ruffly knit peasant top-mini (ok, micro) tutorial


Brrr…it’s been getting chilly this week. We turned the heater on and I’ve been merrily wearing sweaters and boots (finally). I’ve also realized Charlotte doesn’t have any long sleeved shirts! So I made a quick peasant top out of some cute striped knit. (which my cousin in law Courtenay gave me last May when I visited Utah. She scored it at a yard sale, she’s the yard sale queen!)

haha! love this look on her face. (and no, I didn’t make her headband. Thanks, Dollar store!)

I think I need to make lots more, because knit peasant tops are super easy, comfy, and adorable. I added some ruffles across the front before I sewed it together.

I cut two 1.5″ strips of material, one a few inches longer than the other. (the longer one goes below the shorter) Just make sure it’s long enough to gather how much you want. I guesstimate. I’m so helpful, right?

Then I sewed a gathering stitch (loong stitch) down the middle, pulled the top thread to gather, then fit it across the shirt front. I made sure to leave about an inch of room on top so that I could sew the casing with no problems.

When you do sew the casing in, just pull the ruffles out of the way!

 Easy as pie. (wha? no peasy? I must not be feeling well.)

I use this pattern for all my peasanty needs.

Bonus-this top fits so loosely that Sadie can wear it. Or, rather Charlotte can wear it longer. Sadie definitely has more handmade clothes than C. She needs some more. I’m on it!


  1. She is sooo precious and with the additin of a unique self-made creation….just beautiful.
    Katie xx

  2. It’s gorgeous! Love the ruffles… I just thinking today of making a peasant top out of knit fabric. You’ve convinced me now.. thanks!


  3. Another gorgeous creation!!

  4. Owh! Just love it!

  5. The addition of the ruffles to the peasant top is just darling and little Charlotte Chipmunk Cheeks looks so sweet in it! Love, love, love that second picture of her.

  6. this is adorable. how do you get your girls to keep headbands on??? My 1.5year old keeps it on for 5 seconds max :)

  7. So cute! I wish I didn’t hate working with knits so much… *sigh*

    Great job!!!

  8. Oh my, such a cute little girl and great top. What hair she has (my almost 2 year old has about none). Anyway, when you made the casing for the elastic, did you just fold over since knit doesn’t unravel? And did you have to adjust the pattern since you are working with knit? I am with Lindsay, knits are my nemesis.

  9. (SQUEAL!) That top is so cute, ESPECIALLY on your little cutie!!

  10. Darling!

  11. Fun ruffle! Love the pictures!! :)

  12. Cute! I’ve gone back and forth about buying that pattern for months now, but this finally convinced me! Thanks!

  13. Your model is awfully cute. This was my first visit to your blog, so I spent some time browsing through your earlier entries. I’m so glad I did that. You’ve created a great spot for your readers to visit and I really enjoyed the time I spent here. I’ll definitely be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  14. Ooh, I’ve got to give this a try. Thanks Jess!

    And Charlotte is getting so big! And adorable! :)

  15. I LOVE this top, so much. You are so talented. She looks so cute in her new top!

  16. Such a darling shirt and cute little girl!


  17. Her hair is growing like crazy! I ought to do this… my girls have no winter tops and I have a stash of cheap knits. Ok, it’s decided :)

  18. Adorable model and top.

  19. Gorgeous! I’m so gonna have to make one of these now!

  20. These pictures of Charlotte are killing me! Adorable shirt, Jess.

  21. Oh my goodness, I will never get over her sweet cheeks.

  22. Olá, queridos amigos

    Eu também acho que nem tudo deve ser comprado, podemos modificar muitas coisas e usá-las.

    Essa blusinha da Charlote, ficou a coisinha mais fofa, como ela também.

    Quanto aos livros, comprá-los já
    usados, não tem importancia, sinal
    que foram conservados.

    um beijo carinhoso

    Regina Célia

  23. Oh that little girl is just so precious!! Love the top too :)

  24. Your daughters are so precious! Charlotte looks adorable in her new top. Could I ask you if the pattern you used was fast-sewing/easy? I need to whip up two outfits for Christmas pictures (my girls are about your girls’ ages) and I an scared to get too complicated because of the deadline (I am also moving in a few weeks!)
    Anyway, loooove your blog. Loooove it! Thanks for all the inspiration :-)

  25. Thank you so much for this post! I’ve been looking for a good peasant top pattern! I used it to make my two girls (one also name Charlotte :) ) Thanksgiving outfits. Your little one is adorable in her new shirt! I love the idea of using knit for a peasant top. Next on my list…

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