outfit a day: pink week

What I wore this week….blah de blah…show me the clothes!

This week was pink/coral week over here on CINO…

I wore this outfit Tuesday, on an errand running day-to the grocery store, thrifting (for Halloween costume pieces), and taking the girls to Grandma school. It was comfy and cute…even my Grandma commented that she liked my ruffly shirt! :)

Top: Ross-$6
Tank: Downeast-$10
Cardigan: J.Crew, thrifted-$2
Jeans: Old Navy-$30
Boots: Old Navy-$25
Ring: Forever 21-$1.50
Earrings: Forever 21-$2

Total: $76.50

Can you tell I love buying my jewelry at Forever 21?

I tried rocking the side braid, and liked it, but had to rebraid quite a few times cause it fell out a little bit. I like letting it dry in the braid, then straightening it the next day. It has less kinks in it that way.

How do you dry your hair? Blow dry? Air dry?

I am in love with this cutie pie ring!

Here’s a “dramatic” “modely” pose with a close up of the earrings and attempt at a side braid.


Wednesday I was preparing for our family pictures-so I threw this on to bide my time until the outfits went on. (right before pics to avoid kiddo stains, of course)

Top: Forever 21-$13
Tank: Downeast-$10
Jeans: Present from sis-$0
Flats: Payless-$9
Necklace: Forever 21-$5

Total: $37

Weirdo face…you try giving a 3 year old photography instructions! It’s not as easy as you think!

I love the ruffles on these shoes, but the backs cut into my ankles, so I have to wear band aids. It’s reeallly cute.

Do you have shoes that are adorable but uncomfortable? Why is that the plight of all women?

This necklace is probably one of my top 5 favorite necklaces.

Today (Friday) I hosted play date at our house, and there were at one point, 17 kids there! wow, I had no idea my house could withstand that many little ones + their Mamas. It was really fun though, and I made some cake pops that the kids (and Mamas, I think) enjoyed. (will post about them soon!)

I seem to be feeling the grey and coral color scheme this week. :)

Top: thrifted-$4
Sweater: thrifted-$5
Tank: Downeast-$10
Jeans: present from sis-$0 (yes these are my fav jeans!)
Shoes: Nine West, thrifted-$4
Ring: Forever 21-$1.50
Necklace: Forever 21-$8

Total: $32.50

Pretty darn cheap…most of my outfit was thrifted or gifted. Score!

I love these plaid flats-they’re cute and comfy.

wow, hello scaly hands. Gross. I will try and moisturize my hands more for your guys’ sake.
Hope the ring distracted you a little.

My hair was actually down and straight today-huzzah! I have really thick hair so it takes a long time to blow dry, which happens….er…Never. But we had out family pictures so I had to do my hair nice for those. I’ll share those soon, too!

haha, just had to stick this outfit in here, since I did wear it on Saturday.

This is what I wore to church this week, I guess I’m still feeling the coral! lol. I never noticed trends like this til I started taking pictures of my outfits. This was definitely pink/coral week.

Skirt: thrifted-$5
Top: Downeast-$10
Cardigan: thrifted-$5
Belt: thrifted-$3
Shoes:Kohls-$25 (returned them cause they HURT my feeties)
Necklace: Etsy-$15

Total: $63

This skirt is one of my favorites-if not THE favorite of my closet. It’s comfy, and I adore the pattern. It was too long, so I hemmed it up a little. Easy fix.

This necklace is also one of my favorite necklaces! I love the color, and it’s interesting and actually comfortable to wear. I like statement necklaces, but they must be comfortable to wear!

So have you noticed any color trends that you’re sub-consciously into lately?

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  1. Hi! Love your shoes (both flats esp)and I just saw this post: http://theletteredcottage.net/how-to-stretch-shoes/
    Wondered if it might help 😀

  2. I adore coral. You look great.

  3. LOVE the church outfit! Coral is a cute colour on you.

  4. I feel your pain. Throw those dang shoes away! Find yourself a new pair of gray flats! I got some cute ones at Target a while back. I’m anti-hurty-shoes.

  5. Those outfits look really cute! Do you actually plan this on weekends? Laying everything out on the bed?

  6. I just want to know what thrift store you are finding all those cute cardigans at?

    I am a cardigan girl (like everyday) and those are darling!

  7. You’re so cute! I am so jealous of all your thrifty finds. Are you losing weight? Not that you needed to, you just seam to be getting smaller.

  8. Seriously, where do you thrift shop? Your outfits are so cute and I love seeing them every week. Please keep it up.
    Any thrifting advice or hints would be helpful for those of us who are to scared to try it.

  9. Can’t wait to see your family pictures! Love your last outfit. I’m definitely an air dryer.

  10. Try a piece of moleskin against the heels of your shoes for added comfort. No bandaids necessary!

  11. For those cute shoes that cut into your heels try these…

    I put them in all my dress shoes and they always save me from getting blisters. So worth the $7!

  12. Mustard!! I’m obsessed!!! 😀
    By the way, your legs look gorgeous in heels! Even if they do hurt your feeties. 😉

  13. great outfits! i totally love a cute flat but most of them hurt my heals after a while. i’ve done the bandaid buffer too!

  14. great boot in that first shot! love the outfits!

  15. So cute! I really want to do more thrift store shopping, but I always have a hard time seeing the potential in things. I’m terrible at putting outfits together! :)

  16. Super cute! I always migrate towards aqua :)

  17. You are so gorgeous! Rock those cute outfits.

  18. Love all the outfits, Jess, but especially the one where you’re rocking the side braid. I seem to wear a lot of purple.

  19. Did you make that wire-wrapped necklace that you wore with the coral shirt/gray sweater on play-date day? If so, do you have any advice? I’m trying to figure out how to do it but haven’t gotten it right yet, and that necklace is awesome! Thanks.

  20. Jess what thrift stores are u shopping at? U always have such great finds.


  21. I loved all your outfits! I can’t believe your daughter takes the pictures. So Cute! I would love to know where you shop? I drive through Gilroy twice a year to go to Paso Robles. I would love to try to convince my husband to shop a little on the way :).

  22. Thanks for all the shoe tips! The backs of these are actually stretchy, so band aids or moleskin I guess, are probably the only things that work. :( oh well!

    Amy-nope didn’t make that necklace, I wish I was that cool. Got it at Forever 21.

    Jessica and Lillia-I shop at Goodwill and Salvation Army-my only options where I live. I find equally good stuff at both!

  23. I had family pictures this past week too! I loved your church outfit…wish I could rock the belt on top of the layers and look as great as you do!

  24. Oh I LOVE the flower ring! I love that you share what you wear. You have a great style and the colors you wear are lovely. Thanks for sharing!

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