Libby Top round-up

I know, it’s been awhile since the Libby top sew-along, but at least I finally got a round up together, right?

uh….It’s the thought that counts?

I’m full of excuses… Like….the cat ate my mouse (haha) so I couldn’t work on the computer.

Except I don’t have a cat…

welp. Moving on. Check out these adorable Libby tops (and dresses!) that YOU made. Enough from me, let’s see them!

This top was made with knit-how adorable and comfy does it look? Love the knit pattern, too. I want a top just like this for me!

This back-to-school Libby top was lengthened and had pockets added! You’ve also got to check out the buttons. They are perfect!

Check out this adorable trick or treat top! I love the piping and bias tape she added around the bib. Must try that!
Doesn’t she look adorable? This top only cost 50 cents to make, too. I loove that! (and the fabric too!)
Adorable chickadee + adorable fabric=adorable top. Win-win!
This talented momma made no less than THREE (yes, three!) different LIbby tops! wow. I don’t know whether to take a nap in your honor, or get busy making one for Charlotte.
 definitely the nap.(click on photos to see page)
I adore the pretty floral and cute grin on this Lil’ Miss. Adorable!
Same with this top-that blue is soo cute! along with the fabric tabs. Great job!
This top combined knit and wovens, and added an adorable headband! love the toggles, too!
I am loving the simplicity of this top-with those cute green buttons, it’s just adorable!
I love the cute stripes on this top, and that cutie’s little expression makes me chuckle every time!
What an amazing fall dress! I almost wish I could grab this from the computer screen for Sadie. But that’s stealing, and wrong. (but it’s soo cute!)
I’m sure the little girl that got this top loves those frogs! I of course always love pink and green together. Who doesn’t?
This gorgeous dress was made with a scarf-fab and green at the same time!
And last but most definitely not least, this adorable dress-I am in love with the fabric pairing and that cute yellow flower! plus those boots. Cuteness galore!
Thanks to everyone who participated! 


  1. Wow! I love all the different variations. It’s always interesting to see how people interpret a design. Great job everyone :)

  2. So cute! I wish I had gotten on the ball and made one too already!

  3. All the tops/dresses are adorable!
    It’s amazing that everyone used the same tutorial and each one comes out so unique. Great job everyone and great tutorial Jess!

  4. Good job everybody and all I have to say is so much cuteness in one post! he he he


  5. Anonymous says:

    Loved sewing along! Thank you for a creative and stylish tutorial. Melissa

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