KCWC-90 minute tops

Soo…I whipped up a couple of 90 minute shirts yesterday for the girls-matching ones-since I had enough fabric. They really like them-either that, or Charlotte is really excited about a tree. (probably the tree)

I say “whipped up” like it’s no biggie, but really once you do a few of them, they don’t take much time! I think both shirts together took me the 90 minutes. Once you get comfortable with knits they’re not bad at all. Really. Promise!

Just make sure your pattern looks like Dana’s…lol. Sadie’s top fit ok, but Charlotte’s pattern I got lazy and didn’t size it down much, so it’s big on her! Oh well.

She still looks adorable. This photo shoot was also kind of a disaster, but that’s to be expected when you’ve got two kids, right?….right?

I have plans for an adorable jacket for the C-monster, (and maybe a better fitting 90 minute shirt) so we’ll see if I can squeeze out some more clothes before the week’s out! wish  me luck!

Come back tomorrow for a fun giveaway! 


  1. Cute! Love the fabric. :)

  2. Charlotte is so cute! And the tops aren’t half bad either.

  3. Very cute! Great work on KCWC!

  4. The minute I saw Charlotte in the top pic, I thought she was flagging down a bus ;o)

    She’ll grow into the top, isn’t that how mothers like to work? mine did anyway… :oD

  5. Where do you find such cute knit printed fabric? And, do you use a coverstitch machine? Your neck and wrists look great! Both my kids where clothes a bit to large. I like them to fit for the whole season!

  6. Your kids are so adorable!!!
    Yeah, totally planned on doing the KCWC, and failed miserably. Cut out a couple things, but haven’t sewn them together yet. Oh well!! Maybe today!

  7. Your girls are so cute!

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