jewelry organizer

I found this idea on Pinterest-using a thread organizer for necklaces and rings!  I got it at Joann’s-40% off, plus a 20% off total purchase coupon, so it was only $8. Sah-weet! And it fits all my necklaces, and it’s so nice to get them off my dresser.

The layered look is only nice when they’re not tangled.


  1. My goodness! I feel like I have spent my life looking for one of these?! Perfect, thank you so much.

    Have you seen this?


  2. This is great!! Need to make one for my daughter! Thanks! :0

  3. That is a fantastic idea. I’ve just been contemplating what to do with all my necklaces and earrings. I feel like they never get used if they’re just shoved in a box somewhere. This could be a great solution…if only I had a free wall to hang it on…

  4. oh my gosh jess, it’s perfect!!! I never would have thought of that and I’ve been searching for something to hang my jewelry on forever. Thanks for sharing girl! :)

  5. That’s a great idea! And I love your collection of rings!

  6. Holy cow! GENIUS! I saw one for pretty cheap at Walmart the other day! I’m going to have to get one now!

  7. I never wear any of my jewelry because I forget what I have since it’s in a drawer. This makes it much easier, especially since I got a thread organizer at a yard sale for one dollar, brand new!

  8. Such a great idea!! I’m loving your beautiful rings!

  9. Your jewelry looks so cute! Do you have a cute way to organize your earrings?

  10. thanks everyone! A Lillia-I use a ceramic egg crate dish for my earrings!

  11. Hi Jess, Thanks for the egg crate idea! I looked it up on and I found one in Anthropologie- here’s the link if you want to see it. It’s super cute.

  12. inspire me. thanks!

  13. Great idea! Don’t you just love Pinterest ideas? I’m so glad you shared where you got it from. I have been wondering where to find one to organize my twine spools.


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