pleated pom pom dress

I made this pleated dress the other day before we left for Disneyland, anticipating that I would be insanely busy this week (Kids Clothes Week, plus many other things) and I was also struck by inspiration. And when inspiration strikes, you best go with it.

I lined it in a fun print that some of you may recognize…it was fun to use up the scraps from that!

Not sure how long the pleats will stay crisp (ok…obviously won’t AT all), but it’s pretty darn cute on my Little Miss.

from Gymboree via pinterest

Here’s the inspiration dress-darling, right? The trim is really interesting, and I had the perfect dot/pom pom/round thing trim in my stash…

(agh, love the wet hair curls!)

Bonus-I used the rest of my fabric from the Penny dress-so the girls totally coordinate!  hehe.

Kind of a weird picture of the two of them…but that’s what you get when you try to take pics of two kids at once. Garbled, strange pictures sometimes. I don’t know how you photographers do it!


  1. Aawww, the dress is lovely!! And the girls are adorable as always 😀

  2. I saw that inspiration dress and loved it as well! Your interpretatation is darling :). And i know exactly what you mean about trying to photograph the kids together!!! Lol

    Ps – loved your Disney photos! I have so many character poses, i dont know what to do with them all :)

  3. Love the pleats!

  4. It’s adorable! I have a love affair with ball fringe so this is perfection!

  5. Oh so cute!! :) I love your interpretation. :)

  6. I’ve been sewing for about 5 seconds, but couldn’t you make the pleats stay by sewing them on the underside? Maybe an 1/8″ seam?

  7. (I mean that in a if-that’s-totally-a-stupid-idea-sorry way, not a “hello! duh!” way…)

  8. love it! way cuter than the gymboree one!

  9. What a cute dress and it is way cuter than the inspiration! Maybe you can put a little extra stitch in at the area between the chest and the waist to help keep the pleat in better? Not sure if that is the look you really are going for but it may help a little bit. Now I really want to go and pull out all of my colored pom-poms to make something for my girls! :) You are always the inspiration!

  10. Super cute, Jess. (Both the dresses and the girls.)

  11. Love these matching dresses they are darling! Sadie and Charlotte too;)

  12. Gah, your daughter looks SO CUTE in your dress! :)

  13. Love the pleats! I agree they probably won’t stay crisp long, but they look fab so who cares! The trim is so sweet too!

  14. so adorable! I should have known you would be sewing that dress up so quickly. cuuuuuute!

  15. The baby and the dress are adorable!!

  16. Oh My Heck! I love this dress Jess! You did a knock-out job interpreting it! Love!!!

  17. Beyond adorable!!!

  18. Love the dress! and it’s a cute random picture of your two girls!


  19. love both dresses! something i’d totally wear too (even tho im a bazillion sizes bigger than your little ones!)

    they have the cutest expressions! :)


  20. Love it! It is so much cuter even than the inspiration. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas with us!

  21. I’m pretty sure that the inspiration dress has a much deeper pleat than the one you gave yours. WIth moving little legs you’re probably right that they just no good way to keep a smaller pleat crisp. I love the combination, its adorable! And I have to ask… if you lined the dress, why didn’t you nest the zipper tape between the fashion fabric and the lining so that is didn’t show? Its very easy to do and gives a very clean, polished look to the inside. Just wondering…

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