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I give you…last week’s outfits. Some of them at least. I need some new poses…I just feel ridiculous sometimes so I end up looking at the ground a lot. At least by the time we take pictures my neighbors have all left for work. Small victories, people.
Also, I’m boring and wear jeans every day. Oh well, I say. I’m a mom.

Monday-Grocery shopping….had my daddio over for lunch….hung out at home…took pictures of clothes I made for the girls….that’s about all I did today. That, and watch the latest PanAm and Once Upon a Time episodes online. I’m slightly obsessed with both shows.

Top: made by me-$7
Tank: Downeast-$10
Cardigan: thrifted-$5
Jeans: Ross-$12
Shoes: Old Navy-$10
Earrings: Etsy-20 cents (haha no joke)

Total: $44.20

I look all sketchy in this pic. Wanna buy some watches?

Today was park day. I know, I know, my life is so exciting, stop making you jealous, right? We went on the slides (Stop it!)…and swings. (the excitement!)

Top: thrifted-$4
Tank: Downeast-$10
Cardigan: thrifted-$5
Belt: thrifted-$3
Jeans: Ross-$12
Boots: Old Navy-$25
Rings: Etsy-$15
Necklace: Etsy-$16

Total: $89

 Some fancy pants belt tying. 

Wednesday was a day at home-plus a quick trip to Target to pick out a birthday present for one of our favorite little boys. Man, I felt out of my element in the “boy” toy aisle. It was kind of pathetic. I was this close to asking for help from the teenage boy workers nearby, but I resisted. That would have been just sad. We managed to get something picked out that will hopefully meet his approval! That same boy and his sister came over to play in the afternoon while their parental units house hunted.

Top: J. Crew, thrifted-$5
Tank: Downeast-$10
Jeans: Target-$20
Shoes: Payless-$8
Belt: thrifted-$2.50
Earrings: made by me with vintage buttons-$1

Total: $46.50

This is about as much pattern mixing as you’ll see me do-although I love the effect! Maybe I’ll get gutsy someday and be bolder. (hellooo missed a button. lol)

  Thursday entailed a trip to Joann’s where I picked up various stuff for various projects. The ladies there always ask what I’m doing, and I feel like saying, “do you have an hour?” I’ve always got a million things going, it seems like. We also went out to lunch with Rory-and learned that Charlotte doesn’t like Chinese food. She is soo picky so I’m not surprised. She basically lives on cheese, fruit, and bread.

Top: Ross-$7
Tank: Downeast-$10
Cardigan: Target, eons ago.-$10?
Jeans: Ross-$12
Shoes: No clue…
Earrings: Etsy-20 cents
Scarf: Made by me-$5
Ring: Made by me-$1

Total: $45.20

Infiniti scarves are so, so easy to make. I’ve made a few over the past weeks, you only need about 1/2 of fabric! (tutorial tomorrow!) This was some stretchy lace that I got for Sadie’s Mary Poppins dress, but never used. Wha-la. Fancy schmancy scarf-in about 10 minutes!

Rings are something else I’m realizing are super quick and easy to make! I mean, duh. Glue something onto a ring (I get my rings on Etsy). Let the glue dry and you’re done! I use that E-600 stuff for this kind of thing. This one I made with a vintage button, but you could also use vintage earrings, cabochons, you know the drill! Anything cute.

Saturday: Woke up, let Rory sleep in, finished Ender’s Game for book club, worked out, then ate french fries and chicken nuggets for lunch to totally nullify the work out… hung out at home because everyone has a cold….got cabin fever….yada yada.

Top/Cardigan: Ross-$9 (it’s one piece, sweet huh?)
Tank: Downeast-$10
Jeans: Ross-$12
Shoes: Old Navy-$10
Infiniti scarf: Made by me, $2 in materials
Necklace: Made by me, $5 in materials

Total: $48

 I kinda love how the necklace looks, peeking out from underneath the scarf.
What do you think?

Sunday we didn’t make it to church, me and the kiddos were still at the tail end of our cold so we didn’t want to spread it around…but I still wanted to wear something cute…so….I did.

Dress: vintage, thrifted-$3
Tank: Downeast-$10
Belt: Thrifted-$3
Cardigan: Target-$15
Shoes: thrifted-$7
Earrings: Made by me-$3
Necklace: Etsy-$13

Total: $54


  1. Great post, and there’s nothing wrong with jeans! Snap!
    Katie x

  2. All gorgeous!! I’m in love with those mustard shoes!! And wanna buy some watches had me laughing SO hard!! :)

  3. Jess, I really like your Thursday outfit! That’s a great shade of purple and cute with the polka dots!
    Hope your cold is gone now!

  4. All your cuteness makes me jealous. I wear jeans everyday too, well when I get dressed, most of the time it’s jeans if i’m going out then right back into my sweats when I get home. I love you’r knotted belt, super super cute!

  5. How many times can I say this? I really like these posts! I’m just impressed! Thanks!

  6. What I’m learning from these posts is: 1) I need to go thrifting more often, and 2) I need a Downeast tank!

    Very cute!! (the Sunday outfit and the “pattern mixing” ones are my favorites, for what it’s worth. :) )

  7. I’m glad you’re doing these posts – I’m getting some good ideas on what to wear, mix/match :)
    Could you do an Infiniti scarf tute – sometime soon? The look so fun to wear!

  8. Jeans? Pshaw! I’m just impressed that you dress up more than once a week. When I’m trying to avoid jeans, I wear a mini skirt with leggings. All of the shape and none of the skin. It also helps me out, since my kids do NOT want to let me to be modest in a skirt/dress.

  9. infinity scarf tutorial please!

  10. you are so funny!!!

  11. very cute. I need to get more cardi’s and scarves pronto!

  12. Oh my I love all your outfits.– And, Ender”s Game ahhh! I loved that book even though I am a Jane Austin and older- lit- type -reader. My friends have all of them and my husband read several in the series. But I haven’t read in ages, boo!:{ –my daughter just turned one (yeah!) and I work full time so, kind of too tired to read.:]. Looking forward to my time off so I can get back to some creative time. Thanks for the inspirations!

  13. are the payless moccasins new? I had a pair that looked exactly like those when I was pregnant with Tabitha, I wore them everyday they were so comfy, but I wore through them by the end.

  14. You are adorable!! Seriously. I loved every single outfit. Maybe if I took a picture of myself everyday it would get me to dress up a little more :)

  15. Your outfits are so cute, cous’! I think of you every time I pick out my outfit!

  16. You are so cute in your outfits! I wish I could wear jeans to work, that would seriously solve 90% of my getting-dressed issues each morning, sigh :-(

  17. First of all, jeans are not boring!! I wear them everyday too. That or comfy pants:) secondly, I had a blast at the thrift store this week. I found some stuff I wasn’t even looking for! I think there are some people out there who donate their baby clothes rather than pass them on to a friend because I found shoes and clothes that looked brand new! I’ll be going back for sure.

  18. Hi Jessica,
    This is Megan from Merelani Designs on Etsy. My best friend follows your blog and told me that you featured my earrings. Such a small world & thank you so much. It made my day and if you would like some earrings for one of your giveaways, I would love to participate :) Thanks again and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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