an outfit a day keeps the frumpies away

 Do ya like my title? So..the other day I thought I had a cute outfit (don’t burst my balloon if I really don’t, lol), so I grabbed Sadie to come and document it for me. Yes, my 3 year old took these pictures-not too shabby, eh? I enjoy seeing other blogger’s outfits, it’s fun to see style inspiration, and also gives me motivation to look put together, even if I’m only going to the grocery store that day. 😉

Awkward shoulders.

 ignore that stray thread…I SAID ignore it! 😉

I know this print might not be for everyone-but I LOVE the little navy chickens!

So here’s the rundown:

Boots: Old Navy-$25
Jeans: Old Navy-$30
Top: thrifted-$2
Tank: Downeast-$10
Cardigan: Ross-$10
Earrings: Forever 21-$2
Necklace: Etsy– $13

Outfit total:$92

Kind of an expensive outfit (for me lol). Usually it’s more thrifted stuff. I have found a lot of good stuff lately!

I had to include this pic below cause it made me laugh! (Me: “Sadie hold it straight and hold it still!”…she was pretty good actually and a good sport. Although she probably thinks her mama is a little nuts, though probably no more than usual)

So I might make this a every-so-often feature on the blog…what do you think?

Do you even care what I wear?


  1. The top is fabulous! I wnat to shop at your thrift shop 😉

  2. I love the navy chickens – great outfit and photography skills. I’ve tried to get my 2.5 year old to take photos of me and they always turn out blurry :) Jenny

  3. I didn’t even notice the thread until you mentioned it! Love the navy chickens!

  4. I like it!
    You think that’s an expensive wardrobe? You should try to buy clothes here in Brazil… No pants under 50 dolars, no dresses under 100… argh! I should really learn to sew for myself! sigh

    hugs from Rio!

  5. Cute! Love the layered look but when I try to pull it off I end up looking like I am going hiking up the Himalayans.

    It’s great to see that you can dress stylish and trendy without spending a small fortune.

    Sadie did a fantastic job taking the pictures too. Model..photographer…what’s next?

  6. Cute outfit, and great pictures! Your little lady did great!

  7. this is a very cute outfit actually and i didn’t even realize it as navy chickens until the close up!

    you reminded me i need to pick up some brown boots.

  8. that’s pretty fantastic :) my little ones love to take pics too and it’s always interesting to see how they turn out. the angles are so different from when grown-ups take them. and the chickens are fab.

  9. You look fabulous! I love the chickens, love the boots, and Ross is the best store EVER! :0)

  10. Love the navy roosters! Super cute outfit :).

  11. super cute! would not have guessed the boots were from old navy! what a good find!

  12. Love the idea of a feature like this. It gives me ideas on what I should wear. And like you said, you feel better being put together, even if you are just going to the grocery store!

  13. Did you know there’s a stray thread on your cardigan? 😉

    Love the outfit, esp the navy chickens. I am in desperate need of a wardrobe makeover. One day soon I hope.

  14. You look great. I love the chickens, and the stray thread makes me happy. It seems that I always have a piece of thread stuck on me somewhere.

  15. You look fabulous. I love the boots!

  16. Love the outfit and the pictures. :)

  17. LOVE the chicken shirt, too cute! I need some boots!

  18. cute outfit! i especially love the top, and sadie did a great job on the photos. i decided i was a “true sewer” when i started finding stray threads all over the house (and on me). 😉

  19. Love the outfit! Especially the boots!! I am so into boots right now and especially that color! Too bad I can’t even wear any until these darn feet get back to normal!! haha I’m so impressed by Sadie’s picture taking skills! i wish I could have seen her with that big camera! Too cute!! Love ya!

  20. The chicken top is awesome! And I know all about stray threads. I’m always covered in them and they find their way

  21. I love seeing what other people wear – I need the inspiration! Love the boots, and such at great deal at $25!

  22. I like it! I think it’s nice to be able to picture who’s “talking” to me through their blog.

  23. that top is amazing!! I love outfit posts. Sometimes I feel silly posting them, but then I think how cool it will be to have a record of my outfits for my kiddos to see in 20 years.

  24. Haha my 3 year old loves to take still life pictures of the dog’s eye and toys on the floor! Nice outfit and good on you for putting it on. I have girls the same age as your two and I often can’t be bothered trying to look nice!

  25. Um….LOVE! Great outfit! Thanks for the link to the Etsy shop, just stopped by and bought the same necklace, and a bunch of other great things. Awesome shop!

  26. Very, very cute! I love :) The chicken top is totally adorable. Also, ANYTHING + boots = awesome.

  27. Yes! Please do! I love seeing what other ladies wear!

  28. very look cute! i love the outfit, especially the navy chickens!

  29. so cute jess, you look awesome! i love the quirky shirt, totally makes it. :)

  30. oMG! I have been looking for some inexpensive brown riding boots! Thanks for the post, I just ordered me a pair from old navy like 5 seconds ago!

  31. I LOVE, LOVE that top!! I can’t believe you bought that at a thrift store. Girl, you would pay big bucks in a major store for such a cute print and fit. What a great find!!


    PS: You look adorable :)

  32. Very Cute outfit!!! I love having an excuse to get dressed and go out of the house! All too often I’m stuck home working so why not wear comfy clothes!

  33. Chicken fabric is the best fabric. Period. :)

  34. You look fab and those boots are awesome…I have the same pair and literally wear them everyday!

  35. I am sad to see your top is thrifted because I want one!! The close up showing the print is little chicks made it even better! Cute outfit!

  36. Yes! Keep doing this! It’s fun!

  37. Cute outfit! And yes, keep doing it. I am also impressed with your 3-year-old’s photo skills… my 6-year-old usually cuts my head off. :)

  38. I love the chicken top! Neat post, Jess, and Sadie is one heck of a photographer :)

  39. I so agree! That’s why I consider sweats pajamas… When people ask why I’m so dressed up, it’s because you truly feel better about yourself when you look like you’ve got some place to go… even if it’s just to the grocery store 😉

  40. I am in love with the chicken top!! I kept thinking to myself how cute it was BEFORE I saw they were chickens and now I think it is even cuter! I love that you are sharing your outfit with us. I definitely think you should add this in more often :)

  41. Way to go Sadie, I think you have a mini Photographer on your hands!
    I love those chickens and those boots look fab -looove boots!

  42. Very CUTE!

  43. I really like your outfit, but there’s no way I could ever spend $92-even if it is complete!

  44. Love everything about this outfit! And I’m impressed at Sadie’s photography skills :-)

  45. LOVE the navy chickens! I like to see what people are wearing too. I mean, fashion mags and websites are great, but it’s nice to see how real people translate it all into the real world.

    Thanks for your great blog! Sadie’s photography skills are excellent!

  46. adorable…the outfit, the 3 year old photographer. great post.

  47. Love this post, and I would love it to be a regular feature. Great pictures from Sadie and a super cute outfit from you!

  48. Cute!! Great find on the top!! And I love the boots!!

  49. super cute! i love the idea… totally think you should make it a regular feature! i love seeing what other people are wearing and getting inspiration for my own wardrobe! {i need to find me some boots!}

  50. Obviously if I’m comment #50 then I’m not alone in saying that your outfit is fabulous.

    Unless the other 49 people were just saying mean things about it. But I doubt that.

    Seriously, Jess. Mega awesome.

  51. Yes to more!

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