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Today I bring you…..another outfit post courtesy of the Sadester. (and Rory, thanks hun for humoring me)

She got a little frustrated while taking pictures this time, but she stuck through it and did good!

Here’s the rundown:

Top: thrifted-$4
Cardigan: thrifted (Target originally)-$3
Tank top: Downeast-$10
Jeans-Target-$5 (clearance)
Shoes: Old Navy-$10 (also clearance)
Earrings: Etsy-$5 (similar earrings)

Outfit total: $37 (nice, eh?)

This was a blurry, “hold-the-camera-up-higher-Sadie” picture. (yes, I cuff my jeans…)

We had our friends Cassy and Dylan over to play this day. (Cassy for me, Dylan for Sadie) The kids had fun and we had time to chat it up.

Some little mustard poppy earrings finished off the look!

I am obsessed with mustard yellow and coral lately, so I was happy as a lark in a…birdbath, when I found this cute top thrifting! This outfit has some of my favorite pieces included, so it makes me smile to wear it!

Sidenote: Our backyard is like a mini forest. I think I saw a wise old owl and a happy-go-lucky fox out there last week. (I jest)

What colors have you been obsessed with lately?

Sadie is getting more and more non-compliant with taking my outfit pictures, lol. I had to bribe her this time, luckily it only cost about two Pez. She knows how to negotiate.

Here’s the rundown:

Top: thrifted, J. Crew-$2
Tank: Downeast-$10
Sweater: thrifted-$5
Necklace: Forever 21-$4
Jeans: gift from my sis-$free!
Shoes: Old Navy-$10 (what can I say? these are my favorite shoes right now)
Hair clip: Target on clearance-$3
Ring: Etsy-$18

Total: $52

She’s doing ok, though I still get these Bigfoot-esque pics sometimes. (attack of the looking downward chin!) We were headed to the park this day, and it was overcast but not burning off yet-which is strange but makes me really excited for cooler weather! Which means to me; sweaters, baking, and my birthday! lol. Not til next month, but still. I also wore this to my monthly Bunco night, didn’t win, but had lotsa fun!

 I love this necklace, though it’s kinda a cheapie…the gold coating is wearing off on the chain, behind my neck, lol! So I can only wear it with something that has a collar.

I love my new honeycomb ring! I probably will DIY a bunch of rings in the near future. I have lovely short and stubby fingers as you can see. This is about as long as my fingernails EVER get. I hate long nails. See how much you’re learning about me? Whether you wanted to or not. 😉

I did my hair in two braids, then twisted them together and pinned with a million and a half bobby pins. My head kinda hurt by the end of the day.

This last outfit was almost totally thrifted. Everything but the undershirt and accessories I thrifted for not much moola at all. I am seriously addicted.

Top: Thrifted-$2
Undershirt: Downeast-$10
Skirt: Thrifted-$2
Shoes: Thrifted-$6
 Belt: Thrifted-$2
Earrings: Kohls-Free with coupon
Necklace: Forever 21-$8?
Ring: Etsy, Vintage-$9

So the thrifted parts only cost $12…not too shabby.

Total: $39

I did a sock bun hairstyle-it might be too big for my tastes, though. But….if you do it on damp hair and sleep on it, it makes curls in the morning! (check out my above curly ponytail for proof)
I love finding techniques for heat free curls.

I love this big chunky ring!

Here’s some better detail on the top, I love the pintucks and pleats!

So those are my blog-worthy outfits this week. THis is fun! Hope you guys enjoy my awkward faces.

I promise I have more projects coming. Like, Halloween costumes! I actually am making a few this year. I didn’t feel like it, but I’ve got a second wind. Details soon! (if I can finish them in time!)


  1. Uh all your clothes are super cute. Love all the accessories. Now I am feeling a little sad that my belly is getting bigger and my wardrobe is getting uglier.

    Excited to see your costumes.

  2. What great looks. I probably should cuff my jeans like yours b/c they’re always way too long. I’ve been obsessed with purple lately, but that’s not really new. I like your hair in the second picture and the hair clip. I probably should cuff my jeans like yours b/c they’re always way too long. I also have really short nails b/c I play the piano. Anyway, I’ve got my hair up in a sock bun right now. It is ridiculously large but I’m hoping for some good curls. I’m skeptical they’ll be as awesome as my curlformer curls but it’s totally worth a try. :)

  3. Jess, you are freaking adorable. And I am totally jealous that you can get Sadie (and your husband) to take pictures of you.


  4. Love your green tank top! I wonder if I could make up a similar pattern…

    I’m so impressed that you try different hairstyles! I’m so not adventurous with my hair.

  5. lovely outfits! i am totally envious of your thrifted clothes. i rarely find clothes while thrifting. maybe i am hitting the wrong neighborhoods? you are really good at accessorizing too. i really need to work on that!

  6. cute outfits! I especially love the honeycomb ring! I’ve been drooling over a honeycomb necklace on etsy that I adore.

  7. Love the outfits. Seriously, you always look super cute. And your hair always looks great, too. I should be so motivated…

  8. I love seeing what you wear. You are such a fashionista. You have such cute tops, I wish I could raid your closet.
    I had so much fun looking over all your amazing projects from while I was gone. The abby jacket and baby shower were my favs. The shower seriously took my breath away. You’ve become quite the party girl.
    Can’t wait to see your costumes.

  9. Love this series! The Old Navy flats are super cute. Thanks for being willing to share.

  10. Super cute! And I’m glad you said that about the million and a Half Bobby pins and your head hurting, so many bloggers have such cute hairstyles and when I try to copy I use up all my Bobby pins, where they said they only needed 4, and I get a monster headache! Good to know that sometimes beauty hurts the beautiful too!

  11. Oh, I love those little flats!

  12. Cute! i’m obsessed with mustard, too. On accident!

    Your hair is really pretty!

  13. I love your style!! Such cute outfits…you inspire me to dress better.

  14. Jess, the only thing cuter than your thrifted outfits is YOU! I get such a kick out of visiting each day and seeing what you have been up to. I am really enjoying your outfit posts. Wish the thrift stores here carried such treasures. I absolutely adore the pintucked and pleated top!

    What really gets me about this post is Sadie takes better pictures than me!

    My daughter does the damp hair thing. She takes a shower at night, scrunches her hair up until it looks like a tangled mess and clips it with those alligator clips and sleeps on it. In the morning she has the most beautiful locks you could imagine.

  15. love it! keep em coming! i totally love mustard yellow too! especially love the first 2 outfits!!! i cuff my jeans too. 😉

  16. I am really liking these posts, Jess, although I now feel like a frumpy dumpkin :) And guess what? I have short and stubby fingers, too. And I hate long nails. I’m glad I’m not alone. My husband calls me “sausage fingers”!

  17. You’re so cute Jess! I love seeing peoples outfits!! I’ve been wanting to do these kinda posts, but I’ve got too much post-pregnancy muffin top going on…my clothes don’t fit well at the moment. hehe…
    I’m loving mustard and navy right now!! Together…swoon!!

  18. Love that flower hair clip, and everything else, too! I think I need to go thrifting with you.

    Right now I’m loving gray, although I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the weather.

  19. I love your hair. Its super cute and goes with the outfits. I have to out out and buy a shirt in that shade of green. It looks great on you.


  20. Cute, cute, cute! Love everything! I finally did a sock bun this week, too. I also have started to love mustard and thrifting. :)

  21. I have your yellow shoes in purple and my roommate has your boots you wore for your Halloween costume. YAY FOR OLD NAVY SHOES!

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