looked at the camera and smiled! And you wouldn’t have to say ‘please excuse my dorky look in this photo.’

    That being said, my favorite photo is the one of you looking at the camera and smiling with your daughters. :)

  6. I totally understand the Psyching youreslf up to wear an outfit. Walgreens is always my choice destination to try out an outfit! :) Sometimes I feel so silly admitting that!

  7. I have to say, you totally pull off the belted scarf look–I didn’t even think twice about it, just thought you looked great, until you mentioned your psyching yourself up for it. :) I especially love the green dress, but seriously, all of these outfits are great–I need someone to teach me how to dress. I’ve at least started branching out into jewelry and scarves… that’s something, right?

  8. Super adorable outfits! The one with the red belt is my favorite… the colors are just so bright and happy together. Now I need to add some belts to my list (along with a downeast tank) … I have none. Seriously, no belts. I always worry they will emphasis my 4-child-tummy.

    *Anyway* enough about me. Love these posts – keep up the great work! (and please take me thrifting with you!)

  9. I really like the belted scarf. I got a really pretty scarf for Christmas but I usually don’t wear scarves cause they feel so trendy. But I will be trying it out with a belt!

  10. i really like your style. my favorite outfit: green dress! :)

  11. You’re so cute, and i LOVE that green dress! It’s so flattering on you!! Love the shot with you and your girls, too – it’s fun to get a sense of scale, and always cute to see a mama with her baby chicks. :)

  12. Anonymous says:

    I’d love to see your hair doo a little more in the birthday black-n-white outfit (which is a really cute outfit! love the yellow sweater!) if possible. I loved when you posted the other link to hair-doos and have been using it. Thanks for sharing! Cute outfits! I’m going to keep my eyes open for a little belt now too…
    Ruth in Tx

  13. I always like looking at these posts, so thanks for doing them! I’m a little fashion-challenged, so I need lots of inspiration. :) That green dress is fantastic!

  14. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Jess. Your outfits are so cute! Looks like we have the same yellow shoes and belt from your first outfit. (And the mustard Target cardi!) I really like the scarf in your first look. And in your second look with the green dress, you’re right–the lace cardi is perfect with it.

  15. I had to laugh over your belted scarf dilemna – I completely understand and thats how my thought train goes too! You look gorgeous as usual

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