Modern Fabric Studio giveaway!

***This giveaway is now closed. See the winner below!***

Hey, all! Hope your Friday is going awesomely.

I’ve got another giveaway from Modern Fabric Studio for you guys-so hooray for fabric! Am I right? Of course I am…

Let me point out some of my faves! (click on the picture to see fabric page)

Amanda from Modern Fabric Studio is generously giving away a $25 gift certificate.  

To enter, you must do the following:

  1. Go to their website, look around, come back to this blog post, and leave a comment about one or a few of your favorite fabrics. (don’t forget to leave your email address!)

For a second entry you can:

      2.  “Like” them on Facebook and then leave a comment on this post telling me you did so.  

She is also offering a 10% discount off your entire purchase, to everyone! sah-weet! (perfect for some goodies for YOU under the tree, right? wink wink!)
Use the promo code: Craftiness

 The giveaway and discount will run until Sunday, December 11th. 

Good luck! 

and….the winner is….The Fear Fam! congrats!


  1. I love the lark by amy butler!

  2. I love that Kasbah, too. I also love the Amy Butler lark in Sateen and her cotton voile would be really fun to experiment with. Thanks!

  3. I just love the heirloom fabrics. Thank you for the chance!

  4. The Joel Dewberry fabrics are so wonderful! I would love to make a quilt with those lively prints.

    sastone [at] umd [dot] edu

  5. Allllll of the Amy Butler fabric!!

  6. I really really love the Loulouthi line, sooo nice, my fave is Summer Totem in Grapefruit!:-D

  7. I ‘like’ MFS on FB!;-D

  8. I love the new ikat inspired amy butler fabrics.

  9. I love the Bali Gate in Grass!


  10. Anonymous says:

    Too many!

    Heirloom in Jade caught my eye, though, as well as Marrakach in Peacock, Rosette in Cerulean, and Shattered in Citrus…

    Lovely fabrics!


    lowenew at gmail dot com

  11. Anonymous says:

    Coreopsis in Lime

    evans dot melissam at gmail dot com

  12. Like them on FB.

  13. I love the scooters in brown fabric.

  14. My favorite is the Echino scooters in black. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  15. Ooh, I love Floral Couture in Pitch! So pretty!

  16. I also liked them on FB!

  17. I’d love some LouLouThi flannel, but my son is pretty insistent that he needs more of the Echino Nico line. His name is Nico and we made him pants from the cable car print. Thanks! kristie_keely(at)yahoo(d0t)com

  18. Oooh, the heirloom fabrics!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. I love that ikat inspired print from Amy Butler. I’ve had my eye on that one. I also love about anything Joel Dewberry puts out.

  20. Good heavens, you think I can pick a favorite?! It’s pretty much all gorgeous!

  21. FB fan- Desiree Glaze


  22. I love Wildfield by Valori Wells – cherry, citrus, cobalt and gypsy are all gorgeous. . .

  23. I love the Souvenir print in Lemon in the Lark collection. Those yellows and grays together are gorgeous!

  24. I’m digging Buoyancy in Butterberry and Sun Glow in Jade.

  25. I liked them on FB.

  26. My favourite fabric line is Loulouthi Voiles by Anna Maria Horner. Very pretty!

  27. I love the Kasbah in Midnight.

    katyhornbeck at gmail dot com

  28. I “like” them on facebook.

  29. Amy Butler or Anna Maria Horner… my two favorites!

  30. Pretty sure I’d be buying some Loulouthi flannel if I won!

  31. I liked the on FB too.

  32. I like the swedish forest and fox in the henhouse. Very cute!

  33. liked them on fb as Missy Sunson.

  34. The Marin Poppies. Love. :)

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. I love Joel Dewberry’s and Amy Butler’s fabric collections on the site.

  37. Definitely love her Echino collection!!

    greenletterday at yahoo dot com

  38. I like MFS on Facebook

  39. I love the Framed in Citron by Anna Maria Horner and Anika’s Swedish forest!

  40. I liked them on Facebook!

  41. I love just about everything Amy Butler, but I’ve got my eye on her English Garden in Bluestone. :o)


  42. I love Anna Maria Horner. I made a blouse out of Coloring Garden in Dusk and I like Summer Totem in Grapefruit.

  43. I liked them on FB

  44. I would like to enter this! I would use the gift card for some patterns or the Memento in Burgundy. They are have really cute stuff!

  45. I like the Marrakech in Artisian

  46. we like the elephants in the Karavan by Valori Wells, monkeyshinersbaby at yahoo

  47. like them on fb! monkeyshinersbaby at yahoo

  48. I’d probably go for some Joel Dewberry or Valorie Wells for the girls. I’d let you know the specific names but Modern Fabric Studio’s website crashes firefox every time I click on it :(

  49. so much fun fabric!! Love the amy butler of course and the joel dewberry. and valori wells.

  50. I follow modern fabric on facebook already

  51. Love the Monaluna Anika.

  52. LOVE ‘WRENLY’!

  53. I really like Wildfield in Cherry.

  54. Amy Butler Lark Sateen!
    meganmpeterson (AT) yahoo (dOT) com

  55. Love the Amy Butler… Lark Sateen. Thanks for the chance to win.

  56. The Berries in Blue or the Birds in Rose or anything. :) emmillee(AT)gmail(dot)com

  57. I love the Lark fabric line by Amy Butler. Thanks for the giveaway!

  58. The BaliGate grass is beautiful.

  59. I love the Karavan line!

  60. I have liked them on facebook for a while!

  61. Echino scooters! I think I like it in black the best.

  62. The Martini in Gold is beautiful! Thanks

  63. I like blossoms and Swedish forest. The cars are also pretty darn cute.

  64. I love all of the Amy Butler lark sateens. Gorgeous!

  65. I love the sparkle in midnight from Amy Butler’s Lark line!

  66. Only one?? No!!!! I love all!!!!


  67. I love the Marin Poppies!
    bfcourage at yahoo dot com

  68. I liked Modern Fabric Studio on FB
    bfcourage at yahoo dot com

  69. I’m loving City in Pink from Etsuko Furuya!

    amber dot mullooly at gmail dot com

  70. Liked Modern Fabric Studio on Facebook!

    amber dot mullooly at gmail dot com

  71. I really enjoy the Amy Butler Lark fabrics. Thanks for the chance to win!

  72. I love the Mama Birds and the Wildfield from the Wrenly collection.

  73. The Amy Butler Lark is my favorite!

  74. I already like them on Facebook!

  75. Quartz in Peacock. Although I also spotted something I think was called Savannah in Peacock…mmm

  76. Anna Maria Horner fabric is my favorite!

  77. I love all things Amy Butler..and thanks for bringing me to a great new site!!!!

  78. I liked them (Modern Fabric Studio) on Facebook.



  79. I “Like” them on Facebook

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  80. I love the wildfield in gypsy!

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  81. I like the Karavan series by Valori Wells, especially the Kashmir and Quartz prints. And then there is Heirloom in Blue Sky, gorgeous colors. But to have to choose just one or two would be tough. Thanks for another nifty offer.
    ~ Phyllis

  82. I love the whole Heirloom collection (can’t choose just one!) and all three of the WildField fabrics!

  83. I “liked” them on Facebook!

  84. I love the WildField in Cobalt – Voile from Wrenly Voile collection. Thank you for the giveaway!

  85. I “Like” them on Facebook (Nina Kara)

  86. I like polka by monaluna

  87. I love all 3 colors of Wrenly Wildfield, Karavan elephants and all of the MARIN fabrics!

  88. I am already a Follower on Facebook.

  89. This comment has been removed by the author.

  90. This comment has been removed by the author.

  91. So hard to choose just a couple! I love mamma birds in cobalt, blockprint blossom in amethyst or blush and summer totem in tart or grapefruit.

    lotusko at hotmail dot com

  92. And I liked it on facebook!
    lotusko at hotmail dot com

  93. I love the Ornate Floral in Garnet fabric, gorgeous! I really love everything there, though… they have a lot to pick from!

    kindredspiritreviews at gmail dot com

  94. I like them on Facebook!

    Lindsey Freitas
    kindredspiritreviews at gmail dot com

  95. Love the orange Heirloom by Joel Dewberry. nordstromke at yahoo dot com

  96. Love

    Forest Hills in Sweet – Voile

  97. I love the Joel Dewberry Heirloom line and the Wrenly Voile.

  98. Thanks for the giveaway. I just love those Marrakech elephants in the Valori Wells Karavan collection. Gorgeous!

  99. I love the Fox in the Henhouse fabric! So cute!

  100. I am crazy for each and every one of Amy Butler’s Lark fabric’s. The colors and designs are gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win:)

  101. I liked them on FB too.

  102. Love the collections…thanks for the link to the great shop.

  103. I love the Amy Butler fabrics. If I had to pick one set – Soul Blossoms Voile.


  104. my favorite is the lark sateen by amy butler

  105. I love the Wrenly collection by Valori Wells!

  106. I liked Modern Fabric Studio on Facebook.

  107. I have to CHOOSE?! So many lines I’ve been dreaming of… Amy Butler’s Lark, Anna Maria Horner’s Loulouthi (especially Summer Totem in Tart!), and Joel Dewberry’s Heirloom. In fact, how did that Summer Totem get in my cart? Hmmm… :)

  108. This comment has been removed by the author.

  109. Ooh I like the sunglow in lake… I think that’s what it’s called. But really, it’s all so cute!

  110. Soar is a great fabric.

    larissaesq at gmail dot com

  111. I like Modern Fabric Studio on FB.

  112. hm… hard time choosing. I may pick the scooter and the car fabric

  113. I like them on facebook

  114. I love Lark by Amy Butler, LouLouthi by Anna Maria Horner and Wrenly.
    Thanks for a chance to win!

    esterling1923 at gmail dot com

  115. I liked Modern Fabric studio on FB.

    esterling1923 at gmail dot com

  116. I like them MFS on FB.

  117. The LouLouthi autumn learing flannel looks lovely! love the selection. Thanks!

    imfeelincrafty at gmail dot com

  118. I can’t resist a fabric giveaway, and that shop has such a great range. I love all the flannels, and many of the voiles too! cateoh(at)adam(dot)com(dot)au

  119. I like them on facebook

  120. Wow!! I am overwhelmed with the amazing selection!! O love the jewelry in ruby and stockings in twist, but there are so many amazing colours and patterns xx

  121. I love the Lark by Amy Butler – so pretty!

  122. I like them on facebook :)

  123. I love the scooters in yellow by Echino

  124. I like them on FB

  125. Love the Echino fabric, and I always have such a hard time just choosing one, ha ha. Thank you! Merry Christmas!

  126. I really love the Foxes in the henhouse and the Swedish Forest prints. Too cute ^^

  127. Liked on facebook!

  128. I looove Wildfields in gypsy, and mammabirds in cobalt!! There are so many cute fabrics to choose!

  129. I looove Wildfields in gypsy, and mammabirds in cobalt!! There are so many cute fabrics to choose!

  130. I liked Modern Fabric Studio on Facebook

  131. For now I am saying the ‘berries in rose’ and ‘Full Bloom in Tan – Sateen’. just because I can’t pick one that is my totally favourite!!! :)

  132. So many gorgeous fabrics to choose from! I am another sucker for Heirloom but also love Wrenly and Memento in Burgundy.

  133. I already like on FB :)

  134. i love all the bird ones, Amy butler and little ville…..heck, I love all fabric :-)

  135. Summer totem is my favorite.

  136. Ana Maria Horner’s fabrics are my favorite and there are some great sales going on, too! Thanks….love your Blog.
    Connie in California

  137. Right now I’m really into the Heirloom collection by Joel Dewberry. I just ordered a few of them last week and would love to get some more :-).

  138. I love the kasbah in midnight! gorgous!!

  139. I like the Wildfield in Cherry fabric!

  140. I like their Facebook page.

  141. Jana Mantovani says:

    Love the Blockprint Blossom prints! Will definitely have to do some shopping on this site. :-)


  142. I love the Joel Dewberry fabric – especially the Ornate Floral in Amber. Love that color combination!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    klineca AT gmail DOT com

  143. I love the kabash and the sun glow too!
    aesprouse at gmail dot com

  144. I love the Marin line! fenna_otten at yahoo dot ca

  145. Anything amy butler!!
    tookers at gmail dot com

  146. How to choose? I like the bird paisley in scarlet and the Dahlia in pink.
    mnrridgeway at gmail dot com

  147. I liked them on facebook.
    mnrridgeway at gmail dot com

  148. Among many other beautiful fabrics I love the Wrenly line by Valori Wells. Pretty stuff!

  149. I like them on FB.

  150. It’s so hard to choose! I like Heirloom, and Echino, and I’d like to try one of the voiles…. Thanks for the giveaway! j-j-s AT juno DOT com

  151. I love AMH’s Forest Hills in Berry fabric, in voile. Voile is so lovely to sew with.
    LauraL444 at yahoo dot com

  152. Coloring Garden in Dusk – Voile, Birds in Twig, and
    Pom Pom in Teal – Sateen

  153. I also like them on FB (Laura Wilson)
    LauraL444 at yahoo dot com

  154. I LOVED the Wrenly! Especially the MammaBirds and Wildfield :) Such beautiful colors!

  155. I love the Martini in Rust fabric from the sale section.


  156. Ooh, I’ve been eying the Joel Dewberry Ornate Floral in Amber forever!! Love it!

  157. I already like Modern Fabric Studio on facebook! :)

  158. I love Marrakech in Artisian
    by Valori Wells- and the whole Karavan collection while I am at it. What a great givewaway!

  159. I really like the Souvenir fabrics in the lark collection, especially the one in yellow

  160. I’m loving Treasure Box in Ocean.

  161. How fun! Love the Bloom in all colors, but mandarin is my favorite. I love all the retro flower prints, actually.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    fearfam (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

  162. Paisley in Summer is my favorite!
    Thanks for the giveaway1

  163. I just placed an order with her today, but I would love love love to win this gift certificate so I could buy more! I bought some of the pink birdies from the Nest collection, but I also adore the Heirloom collection, too. sewvery(at)gmail(dot)com

  164. I like Modern Fabric Studio on FB! Hooray! sewvery(at)gmail(dot)com

  165. What great prices! I love the Echino-Nico collection.

  166. I also liked on Facebook.

  167. I like the ironic ikat in violet. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Accoupons at gmail dot com

  168. I liked them on facebook. Accoupons at gmail dot com

  169. I liked them on facebook. Accoupons at gmail dot com

  170. I love all the heirloom fabrics, especially the
    Blockprint Blossom in Amethyst!

  171. I “like” Modern Fabric Studio on Facebook!

  172. i love all the loluothi flannels, i dream of making a quilt out of it before the winter is over mmm warm.

    julieparrinello (at) gmail (dot) com

  173. I LOVE the Fox in the Henhouse print from Monaluna’s Anika collection. Also the Swedish Forest. They are both just adorable!

  174. I just liked them on Facebook, too!

  175. I love Treasure Box in Charcoal!! Great selection….great giveaway!! Thank you

  176. I liked MF on FB!!!

  177. Martini in gold! I’d use it for pillows, a purse or two, place mats and napkins…. Love it!
    I also like City in pink. I’d make my 3 daughters matching pillow cases, purses, skirts….

  178. The swedish forest is too cute!
    mrs dot dunlap at live dot com

  179. Heirloom, heirloom, heirloom!! Thanks for the chance. I think a summer bed quilt would be perfect!

  180. LOVE the Tile Flourish in Green (free spirit) and the ENTIRE Karavan collection. Awesome website!

    Also- I “liked” them on FB. :)

    thank you!

  181. I love the Marrakech in Blossom and the Birds in Rose! But I’d honestly be happy with any of them!

  182. I also “liked” them on facebook!

  183. I love so many of them but I think my 2 faves are the wildfield and dahlia patterns by Valori Wells. I also liked on facebook.


  184. I really like Ivy Bloom In Cinder,also
    Framed in Shadow…

  185. I already follow Modern Fabric Studio on FB!!!

  186. I love the Birds in Rose the best, but all of them are beautiful!

  187. I love the Loulouthi line by Anna Maria Horner!
    liz_froemming at hotmail dot com

  188. I love the bird paisley in scarlet, but I would also love to get ahold of some of that coloring garden in dusk voile!

  189. I like them on fb:)
    liz_froemming at hotmail dot com

  190. Every Saturday night I get the craving to just sit down at my sewing machine and sew skirts or dresses for my girls for church in the morning. Most nights I fold laundry instead. Every now and then, I find myself up at 3:00 am trying to finish up. I would love to find myself at 3:00 am with just about any color of the Opal or Marquis fabrics. So cute for little skirts!

    leannolsen at hotmail dot com

  191. Oh how sweet! I love the Birds in Rose, amongst many others!

  192. I love Modern Fabric Studio, they have such a great selection for those of us in nowhereville. I love the heirloom line especially the Blockprint Blossom in Amethyst.

  193. Already liking them on fb.

  194. I absolutely LOVE the “Mammabirds in Violet” So cute! I would love to make a sweet summer dress for my little girl out of that. Thanks!

  195. I love the Marrakech in Blossom. It’s so hard to choose!
    Evin5 at aol dot com

  196. I just ordered some Anna Maria Horner Lou Lou Thi flannel from them. She has the best sales! I would totally put another order in for Amy Butler’s Lark or more Joel Dewberry’s Heirloom.

  197. I like them of FB

  198. I love the Heirloom line from Joel Dewberry, thanks for the chance to win :o)

  199. I like them on Facebook

  200. Loving Buoyancy in Butterberry! It would be perfect for a skirt I’m making. :) Birds in Twig is also on my wish list.

  201. I just cant choose!I Love them all,Amy Butlers,Horners.Paisleys are perfect and flannels are wonderful!
    Bloom in Mandarin – Voile and clippings in passion and sherry!rose patch in breakfast!I Love all the colors!I also like the facebook page!
    Lenora Ziobro

  202. I love the scooters in black!

  203. I already like Modern Fabric on Facebook!

  204. I adore the flower circles in trwilight!! I really hope to win! fingers crossed…

  205. I love the Wrenly Voile collection.

  206. I like Modern Fabric Studio on FB

  207. WOW, what an awesome sight, and so hard to narrow it down to a few fabrics. I love the whole Karavan line by Westminster. I wish I had access to this when my first was born. It is exactly what I wanted for my nursery.

  208. Love kasbah in midnight and several others!
    courtney at lifetab dot com

  209. I tried to choose a favorite, but failed. Too much good fabric! :)


  210. I just “liked” them on Facebook. Thank you for the give away!

    binabruin at netscape dot net

  211. The Amy Butler Buttercups in Spearmint (voile) and the Joel Dewberry Blockprint Blossom in Amethyst are two of my favorites. So pretty! Thank you again for the give away!

    binabruin at netscape dot net

  212. my favorite is Triflora in Mermaid

  213. So many beautiful fabrics! One of my favorites is Wren in Gypsy – Voile which I haven’t seen anywhere else.


  214. I like the Sun Glow in Lake – Sateen!


  215. I like them on FB!


  216. I love Blockprint Blossom in Dandelion! slarosa72 at gmail dot com

  217. I like them on FB! slarosa72 at gmail dot com

  218. Beautiful fabric! I love the Paisley in Summer!

  219. I like them on FB!

  220. So much to love, but I do like Blockprint Blossom in Fuchsia very much!!

  221. I follow MFS on facebook!

  222. I absolutely loved the unique fabrics that this company offers. I loved several of them, Fox in the Henhouse, Wren in Cobalt and Buttercups in Spearmint, Chrysanthemum in Blush and Bloom in Cobalt. Thanks for the giveaway

  223. I LOVE the Marrakech in Artisian fabric. The elephants are adorable!

  224. I liked them on facebook!

  225. I love the Valori Wells’ designs..


  226. I also “like” their fb page~


  227. The “Wren” line is one of my favorites. Can’t go wrong with birds!

    latent dot hostility at gmail dot com

  228. I love the Lark collection by Amy Butler!
    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot comn

  229. I like Modern Fabric Studio on FB!
    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot comn

  230. i really like Summer Totem in Grapefruit

    suezadva AT gmail dot com

  231. Lark Sateen by Amy Butler is my favourite, and I’ve liked the facebook page, too!

  232. I would love some of the Joel Dewberry Heirloom voile and some of the Valori Wells voile. I want to start early on some spring/summer sewing and this would be great fabric to start with.

  233. I already follow them on Facebook.

  234. i like the cable cars in brown and the cars in red. lots of others are cute, too, but i have boys, so i’d use those faster!!

  235. I’ve wanted to get the Echino Cars in Black by Etsuko Furuya to make my little boy a pair of pants for quite a also really love Monaluna’s Soar.

  236. I also like them on Facebook

  237. I love Amy Butler’s Lark!!!

  238. I want that Lark Sateen by Amy Butler! It’s so beautiful! I hope I win!


  239. I would love some Heirloom! And she has some great things on sale!

  240. I love the Kasbah in Emerald. The tribal prints are really calling my name at the moment!

  241. I like Blockprint Blossom in Crimson forgot who its by but I think amy butler! I pretty much couldnt go wrong with anything they have lol

  242. The heirloom collection is great! I love the rose boquet in gold. I have a project that would be perfect for this!

  243. These fabrics are just beautiful! Too many good ones to mention, but here goes. I’m in love with all the tribal/ethnic prints, Marquis in Amethyst/garnet/jade, Feather Paisley in jade and of course many more. They would be perfect for all my projects (pillows, blankets, curtains…:)

  244. I love the Lark Sateen collection by Amy Butler (sun glow in Lake-sateen and Ivy Bloom in Lake-Sateen are some of my favs in that collection)! Please pick me! t_yeates(at)yahoo(dot)com

  245. I like Modern Fabric Studio on Facebook! t_yeates(at)

  246. I like them on FB!

    mommy.2kidsnc (at) yahoo (dot) com

  247. I love the Bali Gate in Lime! It would be such a great accent in my Family Room!

    mommy.2kidsnc (at) yahoo (dot) com

  248. I’m a sucker for damask fabric…Love the English Garden in Pine. Yum.
    kmnordeen @ gmail . com

  249. This would be great to win!!
    I would likely get some of the Lark fabrics by Amy Butler. I think the Chinese Lanterns print is so striking with the shades of green and blue in it.
    cambroz at yahoo dot com

  250. And I just liked them on FB, thanks!

    cambroz at yahoo dot com

  251. love all of the free spirit designer solids!



  252. I’d love some AMH Voile. So soft!

  253. i like the lalouthi line from anna maria horner and lark from amy butler. thanks for the chance!

  254. and i like them on facebook!

    rifaa (dot) carter (at) gmail (dot) com

  255. I love the wildfield in cherry, so feminine and beautiful :)

  256. Id try out the loulouthi flannel or the butler sattens If I win

  257. like on facebook.

  258. I love all the gorgeous Anika prints!

  259. I like them on fb.

  260. I love the Joel dewberry prints. So cute! And he and his wife were super nice at the quilt market last spring!

  261. Love the the MammaBirds in Mandarin :)

  262. Oops sorry I managed to enter twice, please ignore one of my entries 😮

  263. Gee, that’s like trying to pick a favorite kid! But I loved the Dahlia in Teal, or Full Bloom in Tan Sateen..those are adorable!!!

  264. I love all of the fabrics in the ‘Marin’ line, and not just because I was born there. :-)

  265. Wow, so much loveliness!!!

    I adore Charisma in Blush and Peacock Feathers! :)


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